Names Found in Ambleny Registers 1578-1616

by Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada (Kathleen M. O'Brien)

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Masculine Given Names (sorted by frequency)

These are the masculine given names found in this set of baptismal records.

Given Name Num. of People
with this Name
Year of First Mention of Someone with this Name
(whether child or father in the record)
Jehan (95) / Jean (25)531585 (father)
Anthoine (44) / Antoine (1)351585 (father)
Pierre351586 (child)
Claude311584 (child)
Nicolas291589 (child)
François231585 (father)
Charles171583 (child)
Jacques141587 (father)
Martin111587 (child)
Simon91578 (child)
Isaac81582 (child)
Mathieu71593 (child)
Hector61587 (child)
Laurent51590 (father)
Louis51586 (child)
Raulguin51586 (child)
Gilles41588 (father)
Henry41586 (child)
Michel41593 (child)
Quentin41590 (child)
Rémy41599 (father)
Sébastien41594 (father)
Hubert31583 (child)
Mathelin31590 (child)
Philippe31590 (father)
Thomas31597 (father)
Adrien21599 (child)
Alscot21589 (father)
Ambroise21596 (child)
Audrien21605 (father)
Barthélémy21579 (child)
Blaise21592 (father)
Eloy21610 (child) / 1613 (father)
Guillaume21597 (child)
Nicaise21590 (child)
Noël21605 (child)
Abraham11604 (child)
Alexis11615 (father)
Alsie11586 (father)
André11600 (father)
Augustine11598 (child)
Benoist (1) / Benoît (2)11589 (father)
Bernard11612 (child)
Crespin11592 (father)
Denis11603 (child)
Germain11604 (child)
Hierosme (1) / Hiérosme (1)11606 (father)
Ignace11610 (child)
Lancelot11601 (child)
Luc11612 (child)
Marineau11594 (father)
Melchior11590 (father)
Raoul11601 (father)
Raphaël11613 (child)
Robert11614 (father)
Thobie11611 (father)
Toussaint11614 (child)
Vincent11612 (father)

There is also a page that lists these given names sorted alphabetically and grouped by person with examples of full names.

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