English Sign Names From 17th Century Tradesman's Tokens

by Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada (Kathleen M. O'Brien)

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Patterns Including: "Crossed" + the Name of an Item

Standard Modern Form Form on the Token Date Description of Obverse of Token Description of Reverse of Token Page Street Token Number
Crossed Bullets
The Crossed BulletsTHE CROSE BVLETSn.d. AT THE CROSE BVLETS. Two bar-shot crossed. IN THAMES STREET. In the field, B. E. W. 217THAMES STREET2157
The Crossed BulletsTHE CROSE BVLETSn.d. AT THE CROSE BVLETS. A bar-shot and two round-shot in saltier. IN THAMES STREETE. In the field, B. E. W. 217THAMES STREET2158
Crossed Daggers
The Crossed DaggersTHE CROSS DAGERSn.d. THE CROSS DAGERS IN MORE. Two daggers crossed in saltier. FEILDS, HIS HALFE PENY. A bugle-horn between R. T. H. 139MOORFIELDS1320
Crossed Keys
The Crossed Keys TavernTHE CROS KEYESn.d. THE CROS KEYES TAVERN. Two keys crossed in saltier. IN COVENT GARDEN. In the field, G. G. G. 62COVENT GARDEN497
The Crossed KeysTHE CROSE KEYESn.d. AT THE CROSE KEYES. Two keys crossed. IN ST LAWRENCE LANE. In the field, I. S. 119LAWRENCE LANE1100
The Crossed KeysYE CROSSE KEYESn.d. YE CROSSE KEYES ST. Two keys crossed in saltier. MARTINS, ALDERSGATE. In the field, T. H. 182ST. MARTIN'S LE GRAND1765
The Crossed KeysYE CROS KEYS1657 AT YE CROS KEYS IN YE. Two keys crossed. STRAND, COOKE, 1657. In the field, I. M. C. 210STRAND2082
Crossed Shovels
The Crossed ShovelsTHE CROS SHVFLES1653 THE CROS SHVFLES. Two shovels saltier-wise. [See Note 284] IN BOW STREETE, 1653. In the field, H. B. S. 40BOW STREET, WESTMINSTER284

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