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a painting by David Morier

by Sharon L. Krossa

©1997-2000 by Sharon L. Krossa. All rights reserved

Last updated 4 Jun 2001

This is a painting depicting the battle of Culloden, where the Jacobite army was defeated by Hanovarian troops in 1746. It was painted in 1746, not long after the battle. The artist is said to have used Jacobite prisoners for his models of the tartan, trews, and great kilt/belted-plaid wearing Jacobite soldiers, and for this reason the painting is considered a reliable depiction of Highland male clothing of the time. In particular, that some of the individual Jacobite soldiers are shown wearing several different tartan patterns all at the same time is considered a significant indication of the lack of a "clan tartan" concept at the time.


A museum somewhere.

Cliff Hanley. History of Scotland. Greenwich, CT: Lomond Books, 1994. Order paperback from Amazon.co.uk

A colour reproduction of the painting on the title pages. (pp. 2-3)

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