Names Found in Ambleny Registers 1578-1616

by Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada (Kathleen M. O'Brien)

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This article is based on a register recording baptisms in the community of Ambleny (Aisne) in the years 1578-1616. Many thanks to Juliana de Luna (Julia Smith) for finding this source and bringing it to my attention.

These registers were transcribed by Laurent and Bernard Kokanosky. The transcriptions are available (in French) at:

As these transcriptions show some variation in spelling, it seems that the spellings and name forms were not standardized when they were transcribed (with the possible exception of accents).

The register for 1578-1616 lists a total of 853 names, which correspond (as best I can tell) to 658 people. Of these 658 people, there are:

In this register, no mothers names are mentioned. As a result, all of the feminine names found in this register are the names of daughters being baptized. In the case of masculine names, they are a mix of father's and son's names in baptismal records.

An analysis of the name constructions found in this register is provided below.

There are two entries that use an "or" notation. These are:

16Dec15913Isabelle ou Elisabeth Cabot
24Sep16069Charles Grau fils de Isaac ou Charles Grau

In the case of "Isabelle ou Elisabeth Cabot", I have counted her as a single person, but have listed her under both the listing for Isabelle and the listing for Elisabeth in this article, since she is recorded under both names. However, since she is the only person that is shown with both names, I have listed them under separate entries, rather than combining them into a single Elisabeth / Isabelle entry since this register gives no evidence that these names were routinely interchangable in this time and location.

In the case of "Isaac ou Charles Grau", I have counted him as one person rather than two separate people. In other parish registers, I have occasionally seen entries which indicated an uncertainty about the father by listing two possible men as the father. However, I do not believe that this record is meant that way since this register shows other baptisms with a father named "Isaac Grau" but none with a father named "Charles Grau". Therefore, this entry seems to indicate that "Isaac Grau" was sometimes known by the name "Charles". As with the entry for "Isabelle ou Elisabeth Cabot", I have listed this man under both names (Isaac and Charles), but have only counted him as one person.

Name Constructions found in Women's Names:

All 290 women's names found in this record have the form:

[Feminine Given Name] [Surname]

Name Constructions found in Men's Names:

Of the 367 men found in this document, 363 have their names recorded in the form:

[Masculine Given Name] [Surname]

There are 4 men who have there names recorded in one or more instances with the form:

[Masculine Given Name] [Surname] [Byname]
Of these 4 men, 3 of them are found in at least one record with the more standard form shown above of:
[Masculine Given Name] [Surname]

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