Historia Scotarum
The Scottish Pre-modern Women's History Group

Last updated 5 Jan 2004

These are the web pages of Historia Scotarum, which was founded for mutual co-operation and collaboration in the academic research of Scottish pre-modern women's history. Membership is open to anyone who is interested in Scottish women's history in this period, whether as an aspect of or as the main focus of scholarly research. Members are free to invite those whom they think might be interested to join.

The purpose of the associated e-mailing list is to provide a venue for discussion of various general issues relating to women's history in this period, as well as more specific enquiries and discussions relating to members' research and interests.

The group is also working on an annotated bibliography of primary and secondary sources, to which all group members are invited to contribute. Discussion of this project also takes place on the e-mailing list.

Pre-Modern: For the purposes of Historian Scotarum, any period prior to that generally labeled "Modern", including the Medieval, Renaissance, Reformation, and Early Modern eras.

List Coordinator: Sharon L. Krossa, skrossa-mlo@MedievalScotland.org

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