A Survey of English Bynames: Latoner

by Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada (Kathleen M. O'Brien)

© 2002-2012 by Kathleen M. O'Brien. All rights reserved.
Version 1.3, updated 24 June 2012

"ME latoun 'brass' from OFr laton, 'worker in or maker of latten' (1339 MED)" (Reaney & Wilson, p. 272 s.n. Latner)
"'the latoner', one who worked in laton or latten, probably a mixture of lead with brass or copper. ME laton" (Bardsley, p. 470 s.n. Latoner)
NameAdditional DescriptionDateSource
ThomasleLatoner temp. 1300Bardsley (p. 470 s.n. Latoner)
Alan, RichardleLatoner 1306, 1311Reaney & Wilson (p. 272 s.n. Latner)
WilliamleLatouner 1327Reaney & Wilson (p. 272 s.n. Latner)
John Latoner 1332Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy Rolls
(Parish: Holland; Village: Boston; Line: 30)
Robertus Latoner 1379Bardsley (p. 470 s.n. Latoner)
Richard Latoner, bailiff of Yarmouth1341Bardsley (p. 470 s.n. Latoner)
Edward Latner 1579Bardsley (p. 470 s.n. Latoner)

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