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Scottish Primary Record Publishing Societies
Originally Posted to the SCA-Universitas Mailing List

by Sharon L. Krossa
Last updated 12 Feb 2004  

Note that the article below was originally written as a posting to a newsgroup or mailing list; it has not benefited from the same level of research and review as my web articles. Please keep its extemporaneous nature in mind while reading!

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Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002 01:53:33 -0800
From: "Eafric neyn Ken3e (mka Sharon L. Krossa)" <...
Subject: Re: [SCA-U] statutes, writs, etc. . .

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Yes. The Acts of Parliament (that is, the Scottish parliament -- I don't do England ;-) have been published, as has the register of the Great Seal of Scotland and (separately) of the Privy Seal, and also the charters of various monarchs, including David I, Malcolm IV, William I, Robert I, and David II. For bibliographic details of these publications, see the "Published Primary Sources" section of my Scottish Medieval Bibliography at


I believe there are other relevant publications as well, but I can't bring specific ones to mind at the moment. For Scottish records, the things to check for in the library catalog are the publications of

and (though not necessarily as productive for national level records)

and probably a few other clubs and societies I can't remember atm (one of these days I really need to put up a web page listing these things!) [Now the National Library of Scotland has. Scottish History in Print "searches an electronic version of David and Wendy B. Stevenson's Scottish Texts and Calendars, the leading guide to historical documents transcribed and published by private Scottish historical clubs and societies." My list above missed more than a few others -- turns out there have been about forty-five such clubs and societies!]

Euphrick, leading three cheers for the many 19th (and few surviving 20th) century societies and clubs that published primary records!

** The (s) indicates that I am not entirely sure whether it is "Record" or "Records", "Text" or "Texts" -- if you don't find it under one, try the other.

(Unless otherwise noted, when commenting on names I address historical authenticity, not SCA registerability.)
Sharon Krossa, ...

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