English Sign Names From 17th Century Tradesman's Tokens

by Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada (Kathleen M. O'Brien)

© 2007-2009 by Kathleen M. O'Brien. All rights reserved.
Version 1.0, updated 09 February 2009

Patterns Including: Color + the Name of an Animal + "Head"

Standard Modern Form Form on the Token Date Description of Obverse of Token Description of Reverse of Token Page Street Token Number
Blue Boar's Head
The Blue Boar's HeadTHE BLEW BORES HEADn.d. AT THE BLEW BORES. A boar's head. HEAD AT FENCHVRCH. In the field, I S. N. 78FENCHURCH STREET667
White Boar's Head
The White Bull's HeadTHE WHIT BVLL HEAD1648 AT THE WHIT BVLL HEAD. A bull's head. IN SOVTHWARKE, 1648. In the field, I. A. B. 204SOUTHWARK2009

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