Index of Names in Irish Annals: Gilla Pátraic / Giolla Phádraig

by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (Kathleen M. O'Brien)

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Masculine Given Names: Gilla Pátraic / Giolla Phádraig


What we know as a set of Irish Annals are manuscripts that were each compiled during a particular time period, usually using older material as sources. For example, when the Annals of the Four Masters were written from 1632 to 1636, they covered events that occurred centuries and millenia before (including legendary history). So, when an entry in this set of annals refers to a person who lived in the year 738, the spelling used for that person's name is very likely not using the spelling that would have been used in 738.

Standard forms of this name (based on spelling systems of different periods) would be:

Frequency & Dates:

Number of men found in the annals with this name: 79
Found in Years: 982, 983, 984, 993, 996, 1003, 1052, 1055, 1070, 1072, 1077, 1087, 1089, 1095, 1103, 1105, 1106, 1109, 1128, 1186, 1197, 1206, 1217, 1236, 1257, 1263, 1284, 1323, 1379, 1388, 1400, 1401, 1403, 1404, 1421, 1422, 1431, 1437, 1438, 1441, 1446, 1449, 1450, 1451, 1454, 1456, 1458, 1463, 1466, 1478, 1480, 1481, 1484, 1485, 1486, 1487, 1490, 1492, 1493, 1494, 1495, 1496, 1498, 1499, 1500, 1504, 1505, 1506, 1507, 1512, 1514, 1515, 1519, 1520, 1522, 1524, 1530, 1531, 1533, 1535, 1536, 1537, 1538, 1540, 1546, 1547, 1548, 1579, 1582, 1588, 1599

Research Notes:


Further information about the name Gilla Pátraic / Giolla Phádraig, may be found in:

The Sources page lists the Annals referenced below. Information about secondary sources is included on that page as well.

Raw Data

In the table below, I have separated individuals with a blank line. That is, when there are multiple entries in the annals that refer to a single person, those entries are grouped together.

Within the list of entries refering to a single person, I have sorted the entries primarily by orthography when it is obvious that what I am seeing is the same entry showing up in multiple annals. The entries that tend to use older spellings are listed first.

Special factors which may affect name usage are marked in the context column.

ANindicates a member of an Anglo-Norman family
ASindicates an Anglo-Saxon
Nindicates a Norseman
Pindicates a Pict
Rindicates a person holding a religious office
Sindicates a person from Scotland

NOTE: The Annals referenced below under the code letters A, B, C, E, & F tend to use later spellings than the other Annals. In some cases, the spellings listed in these Annals may not be appropriate for the year referenced in the Annal entry.

In some Gaelic scripts, there is a character that looks approximately like a lowercase f, but without the crossbar. This character (represented by an underscored , e, in the entries below) sometimes represents e and sometimes ea depending upon the context of the text.

AnnalsEntryContextCitation (formatting preserved)
(d. 982-983)
CSCS983 Gilla Padraig mac Imair
BM982.5 Ghiolla Pháttraicc, mac Iomhair ["Gluniairn, son of Amhlaeibh, i.e. the son of Maelseachlainn's mother"]
(d. 996)
II983.4 Gillai Patraicc meicc Dondchada, ríg Osraige [Note: name is in genitive case due to sentence structure.]
II984.2 Gillai Patraicc m. Donnchada [Note: name is in genitive case due to sentence structure.]
II993.4 Gilla Patraicc mc. Donnchada
UU996.2 Gilla Patraicc m. Donnchada rí Osraigi
II1003.2 maccaib Gilla Patraicc m. Donnchada ["the sons of Gilla Pátraic, son of Donnchadh"]
(d. 1052)
UU1052.6 Gilla Patraicc m. Domnaill, secnap Aird Macha
(d. 1055)
UU1055.2 Gilla Patraic ri Osraighi
II1055.6 Gilla Patraicc, rí Osraige
UU1087.1 Domnall mac Gilla Patraic ri Osraighi
UU1089.6 Donnchadh H. Gilla Patraic ri Osraighi
II1095.13 Muirchertach mc. Domnaill mc. Gillai Patraic, rígdomna Osrige
II1095.13 Dub Coblaig ingen Gillai Patraic
BM1095.15 Dubhchobhlaigh, inghen tigherna Osraighe, & baintigherna Osraighe
UU1109.9 Domnall Ruadh m Gilla Patraic ri Osraighi
II1105.3 Cerball mc. Domnaill m. Gillai Patraic, rí descirt Osrage
(d. 1070)
UU1070.5 Gilla Patraic H. Mael Chothaidh
(d. 1072)
II1072.2 Gilla Patraicc h-Ua Fergail, rí Fortuath Laigen
(d. 1077)
UU1077.7 Gilla Patraic ri Cairpri H. Ciardai
(d. 1089)
UU1089.7 Gilla Patraic H. Celecan secnap Arda Macha
(d. 1103)
II1103.4 Gilla Patraic Ruad rí Osraige
(d. ?)
II1106.6 Macc Gilli Patraic h-Ui Muirethaig
(d. 1109)
UU1109.11RGilla Patraic H. Selbaigh airchinnech Corcaidhe
II1109.5RGilla Patraic h-Ua Selbaig, comarba Barre
(d. 1128)
UU1128.2RGilla Patraic m. Tuathail comarba Coemhgin
(d. 1186)
CM1186.4 Giolla Pattraicc Mac An Ghiolla Chuirr toiseach Ua m-Branáin
(b. circa 1127; d. 1197)
II1197.5RGilla Patraic Ua h-Imair, mc. og & uasalsacart & archideochain & comarba Faithlinn [Note: this entry notes that this man "ended his live ... in the seventieth year of his age"]
(d. 1206)
CM1206.3 Giolla Patraicc Ua Falachtaigh airchindeach Dhúin Cruithne
(d. 1217)
CM1217.8 Giolla Patraicc Mac Acadhain taoiseach Cloinne Fermaighe
(d. 1236)
CM1236.13 Giolla Patraic Mac Giolla Roid tighearna Chenél Aongusa
(blinded in 1257, d. ?)
Co1257.24 Gilla Patraic Mag Fiachrach
(d. 1263)
Co1263.9RPrioir Dorien .i. Gilla Patric mac Gilla na nGusen enig & crabaid
CM1263.2RGiolla Patraicc mac Giolla na n-Guisén prioir Doirein, Saoí crabaidh & enigh
(d. ?)
II1284.4 Gilla na Naemh O Thomhaist(in) no mc. Gilla Patraic ["Gilla na Naem Ó Tomaistin(?), or the son of Gilla Pátraic"]
(d. 1323)
CM1323.10 Giolla Patraicc Ó Duibhgennain ollamh Conmaicni i senchus
(d. 1370)
Co1370.5 Gilla Patric Meic Cathmail rigthaisig Ceneoil Feradaig
CM1370.2 Giolla Patraicc Mac Cathmhaíl taoiseach Chenél Feradhaigh
DM1403.11 Cú Uladh mac Giolla Patraicc Meic Cathmaoil
(d. 1388)
U3U1388.2 Clann h-Ui Cuirnin [unrelated] .i. Sigraidh & Cairpri & Gilla Padraig, meic Adaimh
DM1388.4 Clann Uí Chuirrnín, Siodhraidh, Cairpre, & Giolla Patraicc
(d. 1421)
U3U1421.11RGilla Patraig h-Ua h-Eogain, prioir Leasa Gabhail, mac in oirchinnigh d'ar' bo comainm Nicol Finn, mac Conchobhuir, .i. mac in Aircideochain ["Gilla-Patraig Ua Eogain, prior of Lis-gabhail, son of the herenagh whose by-name was Nicholas the Fair, son of Conchobhur, namely, son of the Archdeacon"]
(d. ?)
U3U1422.5 Mac Maghnusa Meg Uidhir, .i. Concobur, mac Gilla Padraig, mic Matha, mic Gilla Padraig, mic Maghnusa
(d. 1400-1401)
U3U1401.5 Mac Maghnusa Meg Uidhir, .i. Gilla Patraig (& da n-goirthi in Gilla Buidhe) ["Mac Maghnusa Mag Uidhir, namely, Gilla-Pat-raig (and he used to be called The Tawny Gillie)"]
DM1400.6 Mac Maghnasa Mhég Uidhir, .i. Giolla Patraicc da n-goirthi An Giolla Buidhe ["Gillapatrick, the son of Manus Maguire,who was usually called Gilla-Buidhe"]
U3U1422.5 Mac Maghnusa Meg Uidhir, .i. Concobur, mac Gilla Padraig, mic Matha, mic Gilla Padraig, mic Maghnusa
U3U1449.8 Maghnus Buidhe, mac Gilla Phadraig, mic Mhatha Mic Maghnussa
U3U1480.2 Mac Maghnusa Meg Uidhir [unrelated], .i. Cathal Og, mac Cathail Moir, mic Gilla Patraig (.i. an Gilla Buidhe) Mic Maghnusa
DM1480.2 Mac Magnusa Meg Uidhir, .i. Cathal ócc mac Cathail Mhóir mic Giolla Pattraicc mic Magnusa
U3U1494.13 Mac Mic Maghnusa Meg Uidhir [unrelated], .i. Cathal Og, mac Cathail, mic Cathail Oig eile, mic Cathail Moir, mic Gilla Padraig
U3U1498.8 Mac Maghnusa Mheg Uidhir [unrelated] .i. Cathal Og, mac Cathail, mic Cathail, mic Gilla Padraig, mic Matha
DM1498.1 Mac Maghnusa an t-Seanaidh, .i. Cathal ócc mac Cathail mic Cathail mic Giolla Patraicc mic Matha
(d. 1404)
U3U1404.9 Gilla Patraig, mac in Espuic Mic Cathmhail, .i. mac Airt Mic Cathmhail
(d. ?)
U3M1404.4 Inghean Uí Choncobhair Fhailghigh ben Giolla Patraicc Uí Mhordha
Co1404.6 Ingen h. Conchobair Falgi ben Gilla Patricc h. Morda
Co1404.13 Gilla Patraic h. Morda ri Laigse
DM1404.5 Giolla Patraicc Ua Mórdha tighearna Laoighisi
(d. 1431)
U3U1431.23 Mag Carmaic Fer Manach, .i. Gilla Patraig
DM1431.19 Mag Carmaic Fear Manach .i. Giolla Patraic
(d. 1437)
U3U1437.2 Gilla Padraig h-Ua Carmuic, .i. mac Concubair h-Ui Carmuic
DM1437.11 Giolla Padraicc mac Conchobhair Uí Charmaic
(d. 1438)
U3U1438.7 Gilla Patraig, mac ín abaidh Mic Gilla Fhinnein
(d. 1441)
U3U1441.10RGilla Patraig h-Ua Mael Uidhir, abb Clochair
DM1441.2RGiolla Patraicc Ua Maol Uidhir abb Clochair
(d. 1446)
U3U1446.15 Gilla Patraig h-Ua Leannain
(d. 1450)
U3U1450.9 Gilla Patraig, mac in Airchideochain Moir Meg Uidhir, .i. mac Muiris, mic Matha
U3U1456.5 Graine, ingen Aedha, mic Ardghail, buime in abbaidh oig Lesa Gabail, .i. Briain, mic Gilla Patraig
U3U1463.10 Aedh, mac Gilla Patraig, mic an Airchideochain Meg Uidhir
DM1463.12 Aodh mac Giolla Pattraicc Meg Uidhir
U3U1466.10 Brian, mac Gilla Patraig, mic an Airchideochain Moir (Meg Uidhir), .i. abb Lesa Gabail
DM1466.1 Brian mac Giolla Pattraicc Meg Uidhir abb Leasa Gabhail
(d. 1451)
U3U1451.5 Gilla Patraig, mac mic Cathail Buidhe Mic Gilli Fhinnein
DM1451.6 Giolla Patraicc Buidhe Mac Gille Fhinnéin
(d. 1454)
U3U1454.4 Seaan Buidhe Mac Amhlaim, .i. mac Briain, mic Amhlaim, mic Pilib, mic Amhlaim, mic Duinn Charraigh Mheg Uidhir & Gilla Patraig Riabhach, a derbrathair aile ["John Mac Amhlaim the Tawny, namely, son of Brian, son of Amhlam, son of Philip, son of Amhlam, son of Donn Carrach Mag Uidhir and Gilla-Patraig the Swarthy, his other brother"]
DM1454.3 Seaan Buidhe, & Giolla Patraicc clann Amlaoibh mic Duinn Charraigh Mhég Uidhir
(d. 1451-1458)
DM1451.15 Giolla Padraicc óg Ó; Fialan
U3U1458.11 Gilla Patraig, mac Aedha h-Ui Fhialain
U3U1484.17 Uilliam, mac Gilla Patraigh h-Ui Fhialain
(d. 1478)
U3U1478.9 Gilla Padraig, mac Airt Mic Maghnusa
(d. 1481)
U3U1481.12 Gilla Patraig Ruadh, mac Uilliam, mic in Deganaigh Mail (.i. Domnall) h-Ui Eogain
(d. 1484)
U3U1484.2 Gilla Patraig, mac Emuind, mic Tomais Oig Meg Uidhir
DM1484.16 Giolla Patraicc mhac Még Uidhir (Emann mac Tomais óicc)
U3U1485.18 Domhnall, mac Gilla Padraig, mic Emuinn Meg Uidhir
DM1485.19 Domhnall mac Giolla Pattraicc mic Emainn Mhégh Uidhir
U3U1486.22 Art Ruadh, mac Gilla Padraig, mic Emuínn Meg Uidhir
DM1486.39 Art Ruadh mac Giolla Patraicc mic Emainn Meg Uidhir
U3U1490.1 Concobur Ruadh, mac Gilla Padraicc, mic Emainn Meg Uidhir
DM1490.5 Concobhar Ruadh mac Giolla Patraicc Meg Uidhir
U3U1505.14 cloind Gilla Padraic Meg Uidhir
EM1505.9 cloinn Giolla Patraicc mic Emann Meg Uidhir
U3U1505.14 cloind Gilla Padraic
EM1505.9 cloinn Giolla Patraicc
EM1505.9 chloinn Giolla Patraicc
EM1520.7 Giolla Patraic Ócc mic Giolla Patraicc mic Emainn Még Uidhir
U3U1533.13 Feidhlem Dubh, mac Gilla Padruicc, mic Emuinn Mhég Uidhir
U3U1537.8 claínn Fheighlímidh Dhuib, mic Gilla Phadruig Mheg Uidhir
(d. 1484)
U3U1484.3 Gilla Padraig, mac Tomais, mic Donnchaidh
DM1484.16 Giolla Pattraicc mac Tomáis mic Donnchaidh
(d. 1485)
U3U1485.20 Gilla Padraig, mac Maghnusa, mic Domnaill Aird h-Ui Mailigein
[Giolla Phádraig mac Briain mhic ...] (d. 1485)
U3U1485.26 Gilla Padraig h-Ua h-Uiginn, .i. mac Briain, mic Maileachloinn h-Uí Uigind
Co1485.5 Gilla Patraic h. hUiginn
DM1485.21 Giolla Pattraicc Ua h-Uiccinn, mac Briain, mic Maoilechlainn
(d. ?)
U3U1486.1RGilla Padraig O Connalaigh, .i. an t-Abb
(d. 1493)
U3U1484.11 mhuinntir Gilla Patraig, mic Pilib, mic Con Connacht Meg Uidhir
U3U1493.26 Gilla Padraig, mac Pilib, mic Con Chonnacht Meg Uidhir
(d. 1494)
U3U1484.5 Gilla Padraig, mac Cathail Oig Mic Magnusa Meg Uidhir
DM1484.18 Giolla Patraicc mac Cathail óicc mic Magnusa Még Uidhir
U3U1494.14 Gilla Padraig, mac Mic Maghnusa Meg Uidhir, .i. mac Cathail Oig, mic Cathail Moir
DM1494.3 Giolla Pattraicc mac Mec Maghnusa Meg Uidhir
(d. ?)
U3U1495.4 Mac an Ghirr, .i. Gilla Padraig, mac Gilla Padraig eile, mic Con Uladh Mic an Girr
DM1495.14 Mac a Ghirr Giolla Patraicc mic Giolla Pattraic
(d. 1495)
U3U1495.4 Mac an Ghirr, .i. Gilla Padraig, mac Gilla Padraig eile, mic Con Uladh Mic an Girr
DM1495.14 Mac a Ghirr Giolla Patraicc mic Giolla Pattraic
(d. 1495)
U3U1495.22 Gilla Padraig, mac Remuind h-Ui Anluain
U3U1495.22 Gilla Padraig, mac Remuind h-Ui Anluain
(d. 1495)
U3U1495.39 Da mac h-Ui Anluain, .i. Murchadh Ruadh & Gilla Padraig, .i. clann Fheidhlim h-Ui Anluain ["Two sons of Ua hAnluain, namely, Murchadh the Red and Gilla-Padraig, namely, sons of Feidhlimidh Ua hAnluain"]
DM1495.12 Dá mhac Ui Anluain (.i. Felim) Murchadh Ruadh & Giolla Pattraicc
(d. 1496)
U3U1485.2 le mac Meg Mathgamna Oig-sin, .i. le Gilla Patraig
DM1485.12 mac Mhég Mhathghamhna óig, .i. Giolla Pattraicc
U3U1492.9 Gilla Padraig, mac Aedha Oig Meg Mhathgamna
DM1492.19 Giolla Pattraicc mac Aodha óicc Mécc Mathghamhna
U3U1495.29 mac Meg Mathgamna, .i. Gilla Padraig, mac Aedha Oig, mic Aedha Ruaidh Meg Matgamna
DM1495.11 mac Még Mathghamhna (Giolla Padraicc mac Aodha óig mic Aodha Ruaidh)
U3U1495.29 muintir Gilla Padraig Meg Mathgamna
U3U1496.1 Gilla Padraig, mac Meg Mhathgamna, .i. mac Aedha Oig, mic Aedha Ruaidh, mic Rughraidhe
DM1496.1 Giolla Patraicc mac Még Mathghamhna
U3U1496.22 Gilla Padraic, mac Meg Mathgamna, .i. mac Aedha Oig, mic Aedha Ruaidh, mic Rughraidhe Meg Mathgamna
Co1496.4 Gilla Patraic mac Aodo Óig meic Aodo Ruaid
DM1496.2 Giolla Pattraicc mac Még Mathghamhna (Aodh ócc mac Aodha Ruaidh, mic Rúdhraighe)
U3U1496.22 Ghilla Padraig
DM1496.2 Giolla Padraicc
U3U1524.18 Brían, mac Gilla Padraig, mic Aodha Óig Mhég Mathgamna
EM1524.21 Brian mac Giolla Patraicc mic Aodha Óicc Még Mathghamhna
(d. 1496)
U3U1496.27 Gilla Padraig, mic h-Ui Flannagain, .i. mac Gillibert, mic Cormaic h-Ui Flannagain
(d. 1498)
U3U1481.3 mac Gilla Patraig Mic Cathmail
DM1481.8 mac Giolla Pattraicc Mic Cathmhaoil
U3U1492.12 Gilla Padraig Mac Cathmhail
DM1492.22 Giolla Pattraicc mac Cathmhaoíl
U3U1492.15 Gilla Patraig Mac Cathmail
U3U1498.18 Mac Cathmhaeil, .i. Gilla Padraig Mac Cathmaeil
DM1498.3 Mac Cathmaoil Giolla Patraicc
U3U1519.4 dá mac Gilla Phadraic mic Cathmail, .i. Emann & Brían
EM1519.13 Emand mac Giolla Pattraicc Mic Cathmhaoíl
(d. ?)
U3U1487.35 clainn Mic Domnaill Clainni Ceallaigh, .i. Gilla Padraig & Cormac ["the sons of Mac Domnaill of Clann-Cellaigh, namely, Gilla-Padraig and Cormac"]
U3U1499.20 Mac Domnaill Clainni Ceallaigh, .i. [unrelated] Gilla Padraig
DM1499.16 Mac Domhnaill Cloinne Cellaigh .i. Giolla Padraicc
(d. 1500)
U3U1486.29 le clainn Flaithbertaigh, mic Tomais Oig, .i. Gilla Padraig & Cu Connacht & Brian Crosach ["the sons of Flaithbartach, son of Thomas junior, namely, Gilla-Padraig and Cu-Connacht and Brian the Scarred"]
DM1486.43 lá cloind Flaithbhertaigh mic Tomais óig, Giolla Pataicc, Cu Connacht, & Briain Crosach
U3U1500.11 Gilla Padraig, mac Flaithbertaigh, mic Tomais Óig Meg Uidhir
DM1500.17 Giolla Padraicc mac Flaithbeartaigh mic Tomais óicc Meg Uidhir
U3U1536.1 Eogan Buidhe, mac Aedha, mic Gilla Phadruich, mic Fhlathbertaich
(d. 1504)
U3U1504.9RAbb Cluana Eois [unrelated], .i. Gilla Padraig, mac Enri h-Ui Chondalaigh
EM1504.1RGiolla Patraicc Ó Con Dálaigh (.i. mac Enri) abb Cluana h-Eoais
(d. 1504)
U3U1504.17 O Cianain, [unrelated], .i. Gilla Padraig, mac Taidhg Ui Cianain
EM1504.11 O Cianáin Giolla Pattraicc mac Taidhcc
(d. ?)
Note: the two entries below describe the same event. So the person referenced is the same person in both, despite the different in the patronymic byname. Also, this person is almost certainly the same as one of the ones listed above. However, there is insufficient information here to identify which person these entries match.
U3U1506.1 Pilib, mac Gilla Padraig Meg Uidhir
EM1506.2 Pilip mac Emainn mac Giolla Pattraic
(d. 1507)
EM1507.20 Mac an Bhaird Airghiall, Giolla Padraicc mac Aodha ["Mac Ward of Oriel, i.e. Gilla-Patrick, the son of Hugh, and Tuathal Boy"]
(d. 1514)
EM1514.13 Giolla Patraicc mac Felim Mic Maghnasa
(d. 1515)
EM1515.3RGiolla Patraicc Ó h-Ultachain persún Achaidh Beithi
(d. 1520)
EM1507.16 Giolla Padraicc mac Pilip
U3U1512.10 Ghilla Phadraig, mac Pilib, mic Toirrdelbaigh Meg Uidhir
U3U1512.11 Ghilla Padraic, mac Pilib, mic Toirrdelbaigh Mhég Uidhir
EM1512.12 Ghiolla Phátraicc mac Pilip mic Toirrdhealbhaigh Meg Uidhir
U3U1520.1 Gilla Padraic, mac Pilib, mic Toirrdhealbaigh Meg Uidhir
U3U1520.1 Gilla Padraic, mac Pilib, mic Toirrdhealbaigh
Co1520.13 Gilla Patraic mac Pilip meic Toirrdelbaig
EM1520.6 dá mac Pilip mic Toirrdhealbhaigh (Giolla Patraicc, & Emann)
(d. ?)
EM1520.7 Giolla Patraic Ócc mic Giolla Patraicc mic Emainn Még Uidhir
U3U1531.8 Eogan, mac Ghilla Padruic Oícc Mhég Uidhir
EM1531.6 Eocchan mac Giolla Pattraicc Óicc Még Uidhir
U3U1537.8 mac Gilla Phadruig Oíg
(d. 1522)
U3U1522.2 mac Ui Dhuibidhir, .i. Gilla Padraic
(d. ?)
Co1522.15 clainn Gilla Patraic meic Maghnusa h. Chathain
(d. ?)
EM1524.20 mhac Még Uidhir .i. Giolla Pattraicc mac Concobhair
(d. 1530)
U3U1530.1 Gilla Padruicc, mac Cormaic, mic Airt Chuile Mhécc Uidhir
EM1530.8 Giolla Pattraicc mac Corbmaic mic Airt Chúile Még Uidhir
(d. 1531)
Co1531.14 Gilla Patraic mac Ádhoimh Meic an Baird
EM1531.12 Giolla Pattraicc mac Adhaimh Mic An Baird
(d. 1535)
U3U1535.7 Gilla Padraig, mac Pilib, mic Emaínn Mheg Uidhir
(d. ?)
U3U1538.9 Gilla Padraig, mac Magnasa Ui Fhlannagain
(d. ?)
U3U1538.22 Feighlímidh, mac Gilla Padraig Bhuidhe Mheg Ualraigh
(d. ?)
U3U1538.6 Emann, mac Gilla Phadraig Mic Somharle
(d. 1540)
U3U1540.2RAbb Arda Macha, .i. Gilla Padraig O Donnguilli
(d. ?)
U3U1540.7 Gilla Padraig Mag Uidhir
(d. 1540)
U3U1540.15 Mac Mael Craibhe, .i. Gilla Padraig
(d. 1548)
EM1546.4 Ua Mordha Giolla Patraicc
EM1547.15 Ó Mórdha Giolla Pattraicc
EM1548.17 O Mórdha .i. Giolla Pattraicc
EM1579.15 Conall Buidhe mac Giolla Pattraicc mic Piarais Uí Mhordha
(d. ?)
EM1582.7ANGiolla Pattraicc Conndún ["Gilla-Patrick Condon"]
(d. 1588)
U3U1588.1 Mac Remuinn Breithfnenigh Meg Uidhir [unrelated], .i. Giolla Padraig ["The son of Redmond Mag Uidhir the Brefnian, namely, Gilla-Padraig"]
(d. ?)
FM1599.9 Prioir Lothra i nUrmhumhain .i. Sean, mac Seain, mic Giollapattraicc Uí Óccáin

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