Anglicized Irish Names in Patent Rolls, 1603-1604

by Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada (Kathleen M. O'Brien)

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Raw Data: Patent Rolls, 1603-1604

The source for the names listed in this article are a list of names from Patent Rolls of James I (1603-1604) listed in Ewen, C. L'Estrange, A History of Surnames of the British Isles (Originally pubished: London, 1931. Reprinted for Clearfield Company, Inc. by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Baltimore, Maryland, 1993, 1995). pp. 210-211.

In a footnote on p. 210, Ewen notes that his source was: "Cal. of Irish Patent Rolls, vol. ii, p. 17 et seq."

Note: The asterisks were not in Ewen, they're my addition. I've put after the entries that I believe are women.

---- p. 210 -------------------------------------------------

[Quote from a paragraph on p. 210:]
"Patent Rolls for I Jas. I (1603-4) preserve lists of pardons granted to
Irishmen concerned in recent disturbances, and contain hundreds of names,
the descriptions being very complete, including both patronymic and clan
name as well as "nickname" in some cases." 

[These are the names Ewen lists from the Patent Rolls:]
Owen Brady of Termonagh
Anne Ferrall of Tenelick, spinster *
Owen McGilleklin, gent
Dermod O'Gelleghan, yeoman
Evelin ne Morishe, spinster        *
Marie ny Dowda, widow              *
Donnell McO'Clerie of Fahy
Rorie more Offin of Castletoune
Shane oge McNe-Gawan, priest
Connoghor glass O'Davine of Killala, labourer
Teige oge ny Foorty of Dromore, yeoman
Donnogh McDermod oge of the Clare
Phellim O'Relly Dean in Monaghan Co.
Manus Oge McManus boye of Mileck
Lysagh McBrian Dariston, yeoman
Moyler McShane McUllick of the Ovill
Connor O'Moyle O'Fahie of Lickmolashe, clerk
Shane O'Neile McArte of Kilultagh
Garrat McArt O'Connor, yeoman
Honor nyn Donnell McSwiny of Mossanglassy               *
Donnell Evyalle McArt ne Kelly of the Marrowes, gent
Donnell oge McRiccard McDumy of Culagh
Owen McRorie McOwen roe
Breanie McHugh oge McMahone of Rouske
Onore nyn Dermot O'Rian More Voy of Tolleraght, spinster   *
Melaghhn Duffe McDonill McTumultagh oge of Coralarie, gent
McLaghny Mortogh O'Loghlin of Ballenenem
Thadeus oge McTeige O'Harte of Grainge-Moyneterhart
Brien McOwen Mautagh O'Heyne of the Lidegan
Teige oge McTeige Daile O'Higgin, rymer
Dermot oge McDermot grany McDermot roe, kerne [i.e. foot soldier]	
Dermot McTeige McOwen de Carty of Glanliehen
McCragh McTeige McCahier of Kilpader, gent
Moylmorie McOyn McColla McSwyny of Raglasse
Donnell O'Kellie McColla McDonogh
Teige McTirlagh McGerralt O'Connor, gent
Philip O'Maher of Dyrina McCave

---- p. 211: -------------------------------------------------

Walter Fitz-Redmond Rackett
Patrick Fitz-Laghlin McDonill
Patrick Fitz-Tirlagh O'Kellie
Thomas Linch Fitz-Nicholas of Galway, gent
Edmund Burke Fitz-Ullick of Derry
Patrick French Fitz-George og of Galway, merchant 
Robert Blake Fitz-Walter Fitz-Thomas of Galway, merchant
Arthur O'Criane Fitz-Edmond of Sligo
Hubert oge Fitz-Hubert Fitz-William O'Birne, yeoman


In a paragraph on p. 211, Ewen lists the following origins for some of the

boy (buidhe "yellow")
dall (blind)
donn (brown)
duff (dubh "black")
glas (green, grey)
granni (long hair)
mór (great)
oge (óg, óig "young")
roe (ruadh "red")
Inghean "daughter", is always abbreviated and takes various forms, 
forerunners of the modern ni (ni, I, or Ui,  gen. of O or Ua), nic (Ni 
Mic), and Nig.

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