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Feminine Given Names: Gormlaith


What we know as a set of Irish Annals are manuscripts that were each compiled during a particular time period, usually using older material as sources. For example, when the Annals of the Four Masters were written from 1632 to 1636, they covered events that occurred centuries and millenia before (including legendary history). So, when an entry in this set of annals refers to a person who lived in the year 738, the spelling used for that person's name is very likely not using the spelling that would have been used in 738.

Standard forms of this name (based on spelling systems of different periods) would be:

Frequency & Dates:

Number of women found in the annals with this name: 23
Found in Years: 810, 813, 840, 859, 861, 905, 909, 917, 936, 943, 946, 948, 1030, 1046, 1063, 1076, 1077, 1110, 1112, 1127-1134, 1314, 1318, 1324, 1327, 1350, 1352, 1353, 1355, 1416, 1425, 1432, 1437, 1465, 1468, 1524, 1585

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Raw Data

In the table below, I have separated individuals with a blank line. That is, when there are multiple entries in the annals that refer to a single person, those entries are grouped together.

Within the list of entries refering to a single person, I have sorted the entries primarily by orthography when it is obvious that what I am seeing is the same entry showing up in multiple annals. The entries that tend to use older spellings are listed first.

NOTE: The Annals referenced below under the code letters A, B, C, E, & F tend to use later spellings than the other Annals. In some cases, the spellings listed in these Annals may not be appropriate for the year referenced in the Annal entry.

In some Gaelic scripts, there is a character that looks approximately like a lowercase f, but without the crossbar. This character (represented by an underscored , e, in the entries below) sometimes represents e and sometimes ea depending upon the context of the text.

AnnalsEntryContextCitation (formatting preserved)
(d. 810-813)
AM810.7RGormlaith, inghen Fhlaithnath, banabb Cluana Bronaigh
Clyear 813 (p. 130)RGromflath[sic], abbesse of Clonbarrenn [Note: 17th C translation.]
(d. 840)
II840.1Gormlaith ingen Murchada, ríg Laigen
(d. 859-861)
UU861.2Gormlaith ingen Donncadha, amenissima regina Scotorum
CSCS861Gormlaith ingen Donnchadha rigan Gaoidheal
AM859.5Gormlaith, inghen Donnchadha, bainrioghain Ereann
FAFA 300 [year 861]Gormlaith ingean Donnchadha, rioghan Teamhrach
(d. 943-946)
Clyear 905 (p. 145)Neale Glunduffe was king three years and was married to the lady Gormphley, daughter to king Flann, ... was first married to Cormack mco'Cuillennann king of Mounster, secondly to king Neale, by whome she had issue a sonn called prince Donell who was drowned ... and lastly shee was married to Kervell mcMoregan king of Leinster [Note: 17th C translation.]
FAFA 424 [year 909]Gormfhlaith ingean Fhloinn
BM917.7Gormlaith, inghen Fhloinn
Clyear 936 (p. 153)After the death of king Neale, queen Gormpley married the king of Leinster, whose name was Kearvall mcMoregan [Note: 17th C translation.]
CSCS948Gormflaith ingen Flainn meic Maoilechlainn
BM946.9Gormfhlaith, inghen Flaind, mic Maoilechlainn, rioghan Néill Glunduibh
Clyear 943 (p. 155)Gormphly daughter of king Flann mcMoyleseaghlyn and Queen of Ireland [Note: 17th C translation.]
(d. 1030)
TT1030.15Gormlaith ingen Murchadha meic Floind, máthair Sitriuca meic Amlaim, rig Gall
CSCS1030Gormlaith ingen Murchadha meic Finn mathair righ Gall .i. Sitricc & righ Muman .i. Donnchadha meic Bríain
SAA(C)Gormfhlathi ingine meic Murchadha meic Find .i. mathair Sitruc meic Amlaib & Donncada meic Briain [Note: name is in genitive case due to sentence structure.]
BM1030.21Gormlaith, inghen Murchadha, mic Find, máthair righ Gall .i. Sittrig
(d. 1046)
TT1046.7Gormlaith ingen Floind maic Mail Sechnaill
CSCS1046Gormlaith ingen Maoilseclainn
BM1046.7Gormfhlaith, inghen Maoileachlainn
(d. 1063)
UU1063.1Gormlaith ingen Cathail m. Ruaidri
BM1063.5Gormlaith, inghen Cathail mic Ruaidhri
(d. 1076-1077)
TT1077.3INghen h-Úi Fhócartaig, ben Tairrdelbaig h-Úi Briain
II1076.7Gormlaith ingen h-Uí Fócartai, rigan Muman, ben Tairdelbaich h-Ui Briain
BM1077.10Gormlaith inghen Ui Fogarta, ben Toirrdhelbhaigh ui Bhriain
LCLC1076.6Gormlaith inghen h-I Fógarthaigh, ben Toirrdhealbaig h-I Brían
Clyear 1076 (p. 182)Gormphlath daughter of o'ffohortie Queen of Ireland and wife of King Torlaugh [Note: 17th C translation.]
(d. 1110)
II1110.2Gormlaith ingen h-Uí Chonchobuir Ciarraige, rígan h-Ua n-Echach
(d. 1112)
UU1112.4R?Gormlaith ingen Murchadha m. Diarmata .i.comarba Brigte
II1112.4R?Gormlaith ingen Murchada, comarba Brigti
TT1112.5R?Gormlaith ingen Murchadha maic Máil na m-Bó, bancomurba Brighdi
BM1112.2R?Gormlaith, inghen Murchadha, mic Diarmada, comharba Brighde
CCC [1127-1134]Section 22Gormlaith ingen Buadachain
(d. 1314-1318)
Co1314.6Gormlaith ingen Meic Branan
Co1318.5Gormlaith ingen Meic Branan a ben
CM1318.8Gormlaith inghean Meic Branáin
LCLC1314.5Gormlaith ingen Mic Branáin
LCLC1318.4Gormlaith inghen Mic Branan a bhen [indicates she is the wife of Gilla an Comded mac Cinaith .H. Gormgaili]
(d. 1324-1327)
U2U1324.2Gormlaith inghean Mic Diarmata
Co1327.3Gormlaith ingen Meic Diarmata ben Magnusa meic Domnaill h. Conchobair tanaiste Connacht re hed, & banrigan h. Maine ag Conchobar h. Cellaig d'es Magnusa & banrigan Luigne ag Fergal h. Egra
CM1327.1Gormlaith inghean Meic Diarmata ben Mhaghnasa mic Domhnaill Uí Concobhair tánaisi Connacht
LCLC1327.2Gormlaith ingen Mic Diarmada, ben Magnusa mic Domhnaill .H. Conchobhair tanaiste Condacht re h-edh, & banrigan .H. Maine ag Conchubar .H. Cellaigh des Maghnusa, & banrigan Luigne ag Fergal .H. Eghra
Clyear 1327 (p. 285)Gormphley, the Daughter of mcDermoda, first married to Magnus mcDonell o'Connor, tanist of Connaught for a time, afterwards married to Conor Kelly, prince of Imanie, & lastly to ffarall o'Hara [Note: 17th C translation.]
(d. 1350-1353)
U2U1350.1Gormlaith ingen Ui Domnaill, ben Ui Neill
Co1353.5Gormlaith ingen hI Domnaill ben hÍ Neill
LC2LC1353.4Gormlaith inghean h-I Domhnaill, ben h-I Neill
CM1353.2Gormlaith inghen Uí Domhnaill ben Uí Neill
Clyear 1352 (p. 298)The Lady Gormphley, o'Donells Daughter, & wife to o'Neale [Note: 17th C translation.]
(d. ?)
U2U1352.11 (col.1)ingine Meg Uidir [unrelated], idon, (Gormlaith) ingen Aedha Ruaidh.
U2U1352.11 (col.2)inghine Meg Uidhir [unrelated], idon, ingen Aedha Ruaidh Meg Uidir (idon Gormlaith)
CM1355.2Ghormlatha inghine Aedha Ruaidh Mhég Uidhir (.i. Mág Uidhir) [Note: name is in genitive case due to sentence structure.]
(d. 1416)
Co1416.27Gormlaith ingen Neill Moir h. Neill ben Seaain h. Domnaill
LC2LC1416.1Gormlaith ingen Neill Moir I Neill, ben t-Seain I Domnaill
DM1416.7Gormlaidh inghen Néill Mhóir Uí Néill ben Seain Uí Dhomhnaill
U3U1416.11Gormlaith, ingen Neill Moir h-Ui Neill, .i. ben Seaain h-Ui Domnaill
(d. 1425)
DM1425.8Gormlaidh ingen Domhnaill Uí Concobhair ben Tighearnáin Uí Ruairc
U3U1425.4Gormlaith, ingen Domnaill h-Ui Conchobuir, .i. ben Tighernain h-Ui Ruairc
(d. 1432)
U3U1432.21Gormlaith, ingen h-Ui Seghannain
(d. 1437)
Co1437.4Gormlaith ingen Dabid h. Dubgindan uxur Briain Meic Aedacan
(d. 1465)
LC2LC1465.2Gormlaith Chaomhanach ingen mheic Murchadha, bean I Neill .i. Einri mheic Eoghuin I Neill
DM1465.2Gormlaith Caomhanach (ingen Meic Murchadha ri Laighen) ben Uí Neill
U3U1465.1Ben h-Ui Neill (.i. Enri) [unrelated], .i. Gormlaith Caemánach, ingen Mic Murchadha, .i. ingen righ Laighen ["The wife of Ua Neill (that is, Henry) died this year: to wit, Gormlaith Kavanagh, daughter of Mac Murchadha, namely, daughter of the king of Leinster."]
(d. 1468)
Co1468.5Gormlaith ingen Murchada meic Cormaic meic [gap: extent: 1 word] uxur Aoda Meic Suibne i mis Enair
(d. 1524)
Co1524.11Inghen h. Domnaill .i. Gormlaith ingen Aodho Ruaid ben Aodha meic Neill meic Cuinn
LC2LC1524.8Inghen h-I Domnaill .i. Gormlaith ingen Aodha Rúaidh, ben Aodha mic Neill mic Cuinn
EM1524.6Gormlaidh inghen Uí Dhomhnaill (Aodh Ruadh) ben Aodha mic Neill mic Cuinn I Néill
U3U1524.12Ingen Ui Domnaill, .i. Gormlaith, ingen Aódha Ruaidh, ben Aóda, mic Neill, mic Cuind
(d. 1585)
LC2LC1585.6Garmluidh ingen Briain mic Eogain Ui Ruairc
EM1585.3Gormlaidh inghen Uí Ruairc .i. inghen Briain mic Eoghain

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