16th & 17th Century Anglicized Irish Surnames from Woulfe

by Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada (Kathleen M. O'Brien)

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Sorted by Anglicized Irish Root

Notation Used in this Article

The headers in Woulfe are Gaelic. Many include a character with a punctum delens (which looks like a dot over the letter). Throughout this article, I have translated these characters as the letter, followed by a period. Since these characters are routinely transliterated as the letter with an h after it, I have also included the "h" transliteration in parentheses after each header listing.

For example, Woulfe lists the header Albanac.. By the notation c., I'm indicating that a punctum delens appears over the c. When listing this header, I've listed it as:

Albanac. (Albanach)
with the standard transliteration form Albanach shown in parenthesis.

Possible Normalization

The vast majority of Anglicized Irish forms of "O" and "Mac" style surnames listed in Woulfe that date to temp. Elizabeth I - James I are listed as O [Root] and M'[Root].

It is likely that Woulfe (or one of his sources) has normalized at least some of these names to this format since other examples from the Patent Rolls of James I found in Ewen show the formats Mc[Root] and O'[Root].

Further, among the surnames listed by Woulfe are:

Anglicized Irish SurnamePageHeader
MacAnthony317Mac Antoine
MacGillafyndean374Mac Giolla F.earga (Mac Giolla Fhearga)
MacMajoke388Mac Máig.eóc, Mac Máig.eóg (Mac Máigheóc, Mac Máigheóg)
McCada304Mac Áda, Mac Ádaid. (Mac Áda, Mac Ádaidh)
McGilliworyne317Mac Giolla Luait.rinn (Mac Giolla Luaithrinn)
McGlyn376Mag F.loinn (Mag Fhloinn)
Obuge439Ó Bogaig. (Ó Bogaigh)
O'Derrie498Ó Doireid., Ó Doirid. (Ó Doireidh, Ó Doiridh)
O'Diamain496Ó Diamáin
O'Doveanna514Ó Duib.eam.na (Ó Duibheamhna)
O'Glassnie541Ó Glaisne
O'Largan587Ó Loirgneáin

Given these examples, it is likely that at least some of the forms that Woulfe lists as M'[Root] appeared in the original text as Mac[Root] or Mc[Root]. Similarly, it's likely that at least some of the forms that Woulfe lists as O [Root] appeared in the original text as O[root] or O'[Root].

Anglicized form dated to temp. Eliz I - James ISorted under Anglicized Root


M'CabaCaba324Mac Cába
O CadaneCadane447Ó Cadáin
M'CaddaneCaddane305Mac Adáin
M'CaeleCaele383Mac Haol
M'CafelyCafely356Mac Eac.m.ílead.a, Mac Eac.m.ílid. (Mac Eachmhíleadha, Mac Eachmhílidh)
M'CafferchieCafferchie356Mac Eac.m.araig. (Mac Eachmharaigh)
M'CafferkieCafferkie356Mac Eac.m.araig. (Mac Eachmharaigh)
O CaffoeCaffoe456Ó Cat.b.ad.a (Ó Cathbhadha)
O CaffooCaffoo456Ó Cat.b.ad.a (Ó Cathbhadha)
O CaffoweCaffowe456Ó Cat.b.uad.aig. (Ó Cathbhuadhaigh)
O CaffoyeCaffoye456Ó Cat.b.uad.aig. (Ó Cathbhuadhaigh)
O CaghaneCaghane454Ó Cat.áin (Ó Catháin)
M'CaghieCaghie356Mac Eac.ad.a, Mac Eac.aid. (Mac Eachadha, Mac Eachaidh)
O CahaineCahaine454Ó Cat.áin (Ó Catháin)
M'CahallCahall328Mac Cat.ail (Mac Cathail)
O CahallaneCahallane454Ó Cat.aláin (Ó Cathaláin)
M'CahaneCahane328Mac Cat.áin (Mac Catháin)
O CahaneCahane454Ó Cat.áin (Ó Catháin)
O CahennyCahenny449Ó Cait.niad (Ó Caithniad)
de CaherCaher254de Cat.air (de Cathair)
O CahessyCahessy455Ó Cat.asaig. (Ó Cathasaigh)
M'CahillCahill328Mac Cat.ail (Mac Cathail)
M'CahirCahir329Mac Cat.aoir (Mac Cathaoir)
O CahirCahir455Ó Cat.aoir (Ó Cathaoir)
M'CahireCahire329Mac Cat.aoir (Mac Cathaoir)
O CahyCahy454Ó Cat.aig. (Ó Cathaigh)
O CailteCailte450Ó Caoilte, Ó Caoiltig. (Ó Caoilte, Ó Caoiltigh)
M'CaleCale328Mac Cat.ail (Mac Cathail)
M'CalerieCalerie367Mac Giolla Arrait. (Mac Giolla Arraith)
M'CaleryCalery367Mac Giolla Arrait. (Mac Giolla Arraith)
O CalgieCalgie449Ó Calgaig. (Ó Calgaigh)
O CallaineCallaine456Ó Cat.láin (Ó Cathláin)
O CallanCallan456Ó Cat.láin (Ó Cathláin)
O CallananeCallanane449Ó Callanáin
M'CallenanCallenan325Mac Callanáin
O CalleranCalleran449Ó Callaráin
M'CallerieCallerie379Mac Giolla Riab.aig. (Mac Giolla Riabhaigh)
O CallinanCallinan449Ó Callanáin
M'CallineCalline325Mac Cailín
M'CallredockerCallredocker349Mac D.áil re Doc.air (Mac Dháil re Dochair)
M'CallvaghCallvagh325Mac Calb.aig. (Mac Calbhaigh)
M'CalradockerCalradocker349Mac D.áil re Doc.air (Mac Dháil re Dochair)
M'CalreagheCalreaghe379Mac Giolla Riab.aig. (Mac Giolla Riabhaigh)
M'CalreoghCalreogh379Mac Giolla Riab.aig. (Mac Giolla Riabhaigh)
M'CamackeCamacke411Mac T.ómuic (Mac Thómuic)
O CanananCananan450Ó Canannáin
O CanavanCanavan458Ó Ceanndub.áin (Ó Ceanndubháin)
M'CaneCane357Mac Eáin
O CangellyCangelly471Ó Coing.eallaig. (Ó Coingheallaigh)
M'CangellyeCangellye334Mac Coing.eallaig. (Mac Coingheallaigh)
O CaninCanin448Ó Cainín
M'CanineCanine334Mac Coinín
O CanineCanine448Ó Cainín
M'CannaCanna316Mac Anna
M'CannaCanna316Mac Annaid. (Mac Annaidh)
M'CannaCanna326Mac Canna
M'CannanCannan325Mac Canann
O CannanCannan450Ó Canann
O CannaneCannane449Ó Canáin
O CannonCannon450Ó Canann
O CannovaneCannovane458Ó Ceanndub.áin (Ó Ceanndubháin)
M'CannyCanny326Mac Cannaid. (Mac Cannaidh)
M'CanrickeCanricke316Mac Annraic
de CantelonCantelon252de Canntalún
de CantewellCantewell252de Canntual, de Cantual
CantoellCantoell234Canntual, Cantual
de CantonCanton253de Canntún
CantowleCantowle234Canntual, Cantual
M'CantullyCantully318Mac an Tuile
M'CantullyCantully390Mac M.aoltuile (Mac Mhaoltuile)
de CantwellCantwell252de Canntual, de Cantual
O CantyCanty448Ó Cáinte
O CanyCany449Ó Cait.niad (Ó Caithniad)
O CanyveCanyve458Ó Ceannduib. (Ó Ceannduibh)
O CaphowaghCaphowagh456Ó Cat.b.uad.aig. (Ó Cathbhuadhaigh)
O CapphoweCapphowe456Ó Cat.b.uad.aig. (Ó Cathbhuadhaigh)
O CaralaneCaralane448Ó Cairealláin
M'CarberyCarbery325Mac Cairbre
O CarberyCarbery448Ó Cairbre
M'CarbryCarbry325Mac Cairbre
O CarbryCarbry448Ó Cairbre
de CardifCardif253de Carduib. (de Carduibh)
M'CarhieCarhie327Mac Cárt.aig. (Mac Cárthaigh)
M'CarhigCarhig327Mac Cárt.aig. (Mac Cárthaigh)
O CarhyCarhy453Ó Cárt.aig. (Ó Cárthaigh)
O CarlaneCarlane448Ó Cairealláin
de CarletounCarletoun253de Carltún
M'CarleyCarley360Mac F.earg.aile (Mac Fhearghaile)
de CarltounCarltoun253de Carltún
O CarmodyCarmody459Ó Cearmada
M'CarnyCarny330Mac Cearnaig. (Mac Cearnaigh)
O CarnyCarny460Ó Cearnaig. (Ó Cearnaigh)
O CarolanCarolan459Ó Cearb.alláin (Ó Cearbhalláin)
CaronyCarony326Mac Carrg.am.na (Mac Carrghamhna)
O CarowlaneCarowlane459Ó Cearb.alláin (Ó Cearbhalláin)
O CarrCarr452Ó Carra
O CarraCarra452Ó Carra
O CarrainCarrain453Ó Carráin
M'CarranCarran330Mac Cearáin
O CarranCarran453Ó Carráin
M'CarraneCarrane330Mac Cearáin
M'CarraneCarrane331Mac Ciaráin
O CarraneCarrane453Ó Carráin
M'CarrellCarrell360Mac F.earg.ail (Mac Fhearghail)
M'CarrellyCarrelly360Mac F.earg.aile (Mac Fhearghaile)
de CarrewCarrew253de Carrún
M'CarrhonCarrhon326Mac Carrg.am.na (Mac Carrghamhna)
de CarrickeCarricke253de Carraig
O CarrieCarrie453Ó Carraid. (Ó Carraidh)
de CarrigCarrig253de Carraig
O CarrineCarrine453Ó Carraid.ín (Ó Carraidhín)
de CarronCarron253de Carrún
O CarrowillCarrowill458Ó Cearb.aill (Ó Cearbhaill)
M'CarrowleCarrowle330Mac Cearb.aill (Mac Cearbhaill)
CarrownyCarrowny326Mac Carrg.am.na (Mac Carrghamhna)
O CartaineCartaine453Ó Cartáin
O CartanCartan453Ó Cartáin
M'CartaneCartane320Mac Artáin
M'CartaneCartane328Mac Cartáin
M'CartayneCartayne328Mac Cartáin
O CartayneCartayne453Ó Cartáin
O CartieCartie453Ó Cárt.aig. (Ó Cárthaigh)
M'CartynCartyn328Mac Cartáin
O CarvanCarvan459Ó Cearb.áin (Ó Cearbháin)
M'CarvellCarvell330Mac Cearb.aill (Mac Cearbhaill)
O CarvillCarvill458Ó Cearb.aill (Ó Cearbhaill)
M'CarwellCarwell330Mac Cearb.aill (Mac Cearbhaill)
O CarwellCarwell458Ó Cearb.aill (Ó Cearbhaill)
O CaseCase448Ó Cais
O CashedyCashedy448Ó Caiside
O CashellCashell449Ó Caisil, Ó Caisile
O CashellanCashellan448Ó Caisealáin
M'CashieCashie334Mac Coise
M'CashineCashine325Mac Caisín
O CashineCashine449Ó Caisín
O CashulyCashuly449Ó Caisil, Ó Caisile
M'CashyCashy334Mac Coise
M'CasieCasie329Mac Cat.asaig. (Mac Cathasaigh)
CasmondCasmond321Mac Ásmuint
MacCasmundCasmund321Mac Ásmuint
O CassadaCassada453Ó Casaide
M'CassanCassan328Mac Casáin
M'CassarlieCassarlie328Mac Casarlaig. (Mac Casarlaigh)
de CassellCassell252de Caiseal
O CassellCassell449Ó Caisil, Ó Caisile
O CasselyCassely449Ó Caisil, Ó Caisile
O CassidyCassidy448Ó Caiside
M'CassinCassin325Mac Caisín
O CassinCassin449Ó Caisín
de CatherCather254de Cat.air (de Cathair)
de CathyrCathyr254de Cat.air (de Cathair)
M'CaughwellCaughwell329Mac Cat.m.aoil (Mac Cathmhaoil)
de CauntonCaunton253de Canntún
de CauntounCauntoun253de Canntún
M'CaveatCaveat348Mac D.aib.éid (Mac Dhaibhéid)
M'CavogCavog347Mac D.ab.óc, Mac D.ab.óg, Mac D.ab.uc, Mac D.ab.uic (Mac Dhabhóc, Mac Dhabhóg, Mac Dhabhuc, Mac Dhabhuic)
M'CavokeCavoke347Mac D.ab.óc, Mac D.ab.óg, Mac D.ab.uc, Mac D.ab.uic (Mac Dhabhóc, Mac Dhabhóg, Mac Dhabhuc, Mac Dhabhuic)
M'CavyCavy348Mac D.áib.id. (Mac Dháibhidh)
M'CawillCawill329Mac Cat.m.aoil (Mac Cathmhaoil)
M'CawqueCawque347Mac D.ab.óc, Mac D.ab.óg, Mac D.ab.uc, Mac D.ab.uic (Mac Dhabhóc, Mac Dhabhóg, Mac Dhabhuc, Mac Dhabhuic)
M'CawysCawys410Mac Tám.ais (Mac Támhais)
M'CawysheCawyshe410Mac Tám.ais (Mac Támhais)
M'CeagharanCeagharan357Mac Eac.ráin (Mac Eachráin)
O CestieCestie643Ó Seasta
ChamberChamber669Seambar, Seambars, Seambrac. (Seambar, Seambars, Seambrach)
M'ChassaneChassane328Mac Casáin
ChevereChevere670Síb.ear (Síbhear)
ChiverChiver670Síb.ear (Síbhear)
O ChooganChoogan486Ó Cuagáin
M'ChristallChristall345Mac Criostail
M'ChristeineChristeine346Mac Cristín
M'ChristellChristell345Mac Criostail
M'ChristyneChristyne346Mac Cristín
O ClabbyClabby466Ó Clabaig. (Ó Clabaigh)
M'ClanachyClanachy363Mac F.lannc.ad.a, Mac F.lannc.aid. (Mac Fhlannchadha, Mac Fhlannchaidh)
M'ClanaghanClanaghan386Mac Leannac.áin (Mac Leannacháin)
M'ClanaghyClanaghy363Mac F.lannc.ad.a, Mac F.lannc.aid. (Mac Fhlannchadha, Mac Fhlannchaidh)
M'ClanchyClanchy363Mac F.lannc.ad.a, Mac F.lannc.aid. (Mac Fhlannchadha, Mac Fhlannchaidh)
M'ClaneghanClaneghan386Mac Leannac.áin (Mac Leannacháin)
M'ClankyClanky363Mac F.lannc.ad.a, Mac F.lannc.aid. (Mac Fhlannchadha, Mac Fhlannchaidh)
M'ClansyClansy363Mac F.lannc.ad.a, Mac F.lannc.aid. (Mac Fhlannchadha, Mac Fhlannchaidh)
de ClareClare255de Clár
O ClavanClavan466Ó Claim.ín, Ó Clam.áin (Ó Claimhín, Ó Clamháin)
M'ClaverineClaverine422Mag Lab.raid.ín (Mag Labhraidhín)
de ClaytonClayton255de Cléatún
O ClearkaneClearkane466-467Ó Cléireac.áin (Ó Cléireacháin)
O ClenanClenan466Ó Claonáin
O ClercanClercan466-467Ó Cléireac.áin (Ó Cléireacháin)
de ClereClere255de Cléir
M'ClerieClerie331Mac Cléirig. (Mac Cléirigh)
de CliffordClifford255de Cliofort
O CloghaneCloghane468Ó Clot.ac.áin (Ó Clothacháin)
O CloghertieCloghertie467Ó Cloc.artaig. (Ó Clochartaigh)
M'CloghorCloghor332Mac Cloc.aire (Mac Clochaire)
O ClonanClonan468Ó Cluanáin
M'CloneClone381Mac Glúin
M'ClonnyeClonnye332Mac Cluanaig. (Mac Cluanaigh)
O ClonyClony468Ó Cluanaig. (Ó Cluanaigh)
M'ClooaneClooane381Mac Glúin
MacClooneCloone381Mac Glúin
M'CloskieCloskie322Mac B.oscaid. (Mac Bhoscaidh)
O ClosseClosse468Ó Cluasaig. (Ó Cluasaigh)
O ClovaneClovane468Ó Clúm.áin (Ó Clúmháin)
O ClowanClowan468Ó Clúm.áin (Ó Clúmháin)
M'ClowneClowne381Mac Glúin
O ClowneClowne468Ó Cluain
O ClufwayneClufwayne468Ó Clúm.áin (Ó Clúmháin)
de ClyntonClynton255de Cliontún
de ClyntounClyntoun255de Cliontún
M'CnavinCnavin332Mac Cnáim.ín (Mac Cnáimhín)
O CnawsieCnawsie469Ó Cnáim.sig.e (Ó Cnáimhsighe)
de CnockeCnocke255de Cnoc
CnokCnok255de Cnoc

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