Naming Practices in 16th Century Gloucestershire:
Welsh Influences

by Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada (Kathleen M. O’Brien)

© 2000 by Kathleen M. O'Brien. All rights reserved.
Version 1.1, updated 14 December 2000

It is difficult to determine exactly how much Welsh influence shows up in these parish registers. The problem lies in the shift in Welsh naming practices in the 16th century. Many non-Welsh names had been and were continuing to be absorbed into Welsh use. For that reason, I have only noted in this section those names which very obviously show Welsh influence.

Feminine Given Names

Standarized Welsh:Listed Under:Variants Found in Gloucestershire:
GwenGwineGuine, Gwine

Masculine Given Names

Standarized Welsh:Listed Under:Variants Found in Gloucestershire:
GruffyddGriffithGriffith, Gryffett


Standarized Welsh:Listed Under:Variants Found in Gloucestershire:
ab Adam BadamBadam, Baddam
ab Evan a Bevan a Bevan, a Bewan, Abevane, ap Evans, Evans
ap Hugh a pewe a pewe
ap Harry ApperryAparie, Apperry , Apperrye
ap GruffyddGryffythGreafet, Greefet, Grefet, Grefett, Greffen, Greffett, Griffet, Griffett, Gryfen, Gryffet, Gryffin, Gryffyth, Gryffythe
ap GwilliamGulliama Guyllam, a Gwyllam, a Gwyllham, a Gwylliam, a Gwyllim, a Gwyllym, a gwyllym, a Gwyllyme, a gwyllyme, a gyllym, a gyllyme, a Gyllyme, Guillim, Gulliam, Guylliam, Gwyllim, Gwyllyme
ap Hywel Howell; PowellHowell; a Poel, a Poell, a Powell, Ap Powell, ap Powell, Poell, Pooell, Powel, Powell
ap IthelIthellIthell
ap LlywelynFluellynFluellyn
ap MareduddMeredithMeredith
ap MorganMorganMorgan, Morgon
ab OweinOwenOwen, Owens, Owentt
ap RhysPricea P'ce, A prece, a Prece, a prece, a prese, a Price, a prise, A Prise, a Pryce, a Pryse, Apprice, appryse, Aprice, Apryce, Prece, Price, Pryce
ap RichardRichardsa Pricchat, a Prichat, Ap Riccard, Apprichat, Prichat, Prichates, Prichetes, Pritchet, Reccards, Riccatts, Richards, Rickets, Rychardes, Upprichard
LlwydFloydeFloyd, Floyde, Fluydd, Flyde, Thloyd, Thloyde

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