Basic Accent for Scottish Highlanders (BASH)

by Sharon L. Krossa

Last updated 17 Jan 2003  

The Basic Accent for Scottish Highlanders (BASH) is designed to give the impression of speaking 16th century Scots (a language closely related to contemporary English) as fractured by 16th century Gaels while still being understood by 21st century Americans. It is a basic theatrical accent suitable for portraying 16th century Scottish Highland characters, including useful Gaelic phrases. [In other words, it is a Scottish Highland substitute for the BFA (Basic Fair Accent) used by those portraying English characters at Renaissance fairs.] Many aspects of BASH are also useful for those portraying Scottish Lowlanders, while some others are useful for those portraying Irish Gaels (though Irish Gaels should ideally apply them to a base of English BFA).

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