Jewish Names in Ottoman Court Records
(16th C Jerusalem)

by Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada (Kathleen M. O'Brien)

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Masculine Occupational Bynames

NOTE: this page contains a PRELIMINARY list only. Future versions of this article will contain a full list with a frequency analysis.

Notation for Special Characters:

Some characters that appear in the transliterations of names in Cohen do not appear in the normal English character set. There are basically two types of characters that fall into this category - characters that have straight lines (macrons) over them and characters that have dots under them.

Throughout this page, the notation I've used to represent these characters are:

{a-} indicates the letter a with a line (macron) over it
{i-} indicates the letter i with a line (macron) over it
{u-} indicates the letter u with a line (macron) over it

{D.} indicates the letter D with a dot under it
{H.} indicates the letter H with a dot under it
{h.} indicates the letter h with a dot under it
{t.} indicates the letter t with a dot under it

These characters may be visible in your browser if you set the character set used by your browser to UTF-8. Different browsers have different ways of setting this value, so check the Help function in your browser to find out if this feature is available and, if so, how to set it.

In the table below, the leftmost column uses characters with macrons for readers who are able to set their browser to the UTF-8 character set. The second column uses the alternate notation specified above in case the macron characters do not render properly in your browser.

Be warned: some browsers may not display the dots under the correct letter. Use the second (alternate notation) column to confirm what letter the dot should be under.

The majority of the sijill records are written in Arabic, though some volumes are written in Turkish.

The names listed below are in Arabic unless otherwise noted.

Name (UTF-8 Character Set) Name (Alternate Notation) Meaning
al-adamīal-adam{i-}the tanner (one who separates the fat from the hide)
al-dallālaal-dall{a-}lathe public crier
al-dayyānal-dayy{a-}nthe rabbi
al-ḥaddādal-{h.}add{a-}dthe blacksmith
al-jawkhīal-jawkh{i-}the cloth merchant
al-kūhānal-k{u-}h{a-}nthe Cohen
al-Kūhīnal-K{u-}h{i-}nthe Cohen
al-mubayyiḍal-mubayyid{d.}the tinner
al-najjāral-najj{a-}rthe carpenter
al-sayrajānial-sayraj{a-}nithe sesame oil dealer

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