16th & 17th Century Anglicized Irish Surnames from Woulfe

by Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada (Kathleen M. O'Brien)

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Sorted by Anglicized Irish Root

Notation Used in this Article

The headers in Woulfe are Gaelic. Many include a character with a punctum delens (which looks like a dot over the letter). Throughout this article, I have translated these characters as the letter, followed by a period. Since these characters are routinely transliterated as the letter with an h after it, I have also included the "h" transliteration in parentheses after each header listing.

For example, Woulfe lists the header Albanac.. By the notation c., I'm indicating that a punctum delens appears over the c. When listing this header, I've listed it as:

Albanac. (Albanach)
with the standard transliteration form Albanach shown in parenthesis.

Possible Normalization

The vast majority of Anglicized Irish forms of "O" and "Mac" style surnames listed in Woulfe that date to temp. Elizabeth I - James I are listed as O [Root] and M'[Root].

It is likely that Woulfe (or one of his sources) has normalized at least some of these names to this format since other examples from the Patent Rolls of James I found in Ewen show the formats Mc[Root] and O'[Root].

Further, among the surnames listed by Woulfe are:

Anglicized Irish SurnamePageHeader
MacAnthony317Mac Antoine
MacGillafyndean374Mac Giolla F.earga (Mac Giolla Fhearga)
MacMajoke388Mac Máig.eóc, Mac Máig.eóg (Mac Máigheóc, Mac Máigheóg)
McCada304Mac Áda, Mac Ádaid. (Mac Áda, Mac Ádaidh)
McGilliworyne317Mac Giolla Luait.rinn (Mac Giolla Luaithrinn)
McGlyn376Mag F.loinn (Mag Fhloinn)
Obuge439Ó Bogaig. (Ó Bogaigh)
O'Derrie498Ó Doireid., Ó Doirid. (Ó Doireidh, Ó Doiridh)
O'Diamain496Ó Diamáin
O'Doveanna514Ó Duib.eam.na (Ó Duibheamhna)
O'Glassnie541Ó Glaisne
O'Largan587Ó Loirgneáin

Given these examples, it is likely that at least some of the forms that Woulfe lists as M'[Root] appeared in the original text as Mac[Root] or Mc[Root]. Similarly, it's likely that at least some of the forms that Woulfe lists as O [Root] appeared in the original text as O[root] or O'[Root].

Anglicized form dated to temp. Eliz I - James ISorted under Anglicized Root


M'MachanMachan391Mac Mat.g.am.na (Mac Mathghamhna)
MachirleginnMachirleginn363Mac F.irléig.inn (Mac Fhirléighinn)
MacingillMacingill314Mac an G.oill (Mac an Ghoill)son of the foreigner
O MackaneMackane592Ó Macáin
M'MackenMacken388Mac Maicín
O MackessyMackessy592Ó Macasa
O MacketyreMacketyre592Ó Mactíre
O MackineMackine594Ó Maicín
MackmaweMackmawe388Mac Máig.e (Mac Máighe)
Mackmawe-CondonMackmawe-Condon388Mac Máig.eóc, Mac Máig.eóg (Mac Máigheóc, Mac Máigheóg)patronymic surname assumed by a branch of the family of Condon in East Cork and Waterford.
O MackyMacky592Ó Macd.a (Ó Macdha)
MacmaghanMacmaghan391Mac M.at.ain (Mac Mhathain)
MacMajokeMacMajoke388Mac Máig.eóc, Mac Máig.eóg (Mac Máigheóc, Mac Máigheóg)patronymic surname assumed by a branch of the family of Condon in East Cork and Waterford.
O MadaganeMadagane593Ó Madagáin
O MaddaneMaddane593Ó Madáin
O MaddenMadden593Ó Madaid.ín (Ó Madaidhín)
O MaddenMadden593Ó Madáin
O MaddineMaddine593Ó Madaid.ín (Ó Madaidhín)
O MaddyMaddy593Ó Madaid. (Ó Madaidh)
O MadiganeMadigane593Ó Madagáin
MadockMadock414Madóc, Madóg
MadogeMadoge414Madóc, Madóg
O MaelyMaely594Ó Máille
MagaffneyMagaffney419Mag F.ac.tna (Mag Fhachtna)
MaganayMaganay415Mag Annaid. (Mag Annaidh)
MaganyeMaganye415Mag Annaid. (Mag Annaidh)
MagaraghanMagaraghan421Mag Garac.áin (Mag Garacháin)
MageaghraneMageaghrane418Mag Eac.ráin (Mag Eachráin)
MagearryeMagearrye419Mag F.earad.aig. (Mag Fhearadhaigh)
MagennillMagennill421Mag F.ionng.ail (Mag Fhionnghail)
MagennoreMagennore420Mag F.ionnb.airr (Mag Fhionnbhairr)
MagennureMagennure420Mag F.ionnb.airr (Mag Fhionnbhairr)
MagenorMagenor420Mag F.ionnb.airr (Mag Fhionnbhairr)
MagenuraMagenura421Mag F.ionnb.arra (Mag Fhionnbharra)
MagetteganeMagettegane418Mag Eiteagáin
O MaghallonMaghallon605Ó Maolc.allann (Ó Maolchallann)
O MaghaneMaghane592Ó Mac.áin (Ó Macháin)
O MagherMagher614Ó Meac.air (Ó Meachair)
M'MaghieMaghie390Mac Mat.a (Mac Matha)
M'MaghoneMaghone391Mac Mat.g.am.na (Mac Mathghamhna)
M'MaghowneyMaghowney391Mac Mat.g.am.na (Mac Mathghamhna)
MagillaneMagillane366Mac Gileáin
MagilleraneMagillerane379Mac Giollaráin
MagitegenMagitegen418Mag Eiteagáin
MaglaghyMaglaghy422Mag Lait.im. (Mag Laithimh)
MaglananMaglanan423Mag Leannáin
MaglarentMaglarent422Mag Lab.raint (Mag Labhraint)
MaglaughyMaglaughy421Mag F.lait.im. (Mag Fhlaithimh)
MaglaveyMaglavey421Mag F.lait.im. (Mag Fhlaithimh)
MaglaveyMaglavey422Mag Lait.im. (Mag Laithimh)
MaglenMaglen421Mag F.loinn (Mag Fhloinn)
MaglinaneMaglinane423Mag Leannáin
MaglinchieMaglinchie423Mag Loingsig. (Mag Loingsigh)
MaglinneMaglinne421Mag F.loinn (Mag Fhloinn)
MagloanMagloan373Mac Giolla Eóin
MaglowrineMaglowrine422Mag Lab.raid.ín (Mag Labhraidhín)
MaglyneMaglyne421Mag F.loinn (Mag Fhloinn)
MagollrickeMagollricke427Mag Ualg.airg (Mag Ualghairg)
MagorchieMagorchie417Mac D.orc.aid., Mag D.orc.aid.e (Mac Dhorchaidh, Mag Dhorchaidhe)
MagougheganMagoughegan418Mag Eoc.agáin (Mag Eochagáin)
MagourrtieMagourrtie426Mag Rob.artaig. (Mag Robhartaigh)
MagowgheganMagowghegan418Mag Eoc.agáin (Mag Eochagáin)
MagowlrickeMagowlricke427Mag Ualg.airg (Mag Ualghairg)
MagranachanMagranachan425Mag Reannac.áin (Mag Reannacháin)
MagranaillMagranaill424Mag Rag.naill, Mag Rág.naill (Mag Raghnaill, Mag Rághnaill)
MagranchaneMagranchane425Mag Reannac.áin (Mag Reannacháin)
MagranechanMagranechan425Mag Reannac.áin (Mag Reannacháin)
MagranyMagrany424Mag Raig.ne, Mag Ráig.ne (Mag Raighne, Mag Ráighne)
MagrawleyMagrawley424Mag Rag.allaig. (Mag Raghallaigh)
MagreinMagrein424Mag Raig.ne, Mag Ráig.ne (Mag Raighne, Mag Ráighne)
MagreneMagrene424Mag Raig.ne, Mag Ráig.ne (Mag Raighne, Mag Ráighne)
MagrenyMagreny424Mag Raig.ne, Mag Ráig.ne (Mag Raighne, Mag Ráighne)
MagriellassyMagriellassy425Mag Raillg.uis, Mag Riallg.usa (Mag Raillghuis, Mag Riallghusa)
MagrinaMagrina424Mag Raig.ne, Mag Ráig.ne (Mag Raighne, Mag Ráighne)
MagrinyMagriny424Mag Raig.ne, Mag Ráig.ne (Mag Raighne, Mag Ráighne)
MagroiceMagroice425Mag Raois, Mag Raosa
MagrorickMagrorick426Mag Ruad.raic (Mag Ruadhraic)
MagrowryMagrowry426Mag Ruaid.rí (Mag Ruaidhrí)
MagrwrickMagrwrick426Mag Ruad.raic (Mag Ruadhraic)
MaguffeMaguffe417Mag D.uib. (Mag Dhuibh)
MaguierMaguier427Mag Uid.ir (Mag Uidhir)
MaguirinMaguirin427Mag Uid.rín (Mag Uidhrín)
MagwainMagwain417Mag D.ub.áin (Mag Dhubháin)
M'MahMah390Mac Mat.a (Mac Matha)
M'MahaeMahae390Mac Mat.a (Mac Matha)
O MahanMahan592Ó Mac.áin (Ó Macháin)
O MaherMaher614Ó Meac.air (Ó Meachair)
M'MahiseMahise389Mac Mait.ís (Mac Maithís)
M'MahisheMahishe389Mac Mait.ís (Mac Maithís)
O MahownMahown613Ó Mat.g.am.na (Ó Mathghamhna)
M'MahownaMahowna391Mac Mat.g.am.na (Mac Mathghamhna)
O MahownyMahowny613Ó Mat.g.am.na (Ó Mathghamhna)
O MailieMailie594Ó Máille
O MakieMakie592Ó Macd.a (Ó Macdha)
M'MakineMakine388Mac Maicín
O MaledyMaledy599Ó Maoiléidig. (Ó Maoiléidigh)
O MallaneMallane615Ó Mealláin
O MallieMallie594Ó Máille
O MallyMally594Ó Máille
O MaloneMalone599Ó Maoileóin
O MalownyMalowny608Ó Maold.om.naig. (Ó Maoldhomhnaigh)
O ManaghaneManaghane595Ó Manac.áin, Ó Manc.áin (Ó Manacháin, Ó Mancháin)
O ManahanManahan595Ó Manac.áin, Ó Manc.áin (Ó Manacháin, Ó Mancháin)
O ManananMananan596Ó Manannáin
O ManchanManchan596Ó Manc.áin (Ó Mancháin)
MandefillMandefill431Móinb.íol (Móinbhíol)
MandevillMandevill431Móinb.íol (Móinbhíol)
M'ManeMane389Mac Maine
O ManihinManihin594Ó Mainc.ín (Ó Mainchín)
M'ManishManish388Mac Mag.nuis, Mac Mag.nusa (Mac Maghnuis, Mac Maghnusa)
M'MannamieMannamie391Mac Meanma
M'MannanMannan389Mac Manainn
O ManneraneMannerane596Ó Manaráin
de MannevilleManneville267de Móinb.íol (de Móinbhíol)
M'MannianMannian389Mac Manainn
O ManninMannin595Ó Mainnín
O MannineMannine595Ó Mainnín
MansfildMansfild431Móinb.íol (Móinbhíol)
O MantaneMantane596Ó Manntáin
M'ManyMany389Mac Maine
O ManyMany595Ó Mainnín
O ManynaneManynane596Ó Manannáin
O ManyngeManynge595Ó Mainnín
MaoMao428Máig.iú (Máighiú)
M'MaogeMaoge388Mac Máig.eóc, Mac Máig.eóg (Mac Máigheóc, Mac Máigheóg)patronymic surname assumed by a branch of the family of Condon in East Cork and Waterford.
O MarchahanMarchahan613Ó Marca.áin (Ó Marcaháin)
M'MarcusMarcus390Mac Marcuis
de MareysMareys268de Moiréis
O MarieMarie615Ó Mearad.aig. (Ó Mearadhaigh)
O MarkaghaineMarkaghaine613Ó Marca.áin (Ó Marcaháin)
M'MarkesMarkes390Mac Marcuis
M'MarkusMarkus390Mac Marcuis
O MarlieMarlie615Ó Mearlaig. (Ó Mearlaigh)
O MarlieMarlie623Ó Murg.aile (Ó Murghaile)
O MarnaneMarnane613Ó Marannáin, Ó Marnáin
M'MarranMarran392Mac M.earáin (Mac Mhearáin)
de MarriesMarries268de Moiréis
O MarrinanMarrinan613Ó Marannáin, Ó Marnáin
O MartenMarten595Ó Máirtín
O MartenMarten613Ó Mártain
M'MartinMartin389Mac Máirtín
O MartinMartin595Ó Máirtín
O MartinMartin613Ó Mártain
O MaryMary614Ó Mead.ra (Ó Meadhra)
O MarynayneMarynayne613Ó Marannáin, Ó Marnáin
M'MasterMaster315Mac an M.áig.istir (Mac an Mháighistir)son of the master
O MauchanMauchan592Ó Mac.áin (Ó Macháin)
M'MaugMaug388Mac Máig.eóc, Mac Máig.eóg (Mac Máigheóc, Mac Máigheóg)patronymic surname assumed by a branch of the family of Condon in East Cork and Waterford.
de MaundevilleMaundeville267de Móinb.íol (de Móinbhíol)
MaunsfieldMaunsfield431Móinb.íol (Móinbhíol)
M'MauriceMaurice394Mac Muiris, Mac M.uiris (Mac Muiris, Mac Mhuiris)
MaweMawe428Máig.iú (Máighiú)
M'MawigeMawige388Mac Máig.eóc, Mac Máig.eóg (Mac Máigheóc, Mac Máigheóg)patronymic surname assumed by a branch of the family of Condon in East Cork and Waterford.
O MaylawellMaylawell609Ó Maolfáb.ail, Ó Maolf.áb.ail (Ó Maolfábhail, Ó Maolfhábhail)
M'MaynananMaynanan389Mac Manannáin
MayonMayon428Mág.ún (Mághún)
MayoweMayowe428Máig.iú (Máighiú)
McCadaMcCada304Mac Áda, Mac Ádaid. (Mac Áda, Mac Ádaidh)
McGilliworyneMcGilliworyne376Mac Giolla Luait.rinn (Mac Giolla Luaithrinn)
McGlynMcGlyn421Mag F.loinn (Mag Fhloinn)
MeaghMeagh430Mid.eac. (Midheach)
O MeaghaneMeaghane616Ó Miad.ac.áin (Ó Miadhacháin)
O MeallaneMeallane615Ó Mealláin
O MeallieMeallie614Ó Meallaig. (Ó Meallaigh)
O MeananMeanan616Ó Mianáin
O MearanMearan615Ó Mearáin
O MeawhanMeawhan613Ó Maot.áin (Ó Maotháin)
O MeehinMeehin617Ó Mit.id.ín (Ó Mithidhín)
M'MeelyeMeelye392Mac Mílid. (Mac Mílidh)
M'MeeneyMeeney390Mac M.aonaig. (Mac Mhaonaigh)
O MeereMeere617Ó Mid.ir, Ó Mír (Ó Midhir, Ó Mír)
O MeganMegan616Ó Miad.agáin (Ó Miadhagáin)
O MeghanMeghan616Ó Miad.ac.áin (Ó Miadhacháin)
O MehaneMehane616Ó Miad.ac.áin (Ó Miadhacháin)
O MeheganeMehegane613Ó Maot.agáin (Ó Maothagáin)
O MeighaneMeighane616Ó Miad.ac.áin (Ó Miadhacháin)
O MelaghlinMelaghlin598Ó Maoileac.lainn (Ó Maoileachlainn)
O MelaghlinMelaghlin601Ó Maoils.eac.lainn (Ó Maoilsheachlainn)
O MelaneMelane598Ó Maoileáin
O MelaneMelane603Ó Maoláin
M'MelchonMelchon392Mac M.íolc.on (Mac Mhíolchon)
O MeledyMeledy599Ó Maoiléidig. (Ó Maoiléidigh)
M'MelekeMeleke393Mac Míoluic
O MellaMella614Ó Meallaig. (Ó Meallaigh)
O MellaneMellane615Ó Mealláin
O MellawaMellawa604Ó Maolaod.a (Ó Maolaodha)
O MelleganMellegan598Ó Maoileagáin
O MellieMellie614Ó Meallaig. (Ó Meallaigh)
O MeloneMelone599Ó Maoileóin
MeloughnaMeloughna609Ó Maolf.ac.tna (Ó Maolfhachtna)
O MeloyMeloy611Ó Maolm.uaid. (Ó Maolmhuaidh)
O MelreweMelrewe612Ó Maolruaid. (Ó Maolruaidh)
O MentaneMentane596Ó Manntáin
M'MeraineMeraine392Mac M.earáin (Mac Mhearáin)
M'MeranMeran392Mac M.earáin (Mac Mhearáin)
O MeranMeran615Ó Mearáin
O MereheyMerehey615Ó Mearad.aig. (Ó Mearadhaigh)
O MergaMerga615Ó Meard.a (Ó Meardha)
O MergeyMergey615Ó Meard.a (Ó Meardha)
O MerginMergin616Ó Meirgín
O MergyneMergyne616Ó Meirgín
O MeriganMerigan616Ó Meirgín
O MerrenMerren617Ó Mirín
O MeryeMerye615Ó Mearad.aig. (Ó Mearadhaigh)
O MeryeMerye615Ó Meard.a (Ó Meardha)
MerykMeryk429Meib.ric, Meiric (Meibhric, Meiric)
O MeskillMeskill616Ó Meiscill
MeurykMeuryk429Meib.ric, Meiric (Meibhric, Meiric)
O MeyMey616Ó Miad.aig. (Ó Miadhaigh)
M'MeylerMeyler389Mac Maoilir
MiacheMiache430Mid.eac. (Midheach)
O MiaganMiagan616Ó Miad.agáin (Ó Miadhagáin)
MiaghMiagh430Mid.eac. (Midheach)
M'MiertaghMiertagh393Mac Muirc.eartaig. (Mac Muircheartaigh)
O MieyMiey616Ó Miad.aig. (Ó Miadhaigh)
O MighaneMighane616Ó Miad.ac.áin (Ó Miadhacháin)
MileMile430Mílid. (Mílidh)
M'MilerMiler389Mac Maoilir
O MileyMiley596Ó Maoilaod.a, Ó Maoilaoid. (Ó Maoilaodha, Ó Maoilaoidh)
O MileyMiley604Ó Maolaod.a (Ó Maolaodha)
O MilliganeMilligane598Ó Maoileagáin
M'MilodeMilode393Mac Míolóid
O MinaneMinane616Ó Mianáin
O MireMire616Ó Meid.ir (Ó Meidhir)
M'MirirtieMirirtie393Mac Muirc.eartaig. (Mac Muircheartaigh)
O MirrenMirren617Ó Mirín
de MisetMiset267de Miséid
O MiskillMiskill616Ó Meiscill

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