English Sign Names From 17th Century Tradesman's Tokens

by Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada (Kathleen M. O'Brien)

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Patterns Including: Number + the Name of an Item

  • Five Bells
  • Six Bells
  • Three Crowns
  • Three Cups
  • Three Death's Heads
  • Three Elms
  • Three Hats
  • Three Horseshoes
  • Five Inkhorns
  • Five Roses
  • Seven Stars
  • Two Sugar Loaves
  • Sugar Loaves
  • Three Tobacco Pipes
  • Two Tobacco Rolls
  • Three Tobacco Rolls
  • Three Tuns

    Standard Modern Form Form on the Token Date Description of Obverse of Token Description of Reverse of Token Page Street Token Number
    Five Bells
    The Five BellsYE 5 BELLSn.d. ANN CASTREE AT YE. Five bells. 5 BELLS IN SHOE LANE. 191SHOE LANE1861
    Six Bells
    The Six BellsYE 6 BELLSn.d. AT YE 6 BELLS IN DOVE COVRT. In the field, six bells. AT YE LOWER END LVMBARD STREET. A dove standing, with an olive branch in its beak. 126LOMBARD STREET1177
    Three Crowns
    The Three CrownsTHE 3 CROVNS1652 AT THE 3 CROVNS. Three arched crowns. IN IVEY LANE, 1652. In the field, H. E. W. 114IVY LANE1043
    Three Cups
    The [Three] CupsTHE .... CVPPSn.d. RICHARD PAWLEY AT THE ....Three cups with covers. CVPPS IN GO ....... LANE. In the field, HIS HALFE PENNY, R. M. P. 90GOLDEN LANE778
    The Three CupsTHE THREE CVPS1658 AT THE THREE CVPS. In the field, M. D. B. IN HOLBORNE, 1658. Three cups. 108HOLBORN965
    The Three CupsTHE 3 CVPSn.d. THOMAS HALL AT THE. Three cups. 3 CVPS IN SOVTHWARK. In the field, T. I. H. 201SOUTHWARK1964
    The Three Cups3 CVPSn.d. GEORGE PERKENS. Three cups with covers. 3 CVPS IN WHITE CHAPEL. In the field, a cock. 236WHITECHAPEL2365
    Three Death's Heads
    The Three Death's HeadsTHE 3 DETHES HEDESn.d. AT THE 3 DETHES. Three human skulls. HEDES IN WAPING. In the field, E. M. V. 232WAPPING2319
    Three Elms
    The Three ElmsYE 3 ELMESn.d. ISACK ELLISTON AT YE 3. Three trees. ELMES, IN ST. IOHN STRET. In the field, I. H. E. 177ST. JOHN'S STREET1707
    Three Hats
    Three Hats3 HATSn.d. 3 HATS NAGS HEAD. Three hats. ALE ...... SOVTHWARKE. In the field, I. ...... 204SOUTHWARK2015
    Three Horseshoes
    The Three HorseshoesTHE 3 HORS SHOWSn.d. AT THE 3 HORS SHOWS. Three horse-shoes. IN LONG ALLEY. In the field, W. T. M. 129LONG ALLEY1211
    The Three HorseshoesTHE 3 HORS SHOOS1655 AT THE 3 HORS SHOOS. Three horse-shoes. IN SOVTHWARKE, 1655. In the field, ..... 205SOUTHWARK2028
    Five Inkhorns
    The Five InkhornsTHE 5 INKHORNSn.d. WALTER HADDON AT THE 5. In the field, W. E. H. INKHORNS IN GRVB STREET. Five inkhorns. [See Note 842] 97GRUB STREET842
    Five Roses
    The Five RosesTHE FIVE ROSES1664 AT THE FIVE ROSES. Five full blown roses. IN BARBICAN, 1664. In the field, R. D. G. 26BARBICAN119
    Seven Stars
    The Seven StarsTHE 7 STARSn.d. AT THE 7 STARS. Seven stars. ALDERSGATE STREET. In the field, R. D. A. 19ALDERSGATE STREET35
    The Seven StarsTHE SEAVEN STARES1650 AT THE SEAVEN STARES. Seven stars. IN BASIN LANE, 1650. In the field, A. P. A. 24BASING LANE104
    The Seven StarsTHE SEVEN STARS1648 AT THE SEVEN STARS. Seven stars. IN CORN HILL, 1648. In the field, M. I. W. 61CORNHILL490
    The Seven StarsYE SEVEN STARSn.d. ROBERT HOLLIS AT YE SEVEN. Seven stars, and a hand holding a pen. STARS IN HOVNS DITCH. Detrited. 111HOUNDSDITCH1008
    The Seven StarsTHE 7 STARSn.d. AT THE 7 STARS IN. Seven stars. LEADENHALL STREETE. In the field, M. E. O. 122LEADENHALL STREET1131
    The Seven StarsTHE 7 STARSn.d. AT THE 7 STARS IN. Seven stars. LITLE OVLD BEALEY. In the field, I. I. F. 148OLD BAILEY1409
    The Seven StarsTHE 7 STARSn.d. IOHN BAYLE AT THE 7. In the field, HIS HALFPENY. STARS IN ROSMARY LANE. Seven stars. 169ROSEMARY LANE1616
    The Seven StarsTHE 7 STARESn.d. AT THE 7 STARES. Seven stars. IN SOVTHWARKE. In the field, M. S. 205SOUTHWARK2021
    Sugar Loaves
    The Sugar LoavesYE SVGAR LOAVES1668 IOSEPH BROOKS, AT YE 1668. In the field, HIS HALFE PENY, I. B. SVGAR LOAVES IN BARBYCAN. Three sugar loaves pendent. 25BARBICAN109
    The Sugar LoavesTHE SVGAR LOVESn.d. THE SVGAR LOVES. Three sugar loaves conjoined. AT HOLBORNE COVNDIC. In the field, T. E. S. 109HOLBORN979
    The Sugar LoavesTHE SVGER LOAES1650 AT THE SVGER LOAES (sic.) Three sugar loaves. IN WAPPIN 1650. In the field. T. E. DRY. 229WAPPING2276
    Two Sugar Loaves
    The Two Sugar LoavesTHE 2 SVGAR LOFESn.d. AT THE 2 SVGAR LOFES. Two sugar loaves. AT THE STRAND BRIDGE. In the field, C. S. 211STRAND BRIDGE2092
    Three Tobacco Pipes
    The Three Tobacco Pipes3 TOBACCO PIPESn.d. AT 3 TOBACCO PIPES. Three tobacco pipes. IN S. OLIVES STREETE. In the field, M. C.; above an ermine spot. 220TOOLEY STREET2184
    The Tobacco PipesTHE TOBACCO PIPESn.d. THE TOBACCO PIPES. Three pipes. IN S. KATHERINS. In the field, R. D. L. 180ST. KATHARINE'S1747
    Two Tobacco Rolls
    The Two Tobacco RollsTO TOBACO ROWLESn.d. AT TO TOBACO ROWLES. Two rolls of tobacco. [confirmed, the book says "TO TOBACO". - KOB] IN THEAMES STREET. In the field, M. M. G. 217THAMES STREET2149
    Three Tobacco Rolls
    The Three Tobacco RollsTHE 3 TOBACCO ROVLSn.d. THE 3 TOBACCO ROVLS. Three rolls of tobacco. IN S. KATHERINS LANE. In the field, T. E. L. 180ST. KATHARINE'S1748
    Three Tobacco Rolls3 TOBACO ROLESn.d. IAMES TODD 3 TOBACO. In the field, I. M. T. ROLES IN SOVTHWARK. Three tobacco rolls. [See Note 1995.] 203SOUTHWARK1995
    Three Tuns
    The Three TunsTHE THREE TVNSn.d. AT THE THREE. In the field, three barrels or tuns. TVNS IN BEDLAM. In the field, C. H. A. 29BETHLEM158
    The Three TunsTHE 3 TVNS1648 AT THE 3 TVNS AT. Three tuns. HOLBORNE BRIDGE, 1648. In the field, T. M. H. 109HOLBORN974
    The Three TunsTHE 3 TVNNESn.d. THE 3 TVNNES IN. Three barrels. S. CLEMANES DEANES. In the field, T. A. F. 173ST. CLEMENT'S1660
    The Three TunsTHE 3 TVNSn.d. AT THE 3 TVNS. Three tuns. ON TOWER WARFE. In the field, D. M. G. 225TOWER WHARF2240
    The Three Tuns TavernTHE 3 TVNN TAVERNEn.d. THE 3 TVNN TAVERNE IN. In the field, three tuns. GRACE CHVRCH STREETE. In the center, I. E. K. 92GRACECHURCH STREET804
    The Three Tuns TavernTHE 3 TONS TAVERN1651 AT THE 3 TONS TAVERN. Three tuns. ON MARYE HILL, 1651. In the field, T. M. T. 183ST. MARY AT HILL1783
    The Three Tuns TavernTHE 3 TVNS TAVERNEn.d. AT THE 3 TVNS TAVERNE. Three tuns. IN PAVLS CHVRCH YARD. In the field, E. C. 185ST. PAUL'S CHURCHYARD1801

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