16th & 17th Century Anglicized Irish Surnames from Woulfe

by Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada (Kathleen M. O'Brien)

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Sorted by Anglicized Irish Root

Notation Used in this Article

The headers in Woulfe are Gaelic. Many include a character with a punctum delens (which looks like a dot over the letter). Throughout this article, I have translated these characters as the letter, followed by a period. Since these characters are routinely transliterated as the letter with an h after it, I have also included the "h" transliteration in parentheses after each header listing.

For example, Woulfe lists the header Albanac.. By the notation c., I'm indicating that a punctum delens appears over the c. When listing this header, I've listed it as:

Albanac. (Albanach)
with the standard transliteration form Albanach shown in parenthesis.

Possible Normalization

The vast majority of Anglicized Irish forms of "O" and "Mac" style surnames listed in Woulfe that date to temp. Elizabeth I - James I are listed as O [Root] and M'[Root].

It is likely that Woulfe (or one of his sources) has normalized at least some of these names to this format since other examples from the Patent Rolls of James I found in Ewen show the formats Mc[Root] and O'[Root].

Further, among the surnames listed by Woulfe are:

Anglicized Irish SurnamePageHeader
MacAnthony317Mac Antoine
MacGillafyndean374Mac Giolla F.earga (Mac Giolla Fhearga)
MacMajoke388Mac Máig.eóc, Mac Máig.eóg (Mac Máigheóc, Mac Máigheóg)
McCada304Mac Áda, Mac Ádaid. (Mac Áda, Mac Ádaidh)
McGilliworyne317Mac Giolla Luait.rinn (Mac Giolla Luaithrinn)
McGlyn376Mag F.loinn (Mag Fhloinn)
Obuge439Ó Bogaig. (Ó Bogaigh)
O'Derrie498Ó Doireid., Ó Doirid. (Ó Doireidh, Ó Doiridh)
O'Diamain496Ó Diamáin
O'Doveanna514Ó Duib.eam.na (Ó Duibheamhna)
O'Glassnie541Ó Glaisne
O'Largan587Ó Loirgneáin

Given these examples, it is likely that at least some of the forms that Woulfe lists as M'[Root] appeared in the original text as Mac[Root] or Mc[Root]. Similarly, it's likely that at least some of the forms that Woulfe lists as O [Root] appeared in the original text as O[root] or O'[Root].

Anglicized form dated to temp. Eliz I - James ISorted under Anglicized Root


O HickeeHickee569Ó hÍcead.a, Ó hÍcid.e (Ó hÍceadha, Ó hÍcidhe)
O HicknieHicknie565Ó hEignig., Ó hÉignig. (Ó hEignigh, Ó hÉignigh)
O HiddenHidden548Ó hAidín
de la HideHide241Dalait.íd (Dalaithíd)
O HidiaHidia548Ó hAidit. (Ó hAidith)
O HidiaHidia564Ó hÉidid. (Ó hÉididh)
O HidieneHidiene548Ó hAidín
O HidirscollHidirscoll565Ó hEidirsceóil
O HierHier571Ó hÍr
O HierlehyHierlehy569Ó hIarf.lat.a, Ó hIarlait.e, Ó hIarlat.a (Ó hIarfhlatha, Ó hIarlaithe, Ó hIarlatha)
O HiernanHiernan569Ó hIarnáin
O HieryHiery571Ó hÍoruaid. (Ó hÍoruaidh)
O HifferanHifferan569Ó hIfearnáin
O HiffernanHiffernan569Ó hIfearnáin
O HiffernaneHiffernane569Ó hIfearnáin
O HiganeHigane556Ó hAod.agáin (Ó hAodhagáin)
O HigerdellHigerdell570Ó hIongardail
O HiggenHiggen576Ó hUige, Ó hUigín, Ó hUiginn
O HigginHIggin576Ó hUige, Ó hUigín, Ó hUiginn
O HignieHignie565Ó hEignig., Ó hÉignig. (Ó hEignigh, Ó hÉignigh)
O HihillyHihilly571Ó hIt.c.eallaig. (Ó hIthcheallaigh)
O HilaneHilane557Ó hAoláin
O HilaneHilane573Ó hOileáin
O HilayHilay571Ó hIt.c.eallaig. (Ó hIthcheallaigh)
O HillaneHillane557Ó hAoláin
O HillaneHillane570Ó hIoláin
O HillichainHillichain557Ó hAoilleac.áin (Ó hAoilleacháin)
O HinaneHinane565Ó hEid.neáin (Ó hEidhneáin)
M'HincheyHinchey320Mac Aong.uis (Mac Aonghuis)
de HindebergHindeberg262de Hionburg.a (de Hionburgha)
O HineHine564Ó hEid.in (Ó hEidhin)
O HingerdellHingerdell570Ó hIongardail
O HinnerieHinnerie570Ó hInneirg.e (Ó hInneirghe)
O HinownanHinownan571Ó hIonm.aineáin (Ó hIonmhaineáin)
O HireHire571Ó hÍr
O HirellHirell571Ó hIrg.il (Ó hIrghil)
O HirillHirill571Ó hIrg.il (Ó hIrghil)
O HirleyHirley571Ó hIrg.ile (Ó hIrghile)
O HirrelyHirrely571Ó hIrg.ile (Ó hIrghile)
O HisclanHisclan567Ó hEislin
O HishaneHishane573Ó hOiseáin
O HiskieHiskie577Ó hUisce
O HislenaneHislenane567Ó hEisleanáin
O HiurHiur570Ó hIom.air, Ó hÍom.air (Ó hIomhair, Ó hÍomhair)
O HoaHoa568Ó hEoc.ad.a (Ó hEochadha)
O HoaneHoane568Ó hEog.ain (Ó hEoghain)
O HoareHoare570Ó hIom.air, Ó hÍom.air (Ó hIomhair, Ó hÍomhair)
O HoasyHoasy568Ó hEod.asa, Ó hEod.usa (Ó hEodhasa, Ó hEodhusa)
HobbokHobbok297Hobac, Hobuc
HobbugeHobbuge297Hobac, Hobuc
de HochtonHochton263de Hoc.tun (de Hochtun)
O HogaineHogaine572Ó hÓgáin
O HoganHogan572Ó hÓgáin
O HoganeHogane572Ó hÓgáin
O HogasaHogasa569Ó hEog.asa (Ó hEoghasa)
O HogertieHogertie572Ó hÓgartaig. (Ó hÓgartaigh)
O HogheganeHoghegane568Ó hEoc.agáin (Ó hEochagáin)
O HoghertieHoghertie572Ó hOg.artaig. (Ó hOghartaigh)
de HoghtonHoghton263de Hoc.tun (de Hochtun)
O HohyHohy568Ó hEoc.aid. (Ó hEochaidh)
O HolaneHolane557Ó hAoláin
O HolaneHolane573Ó hÓileáin
O HolaneHolane574Ó hOláin
O HoleghaneHoleghane574Ó hUallac.áin (Ó hUallacháin)
de HoleweyeHoleweye261de Halb.uid.e (de Halbhuidhe)
O HollanHollan557Ó hAoláin
O HollanHollan574Ó hOláin
O HollandHolland557Ó hAoláin
O HollandHolland574Ó hOláin
O HologhanHologhan574Ó hUallac.áin (Ó hUallacháin)
O HoloweHolowe572Ó hOg.ad.a (Ó hOghadha)
O HolteghanHolteghan577Ó hUltac.áin (Ó hUltacháin)
HolywodeHolywode260de Halab.óid (de Halabhóid)
HolywodeHolywode295Halab.óid (Halabhóid)
HolywoodHolywood260de Halab.óid (de Halabhóid)
HolywoodHolywood295Halab.óid (Halabhóid)
O HonaghaneHonaghane575Ó hUam.nac.áin (Ó hUamhnacháin)
O HonieHonie574Ó hUainid.e, Ó hUait.ne (Ó hUainidhe, Ó hUaithne)
O HooganHoogan556Ó hAod.agáin (Ó hAodhagáin)
O HoolaneHoolane557Ó hAoláin
O HoranHoran575Ó hUg.róin (Ó hUghróin)
O HoraneHorane572Ó hOd.ráin (Ó hOdhráin)
O HorchoyHorchoy563Ó hEarc.ad.a, Ó hEarc.aid. (Ó hEarchadha, Ó hEarchaidh)
O HorgaineHorgaine558Ó hArgáin
O HorganHorgan558Ó hArgáin
O HorganeHorgane555Ó hAnrad.áin (Ó hAnradháin)
O HorganeHorgane558Ó hArgáin
HorieHorie263de Hór
O HoriganeHorigane555Ó hAnrad.áin (Ó hAnradháin)
O HoriganeHorigane559Ó hArragáin
M'HorisheHorishe360Mac F.eórais, Mac F.eóruis (Mac Fheórais, Mac Fheóruis)
O HoriskeHoriske575Ó hUaruisce
O HoroghaneHoroghane555Ó hAnrad.áin (Ó hAnradháin)
O HoroghaneHoroghane558Ó hArrac.áin (Ó hArracháin)
O HorohanHorohan558Ó hArrac.áin (Ó hArracháin)
O HorrochoeHorrochoe563Ó hEarc.ad.a, Ó hEarc.aid. (Ó hEarchadha, Ó hEarchaidh)
O HorroganHorrogan559Ó hArragáin
de HorseyeHorseye263de Hórsaig. (de Hórsaigh)
O HortenanHortenan563Ó hEarnáin
de HoseyHosey263de Hosae, de Húsae
O HoseyHosey568Ó hEod.asa, Ó hEod.usa (Ó hEodhasa, Ó hEodhusa)
O HossyHossy568Ó hEod.asa, Ó hEod.usa (Ó hEodhasa, Ó hEodhusa)
M'HosteHoste383Mac Hoiste
M'HostieHostie383Mac Hoiste
O HoughineHoughine568Ó hEoc.aid.ín (Ó hEochaidhín)
de HoughtonHoughton263de Hoc.tun (de Hochtun)
O HoureHoure570Ó hIom.air, Ó hÍom.air (Ó hIomhair, Ó hÍomhair)
O HourigaineHourigaine572Ó hOd.ragáin (Ó hOdhragáin)
O HouriganHourigan555Ó hAnnragáin
O HouriganHourigan555Ó hAnrad.áin (Ó hAnradháin)
O HouriganHourigan572Ó hOd.ragáin (Ó hOdhragáin)
O HowbaneHowbane575Ó hÚbáin
M'HowellHowell383Mac Haol
O HowenHowen568Ó hEog.ain (Ó hEoghain)
O HowleyHowley575Ó hUallaig. (Ó hUallaigh)
O HowligHowlig575Ó hUallaig. (Ó hUallaigh)
O HownighanHownighan575Ó hUam.nac.áin (Ó hUamhnacháin)
O HownyHowny574Ó hUainid.e, Ó hUait.ne (Ó hUainidhe, Ó hUaithne)
O HownynHownyn574Ó hUait.nín (Ó hUaithnín)
O HowraneHowrane555Ó hAnnráin
O HowraneHowrane555Ó hAnrad.áin (Ó hAnradháin)
O HowraneHowrane572Ó hOd.ráin (Ó hOdhráin)
O HowreghanHowreghan555Ó hAnnrac.áin (Ó hAnnracháin)
O HowriganeHowrigane555Ó hAnnragáin
O HoyeHoye568Ó hEoc.aid. (Ó hEochaidh)
O HoyneHoyne568Ó hEog.ain (Ó hEoghain)
O HubaneHubane575Ó hÚbáin
O HuggainHuggain556Ó hAod.agáin (Ó hAodhagáin)
O HughHugh556Ó hAod.a (Ó hAodha)
O HughianHughian568Ó hEoc.aid.ín (Ó hEochaidhín)
M'HuginHugin384Mac Huigín
M'HugynHugyn384Mac Huigín
O HukyHuky568Ó hEoc.aid. (Ó hEochaidh)
O HungerdellHungerdell570Ó hIongardail
O HunnynHunnyn574Ó hUait.nín (Ó hUaithnín)
O HununaneHununane571Ó hIonm.aineáin (Ó hIonmhaineáin)
O HuolighaneHuolighane574Ó hUallac.áin (Ó hUallacháin)
O HurkanHurkan574Ó hOrcáin
O HurkoyHurkoy563Ó hEarc.ad.a, Ó hEarc.aid. (Ó hEarchadha, Ó hEarchaidh)
O HurlihieHurlihie569Ó hIarf.lat.a, Ó hIarlait.e, Ó hIarlat.a (Ó hIarfhlatha, Ó hIarlaithe, Ó hIarlatha)
O HurneyHurney577Ó hUrnaid.e (Ó hUrnaidhe)
O HuroweHurowe563Ó hEarc.ad.a, Ó hEarc.aid. (Ó hEarchadha, Ó hEarchaidh)
O HurraneHurrane575Ó hUg.róin (Ó hUghróin)
O HurrillyHurrilly577Ó hUrt.uile (Ó hUrthuile)
O HurroneHurrone575Ó hUg.róin (Ó hUghróin)
M'HurrylyHurryly411Mac T.oirdealb.aig. (Mac Thoirdealbhaigh)
de HuseeHusee263de Hosae
O HushinHushin573Ó hOisín
O HussineHussine573Ó hOisín
O HustinHustin573Ó hOistín
O HustyneHustyne573Ó hOistín
de HydaHyda262de Híde
O HylaneHylane557Ó hAoláin
O HyleganeHylegane557Ó hAoilleac.áin (Ó hAoilleacháin)
O HynaneHynane565Ó hEid.neáin (Ó hEidhneáin)
O HyneHyne564Ó hEid.in (Ó hEidhin)
HynebryeHynebrye262de Hionburg.a (de Hionburgha)
O HyneyeHyneye547Ó hAd.naid., Ó hAd.naig. (Ó hAdhnaidh, Ó hAdhnaigh)
de HyntebergeHynteberge262de Hionburg.a (de Hionburgha)
de HyntebryghHyntebrygh262de Hionburg.a (de Hionburgha)
O HynyeHynye565Ó hEid.nig. (Ó hEidhnigh)
O HyverHyver570Ó hIom.air, Ó hÍom.air (Ó hIomhair, Ó hÍomhair)
M'IcalloweIcallowe310Mac an C.alb.aig. (Mac an Chalbhaigh)
M'IcrowghanIcrowghan338-339Mac Conc.ruac.an (Mac Conchruachan)
M'IdeganeIdegane312Mac an Deagáin, Mac an Degánaig. (Mac an Deagáin, Mac an Degánaigh)son of the dean
M'IdiganyIdigany312Mac an Deagáin, Mac an Degánaig. (Mac an Deagáin, Mac an Degánaigh)son of the dean
M'IgarkeIgarke337Mac Conc.earca (Mac Conchearca)
M'IgarkyIgarky337Mac Conc.earca (Mac Conchearca)
M'IgoineIgoine314Mac an G.ob.ann (Mac an Ghobhann)son of the smith
M'IgoneIgone314Mac an G.ob.ann (Mac an Ghobhann)son of the smith
M'IleanIlean305Mac Aileáin
M'IlkerryIlkerry369Mac Giolla C.éire (Mac Giolla Chéire)
M'IlkyIlky368Mac Giolla C.aoic. (Mac Giolla Chaoich)
M'IlleganeIllegane375Mac Giollagáin
M'IlliosaIlliosa376Mac Giolla Íosa
M'IncargyIncargy337Mac Conc.airrge, Mac Conc.arraige (Mac Conchairrge, Mac Concharraige)
M'IncarrieIncarrie311Mac an C.arraig. (Mac an Charraigh)son of the bald man
M'InchellyInchelly338Mac Conc.oile, Mac Conc.oillead. (Mac Conchoile, Mac Conchoilleadh)
M'IneirieIneirie384Mac Inneirg.e (Mac Inneirghe)
M'IneskerInesker314Mac an Iascaireson of the fisherman
M'IngarkyIngarky337Mac Conc.earca (Mac Conchearca)
M'InierlighInierligh314Mac an Iarlason of the earl
M'InillyInilly313Mac an F.ilead., Mac an F.ilid. (Mac an Fhileadh, Mac an Fhilidh)son of the poet
M'InleavinInleavin356Mac D.uinns.éb.in (Mac Dhuinnshébhin)
M'InleneInlene356Mac D.uinns.éb.in (Mac Dhuinnshébhin)
M'InleweInlewe355Mac D.uinns.léib.e (Mac Dhuinnshléibhe)
M'InlockyInlocky340Mac Conloc.a (Mac Conlocha)
M'InloweInlowe355Mac D.uinns.léib.e (Mac Dhuinnshléibhe)
M'InnerInner313Mac an F.ir (Mac an Fhir)
M'InnesterInnester308Mac an Ad.astair, Mac an Ag.astair (Mac an Adhastair, Mac an Aghastair)
M'InnierInnier313Mac an F.ir (Mac an Fhir)
M'InowkeryInowkery318Mac an Úcaireson of the fuller
M'InrightigheInrightighe384Mac Innreac.taig. (Mac Innreachtaigh)
M'IntyInty318Mac an tSaoison of the scholar
M'InuyreInuyre362Mac F.ionnb.airr (Mac Fhionnbhairr)
M'IpriorieIpriorie317Mac an P.ríora, Mac an P.rír (Mac an Phríora, Mac an Phrír)son of the prior
de IrlandIrland264de Írleont
M'IrudderyIruddery317Mac an Ridireson of the knight
M'IshockeIshocke385Mac Íseóg
de IsleIsle266de Liosla
M'IsockIsock385Mac Íosóc
M'ItempanyItempany317Mac an Tiompánaig. (Mac an Tiompánaigh)son of the tympanist
M'IvaghIvagh309Mac an B.eat.a, Mac an B.eat.ad. (Mac an Bheatha, Mac an Bheathadh)
M'IvannaghIvannagh315Mac an M.anaig. (Mac an Mhanaigh)son of the monk
M'IvickaireIvickaire310Mac an B.iocáire, Mac an B.iocara (Mac an Bhiocáire, Mac an Bhiocara)son of the vicar
M'IvileIvile315Mac an M.ílead.a (Mac an Mhíleadha)son of the knight
M'IyearIyear313Mac an G.eairr, Mac an G.irr (Mac an Gheairr, Mac an Ghirr)son of the short, or low-sized, man
M'IynIyn361Mac F.inn (Mac Fhinn)
JoceJoce669Seog.as (Seoghas)
M'JohnJohn405Mac Seóin
M'JohnineJohnine406Mac S.eóinín (Mac Sheóinín)
JoieJoie670Seóig. (Seóigh)
M'JonineJonine406Mac S.eóinín (Mac Sheóinín)
M'JoningJoning406Mac S.eóinín (Mac Sheóinín)
M'JonneJonne405Mac Seóin
M'JordaineJordaine407Mac S.iúrtáin (Mac Shiúrtáin)
JordaneJordane671Siúrdán, Siúrtán
JosseJosse669Seog.as (Seoghas)
JoyeJoye669Seóg, Seóg.ac. (Seóg, Seóghach)
JoyeJoye670Seóig. (Seóigh)
JurdaneJurdane671Siúrdán, Siúrtán

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