English Sign Names From 17th Century Tradesman's Tokens

by Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada (Kathleen M. O'Brien)

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Patterns Including: a Number + a Generic Description of a Person

Standard Modern Form Form on the Token Date Description of Obverse of Token Description of Reverse of Token Page Street Token Number
Black Boys
The Black BoysTHE BLACK BOYESn.d. AT THE BLACK BOYES. Two boys naked, shaking hands. IN WHIT CHAPELL. In the field, H. I. H. 237WHITECHAPEL2373
Two Brewers
The Two BrewersTHE 2 BREWERS1666 WILLIAM BINCKS AT THE 2. Two men carrying, on a pole between the, a barrell. BREWERS IN CLOATH FAIRE. In the field, HIS HALFE PENNY, 1666. 58CLOTH FAIR457
The [Two?] BrewersTHE .... BREWERESn.d. AT THE .... BREWERES. Two brewers carrying a barrel. ..... SOVTHWARKE. in the field, T. V. W. 205SOUTHWARK2022
Two Cooks
The Two CooksTHE 2 COOKSn.d. GEORGE COX AT THE 2. A man dipping candles. COOKS IN THE MINORIES. In the field, G. E. C. 136THE MINORIES1281
Two Draymen
The Two DraymenTHE TWO DRAMENn.d. AT THE TWO DRAMEN. Two draymen, carrying between them a barrel. IN EAST SMITH FELD. In the field, W. E. A. 74EAST SMITHFIELD622
The Two DraymenTHE 2 DRAY MENn.d. AT THE 2 DRAY MEN. Two draymen carrying a barrel on a pole. IN S. KATHERINS LANE. In the field, I. A. D. 180ST. KATHARINE'S1743
The Two DraymenTHE 2 DRAY MENn.d. AT THE 2 DRAY MEN. Two draymen carrying a barrel. IN KATHERINS LANE. In the field, T. A. D. 180ST. KATHARINE'S1744
Three Mariners
The Three MarinersYE 3 MARYNERSn.d. AT YE 3 MARYNERS IN. Three sailors standing. BLACKMANS STREET. In the field, D. E. B. 38BLACKMAN STREET262
The Three MarinersTHE 3 MARRINERSn.d. AT THE 3 MARRINERS. Three sailors. AT FRESH WHARFE. In the field, T. S. W. 88FRESH WHARF757
The Three MarinersYE 3 MARRINERS1657 AT YE 3 MARRINERS IN. Three sailors. HORSE DOWN, 1657. In the field, R. S. S. 111HORSELYDOWN1002
The Three MarinersTHE 3 MARINERSn.d. AT THE 3 MARINERS. Three sailors. AT TOWER DOCK. In the field, G. A. P. 223TOWER DOCK2216
Three Nuns
Three Nuns3 NVNSn.d. IO. HARWARD AT 3 NVNS. Three nuns standing. IN FLEET STREETE. In the field, I. H. 82FLEET STREET716
Three Queens
Three QueensTHREE QVEENES1655 RICHARD BROWNE THREE. Three queens crowned with open crowns, and holding sceptres. QVEENES THAMES STREET. In the field, R. R. B. 1655. 215THAMES STREET2127

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