16th & 17th Century Anglicized Irish Surnames from Woulfe

by Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada (Kathleen M. O'Brien)

© 2005-2007 by Kathleen M. O'Brien. All rights reserved.
Version 1.2, updated 03 November 2007

Sorted by Anglicized Irish Spelling

Notation Used in this Article

The headers in Woulfe are Gaelic. Many include a character with a punctum delens (which looks like a dot over the letter). Throughout this article, I have translated these characters as the letter, followed by a period. Since these characters are routinely transliterated as the letter with an h after it, I have also included the "h" transliteration in parentheses after each header listing.

For example, Woulfe lists the header Albanac.. By the notation c., I'm indicating that a punctum delens appears over the c. When listing this header, I've listed it as:

Albanac. (Albanach)
with the standard transliteration form Albanach shown in parenthesis.

Possible Normalization

The vast majority of Anglicized Irish forms of "O" and "Mac" style surnames listed in Woulfe that date to temp. Elizabeth I - James I are listed as O [Root] and M'[Root].

It is likely that Woulfe (or one of his sources) has normalized at least some of these names to this format since other examples from the Patent Rolls of James I found in Ewen show the formats Mc[Root] and O'[Root].

Further, among the surnames listed by Woulfe are:

Anglicized Irish SurnamePageHeader
MacAnthony317Mac Antoine
MacGillafyndean374Mac Giolla F.earga (Mac Giolla Fhearga)
MacMajoke388Mac Máig.eóc, Mac Máig.eóg (Mac Máigheóc, Mac Máigheóg)
McCada304Mac Áda, Mac Ádaid. (Mac Áda, Mac Ádaidh)
McGilliworyne317Mac Giolla Luait.rinn (Mac Giolla Luaithrinn)
McGlyn376Mag F.loinn (Mag Fhloinn)
Obuge439Ó Bogaig. (Ó Bogaigh)
O'Derrie498Ó Doireid., Ó Doirid. (Ó Doireidh, Ó Doiridh)
O'Diamain496Ó Diamáin
O'Doveanna514Ó Duib.eam.na (Ó Duibheamhna)
O'Glassnie541Ó Glaisne
O'Largan587Ó Loirgneáin

Given these examples, it is likely that at least some of the forms that Woulfe lists as M'[Root] appeared in the original text as Mac[Root] or Mc[Root]. Similarly, it's likely that at least some of the forms that Woulfe lists as O [Root] appeared in the original text as O[root] or O'[Root].

Anglicized form dated to temp. Eliz I - James IPageHeaderNotes
M'Faddine399Mac P.áidín (Mac Pháidín)
M'Falronte413Mac Ualronta
M'Falronte321Mac B.alronta (Mac Bhalronta)
M'Fargus360Mac Fearg.usa (Mac Fearghusa)
M'Farree359Mac Fearad.aig. (Mac Fearadhaigh)
M'Farrell360Mac Fearg.ail (Mac Fearghail)
M'Farry359Mac Fearad.aig. (Mac Fearadhaigh)
M'Faryse360Mac Fearg.usa (Mac Fearghusa)
M'Fearagher359Mac Fearc.air (Mac Fearchair)
M'Fearis400Mac P.iarais (Mac Phiarais)
M'Felim360Mac Feid.limid. (Mac Feidhlimidh)
M'Ferbishy363Mac Firb.isig. (Mac Firbhisigh)
M'Ferrick399Mac P.iaraic, Mac P.iaruic (Mac Phiaraic, Mac Phiaruic)
M'Ferry359Mac Fearad.aig. (Mac Fearadhaigh)
M'Feyrick399Mac P.iaraic, Mac P.iaruic (Mac Phiaraic, Mac Phiaruic)
M'Fibbin400Mac P.ibín (Mac Phibín)
M'Fibbin361Mac F.ibín (Mac Fhibín)
M'Firbis363Mac Firb.isig. (Mac Firbhisigh)
M'Firbisse363Mac Firb.isig. (Mac Firbhisigh)
M'Flyn364Mac Floinn
M'Folaine364Mac F.ualain (Mac Fhualain)
M'Freill360Mac Fearg.ail (Mac Fearghail)
M'Gafferie364Mac Gafraid. (Mac Gafraidh)
M'Gaffney326Mac Carrg.am.na (Mac Carrghamhna)
M'Gaghny419Mag F.ac.tna (Mag Fhachtna)
M'Gallredocker349Mac D.áil re Doc.air (Mac Dháil re Dochair)
M'Gana416Mag Canna
M'Ganleie426Mag S.eanlaoic. (Mag Sheanlaoich)
M'Gara364Mac Gad.ra (Mac Gadhra)
M'Garaghan421Mag Garac.áin (Mag Garacháin)
M'Garee419Mag F.earad.aig. (Mag Fhearadhaigh)
M'Gargan365Mac Geargáin
M'Garilt365Mac Gearailt
M'Garragher420Mag F.earc.air (Mag Fhearchair)
M'Garraghtie414Mag Aireac.taig. (Mag Aireachtaigh)
M'Garrell420Mag F.earg.ail (Mag Fhearghail)
M'Garrile420Mag F.earg.ail (Mag Fhearghail)
M'Garrott365Mac Gearóid
M'Garrye419Mag F.earad.aig. (Mag Fhearadhaigh)
M'Garvie364Mac Gairb.eit., Mac Gairb.it. (Mac Gairbheith, Mac Gairbhith)
M'Garway364Mac Gairb.eit., Mac Gairb.it. (Mac Gairbheith, Mac Gairbhith)
M'Gawna364Mac Gam.na (Mac Gamhna)
M'Gawne364Mac Gam.na (Mac Gamhna)
M'Gawny364Mac Gam.na (Mac Gamhna)
M'Gay415Mag Aod.a, Mag Aoid. (Mag Aodha, Mag Aoidh)
M'Gayer313Mac an G.eairr, Mac an G.irr (Mac an Gheairr, Mac an Ghirr)son of the short, or low-sized, man
M'Geaffe418Mag Eat.ac. (Mag Eathach)
M'Geaghan418Mag Eac.áin (Mag Eacháin)
M'Geanayne420Mag F.ionnáin (Mag Fhionnáin)
M'Gebenay366Mac Gibne
M'Gellecherane370Mac Giolla C.iaráin (Mac Giolla Chiaráin)
M'Gennan420Mag F.ionnáin (Mag Fhionnáin)
M'Gennay416Mag Cineáit. (Mag Cineáith)
M'Gennell421Mag F.ionng.ail (Mag Fhionnghail)
M'Genura421Mag F.ionnb.arra (Mag Fhionnbharra)
M'Genury421Mag F.ionnb.arra (Mag Fhionnbharra)
M'Geoghan419Mag Eoc.áin (Mag Eocháin)
M'Geoghegaine418Mag Eoc.agáin (Mag Eochagáin)
M'Geoghoe418Mag Eoc.ad.a (Mag Eochadha)
M'Gerald365Mac Gearailt
M'Geregan365Mac Geargáin
M'Gergaine365Mac Geargáin
M'Gerode365Mac Gearóid
M'Gerry419Mag F.earad.aig. (Mag Fhearadhaigh)
M'Gewnie417Mag D.uib.ne (Mag Dhuibhne)
M'Gey415Mag Aod.a, Mag Aoid. (Mag Aodha, Mag Aoidh)
M'Ghy415Mag Aod.a, Mag Aoid. (Mag Aodha, Mag Aoidh)
M'Gibone366Mac Giobúin
M'Gibowne366Mac Giobúin
M'Giehie364Mac Gaoit.e (Mac Gaoithe)
M'Gilbane367Mac Giolla B.áin (Mac Giolla Bháin)
M'Gilbert366Mac Gilbeirt
M'Gilboy368Mac Giollab.uid.e (Mac Giollabhuidhe)
M'Gilcomy370Mac Giolla C.óimd.ead. (Mac Giolla Chóimdheadh)
M'Gilcosker371Mac Giolla C.oscair (Mac Giolla Choscair)
M'Gilduff372Mac Giolla D.uib. (Mac Giolla Dhuibh)
M'Gilgea372Mac Giolla Dé
M'Gilgowlye375Mac Giolla G.uala (Mac Giolla Ghuala)
M'Gilgrim375Mac Giolla G.uirm (Mac Giolla Ghuirm)
M'Gilkuskley370Mac Giolla C.oiscle (Mac Giolla Choiscle)
M'Gilkuslie370Mac Giolla C.oiscle (Mac Giolla Choiscle)
M'Gillacahair369Mac Giolla C.at.air (Mac Giolla Chathair)
M'Gillachomhaill371Mac Giolla C.om.g.aill (Mac Giolla Chomhghaill)
M'Gillachrist371Mac Giolla C.ríost (Mac Giolla Chríost)
M'Gillacleyne370Mac Giollac.laoin (Mac Giollachlaoin)
M'Gillacoell371Mac Giolla C.om.g.aill (Mac Giolla Chomhghaill)
M'Gillacollom371Mac Giolla C.olm, Mac Giolla C.oluim (Mac Giolla Cholm, Mac Giolla Choluim)
M'Gillacrist371Mac Giolla C.ríost (Mac Giolla Chríost)
M'Gillacunye370Mac Giolla C.oinnig. (Mac Giolla Choinnigh)
M'Gillaghiran370Mac Giolla C.iaráin (Mac Giolla Chiaráin)
M'Gillaghlin380Mac Giolla S.eac.lainn (Mac Giolla Sheachlainn)
M'Gillahare369Mac Giolla C.at.air (Mac Giolla Chathair)
M'Gillakelly369Mac Giolla C.eallaig. (Mac Giolla Cheallaigh)
M'Gillalea376Mac Giolla Léit. (Mac Giolla Léith)
M'Gillallen373Mac Giolla F.aoláin (Mac Giolla Fhaoláin)
M'Gillamartin376Mac Giolla M.ártain (Mac Giolla Mhártain)
M'Gillapatrick378Mac Giolla P.ádraig (Mac Giolla Phádraig)
M'Gillaphoill378Mac Giolla P.óil (Mac Giolla Phóil)
M'Gillaroe379Mac Giolla Ruaid. (Mac Giolla Ruaidh)
M'Gillarowe379Mac Giolla Ruaid. (Mac Giolla Ruaidh)
M'Gillaroye379Mac Giolla Ruaid. (Mac Giolla Ruaidh)
M'Gillaroyn379Mac Giolla Ruad.áin (Mac Giolla Ruadháin)
M'Gillaspecke373Mac Giolla Easpuig
M'Gillaspick373Mac Giolla Easpuig
M'Gillavartin376Mac Giolla M.ártain (Mac Giolla Mhártain)
M'Gillavearnoge377Mac Giolla M.earnóg (Mac Giolla Mhearnóg)
M'Gillavoye368Mac Giollab.uid.e (Mac Giollabhuidhe)
M'Gillavyne377Mac Giolla M.ín (Mac Giolla Mhín)
M'Gillchoan371Mac Giolla C.om.g.ain (Mac Giolla Chomhghain)
M'Gillcosker371Mac Giolla C.oscair (Mac Giolla Choscair)
M'Gilldogher372Mac Giolla Deacair
M'Gillebert366Mac Gilbeirt
M'Gilleboy368Mac Giollab.uid.e (Mac Giollabhuidhe)
M'Gillebridy368Mac Giolla B.ríg.de (Mac Giolla Bhríghde)
M'Gillecarie369Mac Giolla C.arraig. (Mac Giolla Charraigh)
M'Gillechallyn368Mac Giolla C.aillín (Mac Giolla Chaillín)
M'Gillecharry369Mac Giolla C.arraig. (Mac Giolla Charraigh)
M'Gillechill370Mac Giolla C.oille (Mac Giolla Choille)
M'Gillechoile370Mac Giolla C.oille (Mac Giolla Choille)
M'Gillechreaste371Mac Giolla C.ríost (Mac Giolla Chríost)
M'Gillechyny369Mac Giolla C.aoin, Mac Giolla C.aoine (Mac Giolla Chaoin, Mac Giolla Chaoine)
M'Gillecloyne370Mac Giollac.laoin (Mac Giollachlaoin)
M'Gillecole371Mac Giolla C.om.g.aill (Mac Giolla Chomhghaill)
M'Gillecolme371Mac Giolla C.olm, Mac Giolla C.oluim (Mac Giolla Cholm, Mac Giolla Choluim)
M'Gillecoman371Mac Giolla C.omáin (Mac Giolla Chomáin)
M'Gilleconnye370Mac Giolla C.oinnig. (Mac Giolla Choinnigh)
M'Gillecosgelie370Mac Giolla C.oiscle (Mac Giolla Choiscle)
M'Gilledogher372Mac Giolla Deacair
M'Gilledoroughe372Mac Giolla Dorc.a (Mac Giolla Dorcha)
M'Gilleduff372Mac Giolla D.uib. (Mac Giolla Dhuibh)
M'Gilleffin374Mac Giolla F.indéin (Mac Giolla Fhindéin)
M'Gilleg428Mag Uillic, Mag Uilic
M'Gillegane375Mac Giollagáin
M'Gillegea372Mac Giolla Dé
M'Gillegey372Mac Giolla Dé
M'Gilleghole371Mac Giolla C.om.g.aill (Mac Giolla Chomhghaill)
M'Gilleglas375Mac Giolla G.lais (Mac Giolla Ghlais)
M'Gillegowly375Mac Giolla G.uala (Mac Giolla Ghuala)
M'Gilleguffe372Mac Giolla D.uib. (Mac Giolla Dhuibh)
M'Gillehowly380Mac Giolla S.úilig. (Mac Giolla Shúiligh)
M'Gillekennie370Mac Giolla C.oinnig. (Mac Giolla Choinnigh)
M'Gillekyne369Mac Giolla C.aoin, Mac Giolla C.aoine (Mac Giolla Chaoin, Mac Giolla Chaoine)
M'Gilleley376Mac Giolla Léit. (Mac Giolla Léith)
M'Gillemichell377Mac Giolla M.ic.il (Mac Giolla Mhichil)
M'Gillepedire378Mac Giolla P.eadair (Mac Giolla Pheadair)
M'Gillephadrick378Mac Giolla P.ádraig (Mac Giolla Phádraig)
M'Gillereogh379Mac Giolla Riab.aig. (Mac Giolla Riabhaigh)
M'Gillernae378Mac Giolla na Naom. (Mac Giolla na Naomh)
M'Gillerneve378Mac Giolla na Naom. (Mac Giolla na Naomh)
M'Gillesachta376Mac Giolla Iasac.ta (Mac Giolla Iasachta)
M'Gillevane367Mac Giolla B.áin (Mac Giolla Bháin)
M'Gilleverie367Mac Giolla B.earaig. (Mac Giolla Bhearaigh)
M'Gillewe368Mac Giollab.uid.e (Mac Giollabhuidhe)
M'Gilleweele376Mac Giolla M.aoil (Mac Giolla Mhaoil)
M'Gilleworry377Mac Giolla M.uire (Mac Giolla Mhuire)
M'Gillfoile378Mac Giolla P.óil (Mac Giolla Phóil)
M'Gillgan375Mac Giollagáin
M'Gillicherie369Mac Giolla C.éire (Mac Giolla Chéire)
M'Gilligariffe375Mac Giolla G.airb. (Mac Giolla Ghairbh)
M'Gillinaneave378Mac Giolla na Naom. (Mac Giolla na Naomh)
M'Gillinnion374Mac Giolla F.innéin (Mac Giolla Fhinnéin)
M'Gillisachta376Mac Giolla Iasac.ta (Mac Giolla Iasachta)
M'Gillkine428Mag Uilcín
M'Gilllycattan369Mac Giolla C.atáin (Mac Giolla Chatáin)
M'Gilllyedwn372Mac Giolla D.uinn (Mac Giolla Dhuinn)
M'Gillvrid368Mac Giolla B.ríg.de (Mac Giolla Bhríghde)
M'Gillychyna369Mac Giolla C.aoin, Mac Giolla C.aoine (Mac Giolla Chaoin, Mac Giolla Chaoine)
M'Gillydwine372Mac Giolla D.uinn (Mac Giolla Dhuinn)
M'Gillykeyry369Mac Giolla C.éire (Mac Giolla Chéire)
M'Gillylworin376Mac Giolla Luait.rinn (Mac Giolla Luaithrinn)
M'Gillyneneagh378Mac Giolla na nEac. (Mac Giolla na nEach)
M'Gillysaghtie376Mac Giolla Iasac.ta (Mac Giolla Iasachta)
M'Gilmartin376Mac Giolla M.ártain (Mac Giolla Mhártain)
M'Gilmer377Mac Giolla M.ir (Mac Giolla Mhir)
M'Gilmore377Mac Giolla M.uire (Mac Giolla Mhuire)
M'Gilmurry377Mac Giolla M.uire (Mac Giolla Mhuire)
M'Gilsenane380Mac Giolla Seanáin, Mac Giolla Sionáin
M'Gilsteffan380Mac Giolla Steafáin
M'Gilver377Mac Giolla M.ir (Mac Giolla Mhir)
M'Gilvine377Mac Giolla M.ín (Mac Giolla Mhín)
M'Ginaghtie420Mag F.inneac.ta, Mag F.inneac.taig., Mag F.ionnac.ta, Mag F.ionnac.taig. (Mag Fhinneachta, Mag Fhinneachtaigh, Mag Fhionnachta, Mag Fhionnachtaigh)
M'Gindale421Mag F.ionng.ail (Mag Fhionnghail)
M'Girriee419Mag F.earad.aig. (Mag Fhearadhaigh)
M'Giviny417Mag D.uib.ne (Mag Dhuibhne)
M'Givor422Mag Íom.air (Mag Íomhair)
M'Glafferine422Mag Lab.raid.ín (Mag Labhraidhín)
M'Glaghlin422Mag Lac.lainn (Mag Lachlainn)
M'Glanan423Mag Leannáin
M'Glanchie421Mag F.lannc.ad.a, Mag F.lannc.aid. (Mag Fhlannchadha, Mag Fhlannchaidh)
M'Glannaghie421Mag F.lannc.ad.a, Mag F.lannc.aid. (Mag Fhlannchadha, Mag Fhlannchaidh)
M'Glarent422Mag Lab.raint (Mag Labhraint)
M'Glaughye421Mag F.lait.im. (Mag Fhlaithimh)
M'Glave386Mac Lait.im. (Mac Laithimh)
M'Glavyne421Mag F.lait.im.ín (Mag Fhlaithimhín)
M'Glavyne423Mag Lait.im.ín (Mag Laithimhín)
M'Glawe421Mag F.lait.im. (Mag Fhlaithimh)
M'Glawe422Mag Lait.im. (Mag Laithimh)
M'Glaweye421Mag F.lait.im. (Mag Fhlaithimh)
M'Glawrie422Mag Lab.rad.a (Mag Labhradha)
M'Glennan423Mag Leannáin
M'Glinche423Mag Loingsig. (Mag Loingsigh)
M'Gloskir322Mac B.loscaire (Mac Bhloscaire)son of the public crier
M'Gluskir322Mac B.loscaire (Mac Bhloscaire)son of the public crier
M'Gnoude397Mac Nuad.ad, Mac Nuad.at (Mac Nuadhad, Mac Nuadhat)
M'Goffrie381Mac Gofrad.a, Mac Gofraid. (Mac Gofradha, Mac Gofraidh)
M'Goghagan418Mag Eoc.agáin (Mag Eochagáin)
M'Goigan418Mag Eoc.agáin (Mag Eochagáin)
M'Gokiane419Mag Eoc.aid.ín (Mag Eochaidhín)
M'Gokiane419Mag Eoc.áin (Mag Eocháin)
M'Gonell351Mac D.om.naill (Mac Dhomhnaill)
M'Gorche417Mac D.orc.aid., Mag D.orc.aid.e (Mac Dhorchaidh, Mag Dhorchaidhe)
M'Gorhae382Mac Got.rad.a, Mac Got.raid. (Mac Gothradha, Mac Gothraidh)
M'Gorhy382Mac Got.rad.a, Mac Got.raid. (Mac Gothradha, Mac Gothraidh)
M'Gorlighe427Mag T.oirdealb.aig. (Mag Thoirdealbhaigh)
M'Gormane381Mac Gormáin
M'Gormoyle382Mac Gormg.ail, Mac Gormg.aile (Mac Gormghail, Mac Gormghaile)
M'Gornaghan423Mag M.uirneac.áin (Mag Mhuirneacháin)
M'Gorneghane422Mag Guarnac.ain (Mag Guarnachain)
M'Gornghane423Mag M.uirneac.áin (Mag Mhuirneacháin)
M'Gorrie382Mac Got.rad.a, Mac Got.raid. (Mac Gothradha, Mac Gothraidh)
M'Gowane417Mag D.ub.áin (Mag Dhubháin)
M'Gowe314Mac an G.ob.a (Mac an Ghobha)son of the smith
M'Grade415Mag B.rádaig. (Mag Bhrádaigh)
M'Gradie415Mag B.rádaig. (Mag Bhrádaigh)
M'Graha425Mag Rat.a (Mag Ratha)
M'Grahy425Mag Rat.a (Mag Ratha)
M'Graly424Mag Rag.allaig. (Mag Raghallaigh)
(?) M'Grattie425Mag Rat.a (Mag Ratha)
M'Grawlie424Mag Rag.allaig. (Mag Raghallaigh)
M'Grealis425Mag Raillg.uis, Mag Riallg.usa (Mag Raillghuis, Mag Riallghusa)
M'Greave425Mag Riab.aig. (Mag Riabhaigh)
M'Greece401Mac Raois, Mac Raosa
M'Grevye425Mag Riab.aig. (Mag Riabhaigh)
M'Grienan415Mag B.raonáin (Mag Bhraonáin)
M'Griffine382Mac Grífín
M'Groirke426Mag Ruairc
M'Gronnyll424Mag Rag.naill, Mag Rág.naill (Mag Raghnaill, Mag Rághnaill)
M'Groricke426Mag Ruad.raic (Mag Ruadhraic)
M'Grorke426Mag Ruairc
M'Grorye426Mag Ruaid.rí (Mag Ruaidhrí)
M'Guffe417Mag D.uib. (Mag Dhuibh)
M'Guier427Mag Uid.ir (Mag Uidhir)
M'Guiff417Mag D.uib. (Mag Dhuibh)
M'Guiver427Mag Uid.ir (Mag Uidhir)
M'Guiverin427Mag Uid.rín (Mag Uidhrín)
M'Gullemoyell376Mac Giolla M.aoil (Mac Giolla Mhaoil)
M'Gullygar375Mac Giolla G.annain (Mac Giolla Ghannain)
M'Gullyghirry375Mac Giolla G.eim.rid. (Mac Giolla Gheimhridh)
M'Gullyneane374Mac Giolla F.ionnáin (Mac Giolla Fhionnáin)
M'Gunchenan428Mag Uinnseannáin, Mag Uinnsionnáin
M'Guyskine414Mac Uiscín
M'Gwinshenan428Mag Uinnseannáin, Mag Uinnsionnáin
M'Gwire427Mag Uid.ir (Mag Uidhir)
M'Gwllaghty346Mac Cuallac.ta (Mac Cuallachta)
M'Gwolaghie346Mac Cuallac.ta (Mac Cuallachta)
M'Gworlick427Mag Ualg.airg (Mag Ualghairg)
M'Gwyrin427Mag Uid.rín (Mag Uidhrín)
M'Gylsinan380Mac Giolla Seanáin, Mac Giolla Sionáin
M'Gynnan420Mag F.ionnáin (Mag Fhionnáin)
M'Gynnowar420Mag F.ionnb.airr (Mag Fhionnbhairr)
M'Hacket383Mac Haicéid
M'Hackett383Mac Haicéid
M'Hanry383Mac Hanraoi, Mac Hannraoi
M'Hanry316Mac Annraoi
M'Harbard383Mac Hoireabáird, Mac Hoireabaird
M'Harrye316Mac Annraoi
M'Heale383Mac Haol
M'Heale330Mac Céile
M'Hegane319Mac Aod.agáin (Mac Aodhagáin)
M'Heig409Mac T.aid.g (Mac Thaidhg)
M'Heile330Mac Céile
M'Hely330Mac Céile
M'Henricke316Mac Annraic
M'Henricke357Mac Eanraic
M'Henrie358Mac Éinrí
M'Henry358Mac Éinrí
M'Herbert383Mac Hoireabáird, Mac Hoireabaird
M'Hinchey320Mac Aong.uis (Mac Aonghuis)
M'Horishe360Mac F.eórais, Mac F.eóruis (Mac Fheórais, Mac Fheóruis)
M'Hoste383Mac Hoiste
M'Hostie383Mac Hoiste
M'Howell383Mac Haol
M'Hugin384Mac Huigín
M'Hugyn384Mac Huigín
M'Hurryly411Mac T.oirdealb.aig. (Mac Thoirdealbhaigh)

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