Index of Names in Irish Annals: Airechtach / Oireachtach

by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (Kathleen M. O'Brien)

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Masculine Given Names: Airechtach / Oireachtach


What we know as a set of Irish Annals are manuscripts that were each compiled during a particular time period, usually using older material as sources. For example, when the Annals of the Four Masters were written from 1632 to 1636, they covered events that occurred centuries and millenia before (including legendary history). So, when an entry in this set of annals refers to a person who lived in the year 738, the spelling used for that person's name is very likely not using the spelling that would have been used in 738.

Standard forms of this name (based on spelling systems of different periods) would be:

Frequency & Dates:

Number of men found in the annals with this name: 20
Found in Years: 730, 735, 737, 742, 759, 787, 792, 793, 794, 839, 850, 852, 910, 914, 935, 943, 979, 1095, 1133, 1143, 1153, 1176, 1181, 1187, 1190, 1191, 1210, 1211, 1216, 1224, 1225, 1230, 1273, 1362, 1416, 1447, 1495

Research Notes:


Further information about the name Airechtach, Oireachtach may be found in:

The Sources page lists the Annals referenced below. Information about secondary sources is included on that page as well.

Raw Data

In the table below, I have separated individuals with a blank line. That is, when there are multiple entries in the annals that refer to a single person, those entries are grouped together.

Within the list of entries refering to a single person, I have sorted the entries primarily by orthography when it is obvious that what I am seeing is the same entry showing up in multiple annals. The entries that tend to use older spellings are listed first.

Special factors which may affect name usage are marked in the context column.

ANindicates a member of an Anglo-Norman family
ASindicates an Anglo-Saxon
Nindicates a Norseman
Pindicates a Pict
Rindicates a person holding a religious office
Sindicates a person from Scotland

NOTE: The Annals referenced below under the code letters A, B, C, E, & F tend to use later spellings than the other Annals. In some cases, the spellings listed in these Annals may not be appropriate for the year referenced in the Annal entry.

In some Gaelic scripts, there is a character that looks approximately like a lowercase f, but without the crossbar. This character (represented by an underscored , e, in the entries below) sometimes represents e and sometimes ea depending upon the context of the text.

AnnalsEntryContextCitation (formatting preserved)
(d. 730-735)
UU735.4Airectach nepos Duncadho Mursce, rex Nepotum Fiachrach
TT735.4Airechtach h-ua Dunchadha Muirsce, rí d'Ib Fiachrach Muaidhe
AM730.6Airechtach ua Dunchadha Muirsce, toisech Ua Fiachrach
(d. 737-742)
UU742.1RAirechtaigh filii Cuanach prinncipis Fernand [Note: name is in genitive case due to sentence structure.]
TT742.1RAirechtaig maic Cuanach, abbad Fernann [Note: name is in genitive case due to sentence structure.]
AM737.2RAirechtach, mac Cuanach, abb Ferna
(d. 787-792)
UU792.3Concobur & Airechtach nepotes Cathail
AM787.15Aireachtach ua Cathail
(d. 793-794)
TT759.2Airechtach sacerdote Aird Macha
UU794.1RAirectach h. Faelain, alias o Fledhaigh§ abbas Aird Machae
II794.1RAirechtach, abb Aird Macha
AM793.9RAirectach ua Faoláin, abb Arda Macha
(d. 839)
AM839.7Airechtach Chille Manach
(d. ?)
CSCS852Colum mac Airechtaigh ab Corcaighe
AM850.3Colam, mac Airechtaigh, abb Corcaighe
(d. ?)
CSCS914Comucan mac Airectaigh
BM910.3Connican, mc Airechtaigh
(d. 935)
BM935.2RAireachtach, abb Disirt Diarmada
(d. 935)
BM935.7RAireachtach, sagart Cille h-Achaidh
(d. 943)
BM943.6Aireachtach, mac Anbhith, toisech Calraighe
(d. 979)
UU979.4Airechtach H. Caran, cenn ecnai Erenn
(d. ?)
UU1059.1Gilla Muire m. Airechtaigh muire Clainne Sinaigh
LCLC1059.1Gilla Muire mac Airechtaigh, muire cloinne Síonaich
BM1059.17Giolla Muire, mac Airechtaig, tigherna Cloinne Sionaich
(d. 1187)
CM1187.12Aireactach Mac Amhalgaidh taoiseach Calraighe
(d. 1190)
TT1133.5Amlaim mac Airechtaigh h-Úi Radhuib, taisech Clainde Tomaltaig
BM1133.10Amhlaoibh mac mic Aireachtaigh Uí Ródhuibh, taoiseach Cloinne Tomaltaigh
TT1143.9Murcadh mac maic Aireachtaigh Húi Raduib
TT1148.1Mac Airechtaigh h-Úi Raduib
BM1153.10RDonn Cathaigh, mac Aireachtaigh Uí Rodhuibh
CM1176.11Aireachtach Ua Roduibh
CM1181.4Giolla Críst mac Meg Oireachtaigh Uí Rodhuibh
UUALC1190.1Airechtachh-Ua Radhuibh, dux Clainni Tomaltaigh
LCLC1190.1Airechtach .H. Radhuibh, dux clainni Tomaltaigh
CM1190.4Aireachtach Ua Roduibh
CM1190.4Aireachtach Ua Roduibh
LCLC1190.5Aillend, ingen Riacáin .H. Moelruanaidh, .i. ben Airechtaigh .H. Radhuibh
CM1191.2Aillenn inghen Riaccáin Ui Maíl Ruanaidh, ben Aireachtaigh Ui Rodhuibh
CM1216.3Tomaltach mac Aodha mic Aireachtaigh Uí Rodhuibh
Co1224.4Dond Cathaig mac Arechtaig h. Raduib toisech Clainni Tomaltaig
CM1224.9Dondchathaigh mac Airechtaigh Uí Radhuibh toísech Cloinne Tomaltaigh
Co1225.4Duinn Oicc Mec Airechtaig rigtuisig tSil Muredaig
Co1225.24mac meicc Amlaib meic Airechtaig
LCLC1225.33mac mic Amlaib mic Airechtaigh
Co1230.2Duinn Oicc meic Duindchatha Meic Airechtaig
LCLC1230.1Duinn Oig mic Duinn Cathaig mic Airechtaig
(d. 1210-1211)
U2U1211.4Aireachtach Mac Donnchaidh
LCLC1211.6Airechtach mac Duinn Chathaigh
CM1210.3Aireachtach Mac Donnchaidh
(d. 1273)
Co1273.4Oirechtach Mac Aedacan
LCLC1273.3Oirechtach mac Aodhagain
CM1273.4Aireachtach Mac Aodhaccáin
(d. 1362)
CM1362.1ROireachtach Mac Branain oircindeach Oile Find
(d. ?)
Co1416.25Murchad Bude mac Airechtaig
Co1416.25Brian Dubsuilech mac Airechtaig
(d. ?)
DM1447.11Giolla na Naomh mac Airechtaigh mic Solaimh Mec Aedhagain saoí Ereann le breithemnus & le féneachas
(d. ?)
U3U1495.32CDomnall, mac Conchubair, mic Uilliam, mic Airechtaigh, mic Shaerdhalaigh h-Ui Breislen

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