16th & 17th Century Anglicized Irish Surnames from Woulfe

by Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada (Kathleen M. O'Brien)

© 2005-2007 by Kathleen M. O'Brien. All rights reserved.
Version 1.2, updated 03 November 2007

Sorted by Anglicized Irish Root

Notation Used in this Article

The headers in Woulfe are Gaelic. Many include a character with a punctum delens (which looks like a dot over the letter). Throughout this article, I have translated these characters as the letter, followed by a period. Since these characters are routinely transliterated as the letter with an h after it, I have also included the "h" transliteration in parentheses after each header listing.

For example, Woulfe lists the header Albanac.. By the notation c., I'm indicating that a punctum delens appears over the c. When listing this header, I've listed it as:

Albanac. (Albanach)
with the standard transliteration form Albanach shown in parenthesis.

Possible Normalization

The vast majority of Anglicized Irish forms of "O" and "Mac" style surnames listed in Woulfe that date to temp. Elizabeth I - James I are listed as O [Root] and M'[Root].

It is likely that Woulfe (or one of his sources) has normalized at least some of these names to this format since other examples from the Patent Rolls of James I found in Ewen show the formats Mc[Root] and O'[Root].

Further, among the surnames listed by Woulfe are:

Anglicized Irish SurnamePageHeader
MacAnthony317Mac Antoine
MacGillafyndean374Mac Giolla F.earga (Mac Giolla Fhearga)
MacMajoke388Mac Máig.eóc, Mac Máig.eóg (Mac Máigheóc, Mac Máigheóg)
McCada304Mac Áda, Mac Ádaid. (Mac Áda, Mac Ádaidh)
McGilliworyne317Mac Giolla Luait.rinn (Mac Giolla Luaithrinn)
McGlyn376Mag F.loinn (Mag Fhloinn)
Obuge439Ó Bogaig. (Ó Bogaigh)
O'Derrie498Ó Doireid., Ó Doirid. (Ó Doireidh, Ó Doiridh)
O'Diamain496Ó Diamáin
O'Doveanna514Ó Duib.eam.na (Ó Duibheamhna)
O'Glassnie541Ó Glaisne
O'Largan587Ó Loirgneáin

Given these examples, it is likely that at least some of the forms that Woulfe lists as M'[Root] appeared in the original text as Mac[Root] or Mc[Root]. Similarly, it's likely that at least some of the forms that Woulfe lists as O [Root] appeared in the original text as O[root] or O'[Root].

Anglicized form dated to temp. Eliz I - James ISorted under Anglicized Root


O GlackaneGlackane541Ó Glacáin
M'GlafferineGlafferine422Mag Lab.raid.ín (Mag Labhraidhín)
M'GlaghlinGlaghlin422Mag Lac.lainn (Mag Lachlainn)
M'GlananGlanan423Mag Leannáin
M'GlanchieGlanchie421Mag F.lannc.ad.a, Mag F.lannc.aid. (Mag Fhlannchadha, Mag Fhlannchaidh)
M'GlannaghieGlannaghie421Mag F.lannc.ad.a, Mag F.lannc.aid. (Mag Fhlannchadha, Mag Fhlannchaidh)
de GlanvillaGlanvilla259Glassyn541Ó Glaisín
M'GlaughyeGlaughye421Mag F.lait.im. (Mag Fhlaithimh)
M'GlaveGlave386Mac Lait.im. (Mac Laithimh)
O GlavineGlavine541Ó Gláim.ín (Ó Gláimhín)
M'GlavyneGlavyne421Mag F.lait.im.ín (Mag Fhlaithimhín)
M'GlavyneGlavyne423Mag Lait.im.ín (Mag Laithimhín)
M'GlaweGlawe421Mag F.lait.im. (Mag Fhlaithimh)
M'GlaweGlawe422Mag Lait.im. (Mag Laithimh)
M'GlaweyeGlaweye421Mag F.lait.im. (Mag Fhlaithimh)
M'GlawrieGlawrie422Mag Lab.rad.a (Mag Labhradha)
O GleasanGleasan541Ó Glasáin
de GlenGlen259de Glin
M'GlennanGlennan423Mag Leannáin
O GlessaineGlessaine541Ó Glasáin
M'GlincheGlinche423Mag Loingsig. (Mag Loingsigh)
O GlissineGlissine541Ó Glaisín
M'GloskirGloskir322Mac B.loscaire (Mac Bhloscaire)son of the public crier
M'GluskirGluskir322Mac B.loscaire (Mac Bhloscaire)son of the public crier
de GlyneGlyne259de Glin
O GneiffeGneiffe542Ó Gním. (Ó Gnímh)
M'GnoudeGnoude397Mac Nuad.ad, Mac Nuad.at (Mac Nuadhad, Mac Nuadhat)
O GnywGnyw542Ó Gním. (Ó Gnímh)
O GobbanGobban542Ó Gobáin
O GobbaneGobbane542Ó Gobáin
GochGoch292Goc. (Goch)
GodefrayeGodefraye293Got.fraid. (Gothfraidh)
GodefreyGodefrey293Got.fraid. (Gothfraidh)
GodmundGodmund293Got.monn (Gothmonn)
O GoenGoen542Ó Gob.ann (Ó Gobhann)
de GoerGoer258de G.aor (de Ghaor)
GoerGoer258de G.aor (de Ghaor)
M'GoffrieGoffrie381Mac Gofrad.a, Mac Gofraid. (Mac Gofradha, Mac Gofraidh)
GoganeGogane292Gogán, Gógan
GogganeGoggane292Gogán, Gógan
GoghGogh292Goc. (Goch)
M'GoghaganGoghagan418Mag Eoc.agáin (Mag Eochagáin)
O GogherieGogherie544Ó Got.raid. (Ó Gothraidh)
O GoheryeGoherye544Ó Got.raid. (Ó Gothraidh)
M'GoiganGoigan418Mag Eoc.agáin (Mag Eochagáin)
O GoineGoine542Ó Gob.ann (Ó Gobhann)
M'GokianeGokiane419Mag Eoc.aid.ín (Mag Eochaidhín)
M'GokianeGokiane419Mag Eoc.áin (Mag Eocháin)
M'GonellGonell351Mac D.om.naill (Mac Dhomhnaill)
GoochGooch292Goc. (Goch)
O GoonerieGoonerie538Ó Gam.naire (Ó Gamhnaire)
GooreGoore258de G.aor (de Ghaor)
M'GorcheGorche417Mac D.orc.aid., Mag D.orc.aid.e (Mac Dhorchaidh, Mag Dhorchaidhe)
de GordonGordon259de Górdún
M'GorhaeGorhae382Mac Got.rad.a, Mac Got.raid. (Mac Gothradha, Mac Gothraidh)
de GorhamGorham260de Gúram
M'GorhyGorhy382Mac Got.rad.a, Mac Got.raid. (Mac Gothradha, Mac Gothraidh)
M'GorligheGorlighe427Mag T.oirdealb.aig. (Mag Thoirdealbhaigh)
O GormacanGormacan480Ó Cormacáin
O GormalyGormaly544Ó Gormg.ail, Ó Gormg.aile (Ó Gormghail, Ó Gormghaile)
M'GormaneGormane381Mac Gormáin
O GormaneGormane544Ó Gormáin
O GormegaineGormegaine543Ó Gormagáin
O GormeleyGormeley543Ó Goirmleag.aig, Ó Goirms.eag.aig. (Ó Goirmleaghaig, Ó Goirmsheaghaigh)
O GormogeGormoge544Ó Gormóg
O GormoillGormoill544Ó Gormg.ail, Ó Gormg.aile (Ó Gormghail, Ó Gormghaile)
O GormoolyGormooly544Ó Gormg.ail, Ó Gormg.aile (Ó Gormghail, Ó Gormghaile)
O GormowleGormowle544Ó Gormg.ail, Ó Gormg.aile (Ó Gormghail, Ó Gormghaile)
M'GormoyleGormoyle382Mac Gormg.ail, Mac Gormg.aile (Mac Gormghail, Mac Gormghaile)
M'GornaghanGornaghan423Mag M.uirneac.áin (Mag Mhuirneacháin)
M'GorneghaneGorneghane422Mag Guarnac.ain (Mag Guarnachain)
M'GornghaneGornghane423Mag M.uirneac.áin (Mag Mhuirneacháin)
M'GorrieGorrie382Mac Got.rad.a, Mac Got.raid. (Mac Gothradha, Mac Gothraidh)
O GorumleyGorumley543Ó Goirmleag.aig, Ó Goirms.eag.aig. (Ó Goirmleaghaig, Ó Goirmsheaghaigh)
M'GowaneGowane417Mag D.ub.áin (Mag Dhubháin)
GoweGowe292Gob.a (Gobha)
M'GoweGowe314Mac an G.ob.a (Mac an Ghobha)son of the smith
O GoweGowe542Ó Gob.a (Ó Gobha)
O GowenGowen542Ó Gob.ann (Ó Gobhann)
GowerGower258de G.aor (de Ghaor)
O GowinGowin542Ó Gob.ann (Ó Gobhann)
O GowlaneGowlane535Ó Gab.láin (Ó Gabhláin)
O GowleGowle535Ó Gab.alaig. (Ó Gabhalaigh)
O GownaneGownane538Ó Gam.náin (Ó Gamhnáin)
O GownroGownro538Ó Gam.naire (Ó Gamhnaire)
O GradaGrada544Ó Gráda
O GraddyGraddy545Ó Greada
M'GradeGrade415Mag B.rádaig. (Mag Bhrádaigh)
M'GradieGradie415Mag B.rádaig. (Mag Bhrádaigh)
M'GrahaGraha425Mag Rat.a (Mag Ratha)
O GrahinGrahin545Ó Gréac.áin (Ó Gréacháin)
M'GrahyGrahy425Mag Rat.a (Mag Ratha)
O GraineGraine545Ó Gráinne
M'GralyGraly424Mag Rag.allaig. (Mag Raghallaigh)
O GrameGrame545Ó Gréac.áin (Ó Gréacháin)
O GranieGranie545Ó Gráinne
(?) M'GrattieGrattie425Mag Rat.a (Mag Ratha)
de GrauntGraunt260de Grannt
GraveGrave260de Gréib. (de Gréibh)
M'GrawlieGrawlie424Mag Rag.allaig. (Mag Raghallaigh)
de GrayeGraye259de Grae
O GreadieGreadie545Ó Greada
O GreaghanGreaghan545Ó Gréac.áin (Ó Gréacháin)
M'GrealisGrealis425Mag Raillg.uis, Mag Riallg.usa (Mag Raillghuis, Mag Riallghusa)
M'GreaveGreave425Mag Riab.aig. (Mag Riabhaigh)
M'GreeceGreece401Mac Raois, Mac Raosa
O GreefaGreefa546Ó Gríob.t.a (Ó Gríobhtha)
O GreenaneGreenane546Ó Grianáin
O GreffaneGreffane546Ó Gríob.t.áin (Ó Gríobhtháin)
O GreghaneGreghane545Ó Gréac.áin (Ó Gréacháin)
O GrenanGrenan546Ó Grianáin
de GrendunGrendun260de Grandún
de GreneGrene260de Graoin
GreneGrene260de Graoin
O GrevanGrevan546Ó Gríob.t.áin (Ó Gríobhtháin)
de GreveGreve260de Gréib. (de Gréibh)
M'GrevyeGrevye425Mag Riab.aig. (Mag Riabhaigh)
de GreyGrey259de Grae
O GreynanGreynan546Ó Grianáin
O GribbineGribbine546Ó Gribín
O GribinGribin546Ó Gribín
M'GrienanGrienan415Mag B.raonáin (Mag Bhraonáin)
O GrienanGrienan546Ó Grianáin
M'GriffineGriffine382Mac Grífín
O GriffineGriffine546Ó Gríb.t.ín, Ó Grífín (Ó Gríbhthín, Ó Grífín)
O GriffyGriffy546Ó Gríob.t.a (Ó Gríobhtha)
O GrighieGrighie546Ó Gríob.t.a (Ó Gríobhtha)
O GrimeleyGrimeley543Ó Goirmleag.aig, Ó Goirms.eag.aig. (Ó Goirmleaghaig, Ó Goirmsheaghaigh)
O GrogaineGrogaine546Ó Gruagáin, Ó Grúgáin
M'GroirkeGroirke426Mag Ruairc
M'GronnyllGronnyll424Mag Rag.naill, Mag Rág.naill (Mag Raghnaill, Mag Rághnaill)
M'GrorickeGroricke426Mag Ruad.raic (Mag Ruadhraic)
M'GrorkeGrorke426Mag Ruairc
M'GroryeGrorye426Mag Ruaid.rí (Mag Ruaidhrí)
O GrowganeGrowgane546Ó Gruagáin, Ó Grúgáin
O GryhenGryhen545Ó Gréac.áin (Ó Gréacháin)
O GryhmeGryhme545Ó Gréac.áin (Ó Gréacháin)
O GryhmeGryhme545Ó Greid.m (Ó Greidhm)
O GubbenGubben542Ó Gobáin
O GubbenGubben546Ó Guibín
GudmundGudmund293Got.monn (Gothmonn)
de GuerGuer258de G.aor (de Ghaor)
M'GuffeGuffe417Mag D.uib. (Mag Dhuibh)
de GuherGuher258de G.aor (de Ghaor)
M'GuierGuier427Mag Uid.ir (Mag Uidhir)
M'GuiffGuiff417Mag D.uib. (Mag Dhuibh)
O GuindelaneGuindelane451Ó Caoindealb.áin (Ó Caoindealbháin)
O GuinyeGuinye546Ó Guinid.e (Ó Guinidhe)
M'GuiverGuiver427Mag Uid.ir (Mag Uidhir)
M'GuiverinGuiverin427Mag Uid.rín (Mag Uidhrín)
M'GullemoyellGullemoyell376Mac Giolla M.aoil (Mac Giolla Mhaoil)
O GullinGullin543Ó Goillín
M'GullygarGullygar375Mac Giolla G.annain (Mac Giolla Ghannain)
M'GullyghirryGullyghirry375Mac Giolla G.eim.rid. (Mac Giolla Gheimhridh)
O GullynGullyn543Ó Goillín
M'GullyneaneGullyneane374Mac Giolla F.ionnáin (Mac Giolla Fhionnáin)
O GulyGuly535Ó Gab.alaig. (Ó Gabhalaigh)
M'GunchenanGunchenan428Mag Uinnseannáin, Mag Uinnsionnáin
O GunningGunning475Ó Conaing
M'GuyskineGuyskine414Mac Uiscín
GwerreGwerre258de G.aor (de Ghaor)
M'GwinshenanGwinshenan428Mag Uinnseannáin, Mag Uinnsionnáin
M'GwireGwire427Mag Uid.ir (Mag Uidhir)
M'GwllaghtyGwllaghty346Mac Cuallac.ta (Mac Cuallachta)
M'GwolaghieGwolaghie346Mac Cuallac.ta (Mac Cuallachta)
M'GworlickGworlick427Mag Ualg.airg (Mag Ualghairg)
O GwyreGwyre535-536Ó Gad.ra (Ó Gadhra)
M'GwyrinGwyrin427Mag Uid.rín (Mag Uidhrín)
M'GylsinanGylsinan380Mac Giolla Seanáin, Mac Giolla Sionáin
M'GynnanGynnan420Mag F.ionnáin (Mag Fhionnáin)
M'GynnowarGynnowar420Mag F.ionnb.airr (Mag Fhionnbhairr)

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