A Survey of English Bynames: Brasier

by Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada (Kathleen M. O'Brien)

© 2002-2012 by Kathleen M. O'Brien. All rights reserved.
Version 1.4, updated 29 May 2013

Brasier (a worker in brass)
"A derivative of OE brasian 'to make of brass', a worker in brass ..." (Reaney & Wilson, p. 61 s.n. Brasier)
"Occup. 'the brazier,' a worker in brass." (Bardsley, p. 130 s.n. Brazier)
NameAdditional DescriptionDateSource
HenryleBrazur 1273Bardsley (p. 180 s.n. Brazier)
RichardleBrazur 1273Bardsley (p. 180 s.n. Brazier)
ReginalddeBrazur 11 Edw. I [1317-1318]Bardsley (p. 180 s.n. Brazier)
William Brasier' 1327Reaney & Wilson (p. 61 s.n. Brasier)
RalphleBraseur 1332Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy Rolls
(Parish: Kesteven; Village: Scottlethorpe; Line: 12)
John Brasur 1332Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy Rolls
(Parish: Kesteven; Village: Thurlby with Obthorpe; Line: 22)
Thomas Brasyer 1381Reaney & Wilson (p. 61 s.n. Brasier)
Thomas Brasyier 33 Hen. VI [1454-1455]Bardsley (p. 180 s.n. Brazier)
Elene Brasyer 1533-4Bardsley (p. 180 s.n. Brazier)
Thomas Brazier 1574-5Bardsley (p. 180 s.n. Brazier)

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