English Sign Names From 17th Century Tradesman's Tokens

by Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada (Kathleen M. O'Brien)

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Patterns Including: the name of a Specific Person

Standard Modern Form Form on the Token Date Description of Obverse of Token Description of Reverse of Token Page Street Token Number
Black Prince
The Black PrinceTHE BLACK PRINC1665 AT THE BLACK PRINC. A figure in armour holding a lance. IN DVCK LANE, 1665. In the field, I. M. B. 72DUCK LANE596
Cardinal Wolsey
The Cardinal WolseyTHE CARDINAL WOOLSEYn.d. AT THE CARDINAL WOOLSEY. In the field, W. E. M. BACKSIDE OVLD FISH STREET. Bust of the Cardinal to the left, between HIS OB. 150OLD FISH STREET1431
Cardinal WolseyCARDVNAL WOOLSn.d. AT CARDVNAL WOOLS. Bust of Cardinal Wolsey. IN OVLD FISHE STREETE. In the field, I. E. P. 150OLD FISH STREET1432
Guy of Warwick
The Guy of WarwickTHE GVY OF WARWICKn.d. PEET. BECKFORD IN FEE. LANE (sic) P. F. B. AT THE GVY OF WARWICK, and a fleur de lis. An armed figure holding erect a boar's head on a spear. 79FIELD LANE683
The Guy of WarwickTHE GVY OF WARWICK1669 IOHN MOORE AT THE GVY OF. The armed figure of Guy of Warwick, holding a spear. WARWICK, WITHOVT NEWGATE. In the field, HIS HALF PENY, 1669. (Octagonal.) 142NEWGATE WITHOUT1354
MoratMoratn.d. Morat. A Turk's head. The Coffee House in Exchang Alley, in four lines across the field. 76EXCHANGE ALLEY640
MoratMORATn.d. MORAT THE GREAT MEN DID MEE CALL. Bust of Morat full-faced. WHERE EARE I CAME I CONQVERED ALL. In the field, Coffee, Tobacco, Sherbert, Tea, & Chocolat, in Exchange Ally; above, a crescent. 76EXCHANGE ALLEY642
RoxelanaROXCEL LANAn.d. THOMAS LACY, HIS 2 PENY. A female bust to the left; around, ROXCEL LANA. IN CATEATON STREETE. In the field, T. H. L. 47CATEATON STREET346
Sir Thomas Gresham
Sir Thomas GreshamSR THO GRESHAMn.d. ED HEATH AT SR THO GRESHAM. Bust of Sir Thomas Gresham, wearing a hat, his right hand resting on the pommel of his sword. IN BARTHOLOMEW LANE. In the field, HIS HALF PENY, E. M. H. 27BARTHOLOMEW LANE131
SulaymanSOLYMAN1671 SOLYMAN. A Turk's head. WARDS COFFEE HOVSE IN BREAD STREET. 1671, across the field in five lines. 41BREAD STREET289
SuliemanSOLYMAN1666 SOLYMAN. A Turk's head. THE COFFEE HOUSE IN ALDERSGATE STREET, 1666. In five lines across the field. 20ALDERSGATE STREET40
The TarltonTHE TARLETONn.d. AT THE TARLETON. The figure of Tarlton, with a pipe and tabor. IN WEELERS STREET. In the field, W. F. W. [See Note 2350] 235WHEELERS STREET2350
Will Somers
The Will SomersYE WILL SOMERS1666 AT YE WILL SOMERS, BACKSIDE. A figure clad in a long gown and wearing a hat, blowing a horn. In the field, OB. OVLD FISH STREET, 1666. In the field, two flowers, the stalks uniting below in a true lover's knot, between the initials, I. M. W. [See Note 1427] 149OLD FISH STREET1427

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