English Sign Names From 17th Century Tradesman's Tokens

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Patterns Including: Two Unrelated Animals or Items

Standard Modern Form Form on the Token Date Description of Obverse of Token Description of Reverse of Token Page Street Token Number
Bell and Black Horse
The Bell and Black HorseYE BEL AND BLACK HORSE1668 IOHN HARCOVRT AT YE BEL AND. A horse and a bell. BLACK HORSE AT FINSBVRY. In the field, HIS HALFE PENY, 1668. 80FINSBURY690
The Bell and Black HorseYE BEL AND BLACK HORSE1668 IOHN HARCOVRT AT YE BEL AND. A horse and a bell. BLACK HORSE AT FINSBVRY. In the field, HIS HALFE PENY, 1668. 80FINSBURY690
Bell and Three Cranes
The Bell and Three CranesYE BEL AND 3 CRANESn.d. RICHARD LAWTON AT YE BEL. A bell between HIS HAL PENY. AND 3 CRANES BY YE SAVOY. Three cranes standing. 188SAVOY1831
Bull and Mouth
The Bull and MouthYE BVLL AND MOVTHn.d. ANDREW PASHLEY AT YE BVLL. A bull, and a rude representation of a human mouth. [See Note 265] AND MOVTH IN BLOOMSBVRY. In the field, HIS HALFE PENNY. 38BLOOMSBURY265
Cock and Bull
The Cock and BullTHE COK AND BVLLn.d. THE COK AND BVLL AT. A cock and a bull. NERE THE IRON GATE. In the field, H. I. M. 113IRONGATE1032
Cock and Horses
The Cock and HorsesCOCK AND HORSESn.d. WILL. CLAPTON COCK AND. A cock and two horses. HORSES WHITE CHAPEL. In the field, W. I. C. 236WHITECHAPEL2357
Dagger and Magpie
The Dagger and MagpieTHE DAGAR AND PYEn.d. AT THE DAGAR AND. A dagger with a magpie on the point. PYE IN FOSTER LANE. In the field, M. H. D. and two ermine spots. 87FOSTER LANE753
Eagle and Child
The Eagle and ChildTHE EAGLE AND CHILDn.d. ROGER COOKE CHANLER. In four lines across the field. Around, IN TVTTLE STREETE. THE EAGLE AND CHILD. An eagle, standing on a child in swadling clothes. 221TOTHILL STREET2193
Green Man and Ball
Green Man and BallGREENE MAN AND BALLn.d. GREENE MAN AND BALL. A man about to cast a ball. CHARTER HOVSE LANE. In the field, T. S. F. 52CHARTER HOUSE LANE395
Green Man and Still
Hammer and Crown
The Hammer and CrownTHE HAMMER AND CROWNn.d. THE HAMMER AND CROWN. A hammer surmounted by a crown. IN GVTER LANE. In the field, B. A. N. 98GUTTER LANE857
The Hammer and CrownTHE HAMER AND CROWNn.d. GILES BAGGS AT THE HAMER. A hammer, surmounted by a crown. AND CROWN AT HOLBORN BRIDG. In the field, G. B. 102HOLBORN888
Hand and Holly Bush
The Hand and Holly BushTHE HAND AND HOALY BVSHn.d. THE HAND AND HOALY BVSH. A hand holding a bunch of holly. AT S. CORNER TEMPLE BAR. In the field, B. T. S. 85FLEET STREET733
Heart and Ball
The Heart and BallTHE HEARTE AND BALn.d. AT THE HEARTE AND BAL. A heart. IN LITLE BRITAN. A ball, between H. K. H. 124LITTLE BRITAIN1161
Horns and Horseshoe
The Horns and HorseshoeYE HORNES & HORSHOOE1669 WILL GRAINGE, AT YE HORNES. A horse-shoe within a pair of antlers. & HORSHOOE, IN GVTTER LANE. In the field, HIS 1/2. W. E. G. 1669. 98GUTTER LANE856
Leg and Star
The Leg and StarYE LEG AND STARn.d. RICHARD FINCH AT YE LEG AND. In the field, a leg surmounted by a star. STAR WITHOUT ALDERSGATE. In the field, HIS HALFE PENNY. 20ALDERSGATE WITHOUT41
Lion and Ball
The Lion and BallTHE LYON AND BALLn.d. AT THE LYON AND BALL. A lion rampant, holding a ball. IN THE OLD BAYLEY. In the field, N. E. S. 148OLD BAILEY1413
Lion and Key
Lion [and?] KeyLYON KEYn.d. IAMES HAWKINS AT. A lion rampant and a key. LYON KEY IN THEMS STREET. In the field, R. E. E. 215THAMES STREET2134
The Lion and KeyTHE LION AND KEY1651 THE LION AND KEY IN. A lion rampant. THEMES STREET.. 1651. In the field, F. E. B. 217THAMES STREET2154
The Lion and KeyTHE LYON AND KEY1651 THE LYON AND KEY IN. A lion rampant. THEMES STREET, 1651. In the center, F. E. R. 217THAMES STREET2155
Mitre and Rose
The Mitre and Rose TavernYE MITRE ROSE & TAVERNEn.d. EDWARD PRICE AT YE MITRE &. A mitre surmounted by a rose. ROSE TAVERNE IN YE. STRAND. In the field, HIS HALFEPENNY. 209STRAND2069
Son and Moor's Head
The Son and Moor's HeadYE SONN AND MORES HEADn. d.PELHAM MORE AT YE SONN. A negro or blackamore's head; above, a figure of the sun.AND MORES HEAD AT MOREGATE; the last three letters in monogram. In the centre, HIS HALFEE PENY.139MOORGATE1322
Sun and Red Cross
The Sun and Red CrossYE SVN AND RED CROSSn.d. IOHN CROSS AT YE SVN AND RED. A cross surmounted by the sun. CROSS IN IEWIN STREET. In the field, I. A. C. 115JEWIN STREET1049
Swan and Bridge
The Swan and BridgeYE SWAN AND BRIDGE1657 YE SWAN AND BRIDGE IN. A swan walking on a bridge covered with houses. NEW FISH STREET, 57. In the field, G. E. B. 141NEW FISH STREET1339
Swan and Sugar [Loaf?]
The Swan and Sugar [Loaf?]THE SWAN AND SVGARn.d. THE SWAN AND SVGAR. A swan; above, a sugar-loaf. IN ALDERSGATE STREET. In the field, G. S. I. 19ALDERSGATE STREET38
Sword and Ball
The Sword and BallTHE SWORD AND BALLn.d. AT THE SWORD AND BALL. A sword thrust through a ball. AT HOVLBVRN BRIDGE. In the field, H. I. G. 108HOLBORN968
Three Sugar Loaves Turnstile
The Three Sugar Loaves TurnstileTHE THREE SVGAR LOVES TVRNDSTILEn.d. THE THREE SVGAR LOVES. Three loaves of sugar suspended. TVRNDSTILE IN HOLBORN. In the field, R. C. A. 108HOLBORN964
Tobacco Roll and Hoop
The Tobacco Roll and HoopTHE TOBACKE ROVLD AND HOVPn.d. THE TOBACKE ROVLD AND. A tobacco-roll within a hoop. HOVP IN WHTCHAPELL. In the field, I. E. F. 237WHITECHAPEL2371
Wheat Sheaf and Sugar Loaf
The Wheat Sheaf and Sugar LoafTHE WHEATSHEAF AND SVGER LOFEn.d. THE WHEATSHEAF AND. A sheaf of corn. SVGER LOFE IN RATLIF. In the field, R. D. B. [Note, the R has a slash / through the leg of the R.] 167RATCLIFF1595

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