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Magnus Berfaet's Saga

by Sharon L. Krossa

©1997-2000 by Sharon L. Krossa. All rights reserved

Last updated 1 Jan 2000

Magnus Berfaet's Saga is a Norse saga that dates from 1093 A.D..

This shouldn't need saying, but I've learned from past experience: This is not a description of a belted plaid or kilt of any kind! Not all male skirts are kilts!

Original MS.

Unfortunately, at the moment I don't know where the original manuscript(s) may be found.

H. F. McClintock, Old Irish and Highland Dress, with Notes on that of the Isle of Man. Dundalk: W. Tempest, Dundalgan Press, 1943.

McClintock describes this as a literal translation: "It is said when King Magnus returned from this expedition to the West, that he adopted the costume in use in the Western Lands, and likewise many of his followers; that they went about barelegged having short tunics (kyrtlu) and also upper garments (yfir hafnir), and so many men called him 'Barelegged' or 'Barefoot.'" (p. 109)

In his discussion, McClintock says "Kyrtil, whence Kyrtlu, is defined in Cleasby's Icelandic dictionary as "Kyrtle, tunic, gown."" (p. 109)

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