Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada

(Kathleen M. O'Brien)


In the SCA, I am known as Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada. Mundanely, my name is Kathleen M. O'Brien. Professionally, I am a software quality assurance engineer with degrees in Computer Science and Systems Science Engineering (Operations Research concentration).

I became interested in name research when I had a bad experience (see, many of us have them *grin!*) when I was originally submitting my name in the SCA. At the time, I was at a university with an excellent library and I dove through the stacks researching documentation for my name resubmission. Along the way, I ran across some fantastic resources including a set of English parish registers listing transcribed names from the 16th C. I was hooked.

Ever since, I've been interested in medieval and renaissance names and naming patterns. Over the last few years, I've been able to complete some of the articles that I've been working on over the years. These are listed below. I have a number of other articles currently in progress. They will be added to the list here as they are completed.

Many of my articles are currently published under my former SCA name of Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (which I have retained as an alternate name). New articles (and some updates to the old ones) will be published under my new SCA name of Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada.

At the time that I registered my original name, the feedback I received during the submission process was that it was authentic. Boy have we all learned a lot since then! And, perhaps more importantly, the information that is out there is now much, much easier for beginner researchers to access. (What I wouldn't have given for a copy of Quick and Easy Gaelic Names back then!)

Name Articles

Below is a list of the articles I've completed on medieval and renaissance era names from various cultures:









(including New World indigenous peoples)

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