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 Historical Scottish Clothing Project
Fynes Moryson's Description of Lowland Women's Clothing

by Sharon L. Krossa

©1997-2000 by Sharon L. Krossa. All rights reserved

Last updated 4 Jun 2001

Fynes Moryson visited the Scottish Lowlands in 1598 and wrote an account of his visit which included a brief description of women's clothing.


Unfortunately, at the moment I don't have the details of the original.

Dunbar: The Costume of Scotland

Dunbar, John Telfer. The Costume of Scotland. London: B. T. Batsford Ltd., 1981. Order hardcover from Amazon.com (used) Order paperback from Amazon.com (used)

Original English(?):
"The inferior sort of Citizen wives, and the women of the Countrey, did weare cloaks made of a course stuffe, of two or three colours in Checker worke, vulgarly called 'Ploden'." (p. 122)

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