Names Found in West Stow, West Suffolk Parish Registers 1558-1650

by Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada (Kathleen M. O'Brien)

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The names in this article are taken from parish registers for West Stow, which is a small parish in West Suffolk. The source for the entries analyzed in this article is:

Hervey, Sydenham Henry Augustus. West Stow Parish Registers, 1558 to 1850. Wordwell Parish Registers, 1580 to 1850. with Sundry Notes. (Woodbridge: George Booth, Church Street, 1903). (, accessed 01 Sep 2009)

In this article, I have analyzed only the entries for the years 1558-1650. These entries include 1360 references to individuals. However, because there are multiple instances of different records all referencing the same person, the number of people included in these records is actually less than 1360. The breakdown by gender is:

GenderNumber of RefererencesNumber of Individuals

Some entries contain enough information to identify different records as referencing the same family, while other records include very little information, sometimes only the person's name (and in one case, not even that).

Name Analysis

Masculine Given Names:

Feminine Given Names:

Entries With No Given Name Listed:

All Entries:

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