A Survey of English Bynames: Administrative

by Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada (Kathleen M. O'Brien)

© 2002-2012 by Kathleen M. O'Brien. All rights reserved.
Version 1.4, updated 30 June 2012

Kingdom & Crown Officials

financial Chetour (RW p. 92 s.n. Cheater) 'escheator, an officer appointed to look after the king's escheats'
Cheker (RW p. 92 s.n. Checker) from 'exchequer'
Thesarius (RW p. 453 s.n. Treasure)
Tresor (RW p. 453 s.n. Treasure)
court officer Crownere (RW p. 119 s.n. Crowner) 'An officer charged with the supervision of the pleas of the Crown'
Citerer (a summoner)
le Sumener ('summoner')
royal household officer Steward (RW p. 427 s.n. Steward)

Local Government

financial le Reve (RW p. 375 s.n. Reeve)
jail le Gaolor (RW p. 182 s.n. Galer) 'jailor'
law/lawyer Bosun (RW p. 76 s.n. Busson) 'one connected with the law'
sherrif Schiref ('sheriff')

Personal Lands

house servant le Butler (RW p. 76 s.n. Butler) "'servant in charge of the wine-cellar' usually the head servant"
Carrier (RW p. 84 s.n. Carrier)
Launder (someone who washes)
Porter (RW p. 358 s.n. Porter)
Steward (RW p. 427 s.n. Steward)

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