Index of Names in Irish Annals: Descriptive Bynames: Óc/Óg

by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (Kathleen M. O'Brien)

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Descriptive Bynames: Óc/Óg




What we know as a set of Irish Annals are manuscripts that were each compiled during a particular time period, usually using older material as sources. For example, when the Annals of the Four Masters were written from 1632 to 1636, they covered events that occurred centuries and millenia before (including legendary history). So, when an entry in this set of annals refers to a person who lived in the year 738, the spelling used for that person's name is very likely not using the spelling that would have been used in 738.

Standard forms of this name (based on spelling systems of different periods) would be:

Frequency & Dates:

Number of men found in the annals with this name: 114
Found in Years: 1084, 1225, 1230, 1268, 1274, 1282, 1295, 1300, 1303, 1304, 1305, 1308, 1310, 1316, 1324, 1338, 1340, 1341, 1342, 1344, 1350, 1355, 1359, 1360, 1362, 1363, 1366, 1367, 1368, 1369, 1370, 1371, 1372, 1374, 1375, 1380, 1382, 1385, 1387, 1389, 1391, 1393, 1398, 1401, 1402, 1403, 1404, 1405, 1406, 1410, 1411, 1412, 1414, 1416, 1417, 1419, 1422, 1427, 1430, 1441, 1445, 1447, 1448, 1449, 1451, 1452, 1455, 1457, 1461, 1464, 1465, 1466, 1467, 1468, 1469, 1471, 1473, 1476, 1480, 1481, 1482, 1483, 1484, 1486, 1487, 1488, 1489, 1490, 1497, 1505, 1510, 1518, 1519, 1522, 1523, 1530, 1532, 1533, 1539, 1542, 1543, 1544, 1585, 1589, 1590, 1592, 1593, 1596, 1601

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Further information about the byname Óc/Óg, may be found in:

The Sources page lists the Annals referenced below. Information about secondary sources is included on that page as well.

Raw Data

In the table below, I have separated individuals with a blank line. That is, when there are multiple entries in the annals that refer to a single person, those entries are grouped together.

Within the list of entries refering to a single person, I have sorted the entries primarily by orthography when it is obvious that what I am seeing is the same entry showing up in multiple annals. The entries that tend to use older spellings are listed first.

NOTE: The Annals referenced below under the code letters A, B, C, E, & F tend to use later spellings than the other Annals. In some cases, the spellings listed in these Annals may not be appropriate for the year referenced in the Annal entry.

In some Gaelic scripts, there is a character that looks approximately like a lowercase f, but without the crossbar. This character (represented by an underscored , e, in the entries below) sometimes represents e and sometimes ea depending upon the context of the text.

[Standardized form of this man's name]
AnnalsEntryContextCitation (formatting preserved)
[Áenghus Óc mac an Daghda] (d. ?)
TT1084.4Áenghus Occ mac an Daghda
[Donn Óg Mac Oirechtaigh] (d. ?)
Co1225.4Duinn Oicc Mec Airechtaig rigtuisig tSil Muredaig
Co1225.10Donn Occ Mac Oirechtaig
Co1225.13Dond Oc do dol a n-ucht I Flaithbertaig
Co1225.25Donn Occ
Co1225.25Donn Occ
Co1230.2Duinn Oicc meic Duindchatha Meic Airechtaig
Co1230.2Donn Occ
[Toirdhealbhach Óg mac Aodha mhic Feidhlimidh mhic Cathail Crobdeirg Uí Conchobhair] (d. ?)
Co1268.9Toirrdelbach Occ mac Aeda meic Fedlimid meic Cathail Crobdeirg dalta h. mBriuin
Co1406.6Toirrdelbach Occ mac Aeda meic Toirrdelbaig Oicc
[Domhnall Óg Ua Ruairc] (d. ?)
Co1274.12Domnall Oc mac Amlaib meic Airt h. Ruairc
Co1389.13Brian mac Domnaill Oicc h. Ruairc
[Domhnall Óg Ua Domhnaill] (d. ?)
CM1282.3Lassairfhiona inghen Cathail Croibhdeirg Uí Concobhair ben Domhnaill Móir Uí Domhnaill & mathair Domhnaill Óicc
FMvol. 3, p. 624, 1363Mag.nas eóghanach mac concob.air mic aedha mic domnaill óig uí domnaill
[Domhnall Óg mac Aodha Meith] (d. ?)
Co1295.3Brian mac Aeda Buide meic Domnaill Oicc meic Aeda Meith ri Ceneoil Eogain
[Seoinin Óg Mac Muris] (d. ?)
Co1300.5Seoinin Oc Mac Muris
[Domhnall Óg Mag Cárthaigh] (d. 1304)
Co1303.8Domnall Og Mag Carrthaig ri Desmuman
CM1303.3Domhnall Ócc Mag Cártaigh ticcerna Desmumhan
[Uilliam Óg Mag Eochagáin] (d. ?)
Co1304.6Uilliam Occ mac Uilliam Gallta Meg Eochacan
Co1393.13Brian mac Uilliam Oicc Meg Eochacan
[Matha Óg Ua Raigillig] (d. ?)
Co1305.6Matha Occ h. Raigillig
[Simon Óg Ua Finnachta] (d. ?)
Co1308.7Simon Oc h. Finnachta
[Aodh Óg Ua Feargaill] (d. ?)
Co1310.17Domnall mac Aeda Oicc h. Fergail
Co1316.5Uilliam mac Aeda Oicc h. Fergail
[Maolsechlainn Óg Mac Magnusa] (d. ?)
Co1316.5Mailsechlainn Oc Mac Magnusa
[Conchobhar Óg Ua Dubda] (d. ?)
Co1316.5Conchobar Occ h. Dubda
[Giolla Crist Óg Mac Donnchaidh] (d. ?)
Co1324.3Gilla Crist Occ Mac Dondchada
[Aodh Óg] (d. ?)
Co1338.6Derbail ingen Chathail Meic Murchada ben Dondchada meic Aeda Oic
CM1338.8Derbhail inghen Cathail Meic Murchadha ben Donnchaid meic Aedha Óig
[Brian Óg Mac Samradan] (d. ?)
Co1340.10Brian Occ Mag Samradan
[Flann Óg Ua Domnallan] (d. ?)
Co1342.20Flann Occ h. Domnallan ollam dana h. Conchobair
[Murchadh Óg mac Murchada Móir mhic Briain na gCoilech nOifrinn] (d. ?)
Co1344.3Murchad Og mac Murchada Moir meic Briain na Coilech Afrinn ["Murchad Oc son of Murchad Mor son of Brian of the Mass-chalices"]
[Toirdhealbhach Óg Ua Briain] (d. ?)
Co1350.5Toirrdelbach Occ h. Briain
[Murchad Óg Mac Mathgamna] (d. ?)
Co1359.6Murchad Oc Mac Mathgamna damna rig Corca Bascinn
[Cathal Óg Ua Conchobhair] (d. ?)
Co1355.13Cathal Occ
Co1359.3Chathal Oc h. Conchobair
Co1360.3Cathal Occ
Co1362.5Cathal Occ
Co1362.6Cathal Oc O Conchobair
Co1362.9Cathal Occ h. Conchobair
Co1375.13Cathal mac Cathail Oicc
Co1385.18Derborgaill ingen Chathail Oicc ben h. Conchobair Ruaid
DM1385.13Dearbforgaill inghean Chathail óig bean Uí Chonchobhair Ruaidh
DM1393.10Edaoin inghen Cathail Oícc Uí Concobhair ben Brian mic Maoilechlainn Uí Chellaigh
Co1401.24Fedlimid mac Cathail Oicc h. Conchobair
Co1402.13Fedlimid mac Cathail Oicc
Co1403.3Tadc mac Cathail Oicc h. Conchobair
[Maghnus Óg mac Cathail mhic Aodha Breifnigh mhic Cathail Ruaidh] (d. ?)
Co1366.2a mac .i. Magnus Occ [son of "Cathal mac Aeda Brefnig meic Cathail Ruaid"]
[Domhnall Óg mac Domhnaill Mhic Somurli] (d. ?)
Co1367.7Domnall Oc a mac [son of "Domnall Mac Somurli"]
[Maolmhuire Óg Mag Craith] (d. ?)
Co1367.12Maelmure Oc Mag Craith
[Cormac Óg Mac Diarmada] (d. ?)
Co1368.6Cormac Occ Mac Diarmata
Co1341.11Diarmait Ruad mac Cormaic Oicc Meic Diarmada
[Tomaltach Óg Mac Diarmada] (d. ?)
Co1368.11Tomoltach Óc mac Fergail Meic Diarmata tanaiste Moigi Luirc
[Aodh Óg mac Aodha Uí Ruairc] (d. ?)
Co1369.4Aed Occ mac Aeda h. Ruairc
[Niall Óg Ua Domhnaill] (d. ?)
Co1369.7Niall Occ h. Domnaill
[Cathal Óg Ó Fearghail] (d. 1370)
CM1370.9Cathal Óg Ó Ferghail
[Tadhg Óg mac Magnusa Uí Chonchobhair] (d. ?)
Co1371.5Tadc Occ mac Magnusa h. Conchobair
[Uilliam Óg Ó Ceallaigh] (d. 1372)
Co1372.6Uilliam Oc h. Cellaig adbar rig h. Maine
CM1372.5Uilliam Occ Ó Ceallaigh adbhor tighearna Ó Maine
Co1419.7mac Uilliam Oicc h. Cellaig
[Domhnall Óg Ua Dochurtaigh] (d. 1374)
Co1374.3Domnall Occ h. Dochurtaig
DM1374.2Domhnall ócc Ó Dochortaigh .i. mac Seaain
[Cu Coigcriche Óg Mag Eochagáin] (d. 1374)
Co1374.4Cu Chaigcriche Occ Mac Eochacan dux Ceneoil Fiachach meic Neill
[Tadhg Óg Mac Ragnaill] (d. ?)
Co1374.9Tadc Og Mag Ragnaill
[Cormac Óg Mac Carthaig] (d. 1380)
DM1380.15Corbmac óg Mag Carthaigh
[Muircheartach Óg mac Mhic Maghnusa] (d. 1382)
DM1382.13Muircertach ócc mac Meic Maghnusa Tiré Tuathail
[Ricard Óg Mac Uilliam Clanni Ricairt] (d. 1387)
Co1387.3Mac Uilliam Clainni Ricaird .i. Ricart Oc
DM1387.3Riocard ócc, .i. Mac Uilliam Cloinne Riocaird
Co1401.10d'Uillec mac Ricairt Oicc
Co1466.15Ricart mac Uilliam Burc meic Ricairt Oic tanaiste Clainni Ricairt
OOX1468.3Ingean Mic Uilliam Cloinni Ricairtt .i. Sadhb ingean Uilleag mic Ricaird Oig, bean Meg Carrtaig Móir
[Domhnall Óg Mag Cárthaigh] (d. 1391)
DM1391.2Domnall ócc M´g Cárthaigh tigerna Desmumhan
Co1489.10Diarmait mac Taidc meic Domnaill Oic Me Carrthaig
[Murchertach Óg Mag Aengusa] (d. ?)
Co1398.20Murcertach Occ Mag Aengusa
[Muircheartach Óg Mac Eochagáin] (d. ?)
Co1398.8Murcertach Oc Mac Eochacan
Co1401.5Murcertach Oc mac Murcertaig Moir Meg Eochacan
Co1447.5Aed mac Murcertaig Oicc Meg Eochacan
[Uilliam Óg Ua hUiginn] (d. ?)
Co1401.20Uilliam Occ. h. hUicinn
[Niall Óg mac Néill Móir mhic Aoidh Uí Néill] (d. 1402)
Co1389.14Niall Occ O Neill
Co1402.5NiallOcc mac Neill Moir meic Aedo Moir h. Neill ardri coicid Ulad
Co1402.14Brian mac Neill Oicc h. Neill
DM1402.6Niall óg mac Néill Moir mic Aedha Uí N&eacut;eill (Ri cenel n-Eoghain)
Co1414.3Eogan mac Neill Oicc h. Neill
DM1417.10Una inghen Domhnaill Uí Néill bean Néill óig Uí Néill
DM1427.7Catairíona ingen Ardghail Mhég Mhathghamhna ben Uí Neill .i. Eoghain mic Néill óicc
Co1486.5Sean Buidhe mac Eogain meic Nell Oicc hI Neill
Co1487.6Brian mac Eoghain meic Nell Oig hI Neill
[Conchobhar Óg mac Aodha Mhic Diarmada] (d. 1404)
Co1385.6Conchobar Occ Mac Diarmata
Co1402.4Conchobar Occ mac Aeda Meic Diarmada
Co1402.4Conchobar Occ mac Aeda Meic Diarmada
DM1404.2Concobar ócc mac Aedha meic Diarmada Mhuighe Luirg
[Domhnall Óg Mac Domhnaill] (d. ?)
Co1404.9mac Oengusa meic Domnaill Oicc Meic Domnaill
[Murchadh Óg mac Conchobhair Mhic Sithig] (d. ?)
Co1404.11Morchad Occ mac Conchobair Meic Sithig
[Flann Óg mac Seaaín Uí Domnallan] (d. ?)
Co1404.24Flann Occ mac Seoan h. Domnallain ollam d(an)a sil Muredaig
[Domhnall Óg Ua Ruairc] (d. ?)
Co1405.9Domnall Occ h. Ruairc
[Toirdhealbhach Óg mac Aodha mhic Toirrdhealbaigh Uí Chonchobhair] (d. ?)
Co1406.6Toirrdelbach Occ mac Aeda meic Toirrdelbaig Oicc
Co1406.6Toirrdelbach Occ mac Aeda meic Toirrdelbaig ri Connacht
Co1419.28Diarmait Ruad mac Toirrdelbaig Oicc h. Conchobair
Co1473.26Graine ingen Ruaidri meic Toirrdelbaig Oic h. Conchobair, mulier Emuinn meic Uilliam Meic Dauid
[Cormac Óg Mac Carthaig] (d. 1410)
Co1410.12Cormac Occ Mag Carthaig
DM1410.9Corbmac óg Mhág Cárthaigh
[Ruaidhrí Óg] (d. ?)
Co1411.3meic Ruaidri Oic
[Tighearnán Óg mac Tighearnáin Móir] (d. 1412)
DM1412.4Tighearnan ócc mac Tighearnain mhóir-adhbhar tighearna Breifne
[Tadhg Óg] (d. ?)
Co1416.15Taigc Oig
[Cormac Óg mac Cormaic Mhic Donnchaidh] (d. ?)
Co1416.18Cormaic Oic meic Cormaic Meic Dondchada
[Tadhg Óg mac Taidhg Ruaidh Mhic Diarmada Gall] (d. 1416)
DM1416.16Tadhg ócc mac Taidhg Ruaidh Mec Diarmada Gall tighearna Airtigh
[Énri Óg Mac Flannchaidh] (d. ?)
Co1419.29Enri Og Mac Flannchaid
[Cosnamach Óg Mac Aedacan] (d. ?)
Co1422.9in Cosnamach Oc Mac Aedacan .i. ollam brethemon Ceneoil Fiachach & h. Falgi ["Cosnamach Oc Mac Aedacain, law-ollav of the Cenel Fiachach and the Ui Failgi"]
[Uilliam Óg mac Uilliam Uí Fheargaill] (d. ?)
Co1422.27Tomaltach mac Uilliam Oicc meic Uilliam h. Fergail
[Cormac Óg Mac Diarmada] (d. 1427)
Co1427.2Cormacc Occ Mac Diarmata rigdamna Moigi Luircc
DM1427.6Corbmac ócc Mac Diarmada
[Donnchadh Óg mac Mhic Lochlainn] (d. 1430)
DM1430.13Donnchadh ócc mac Mec Lochlainn
[Conchobhar Óg Mag Uidir] (d. 1441)
DM1441.8Concobhar óg Mág Uidhir
Co1464.26Brian mac Conchobair Oicc meic Conchobair Ruaid Meg Udir
Co1518.6Feidhlim mac Briain meic Concobair Oic Meg Uidir
[Tomaltach Óg Mac Donnchaidh] (d. 1445)
Co1445.4Tomaltach Occ Mac Dondchada
[Séamas Óg mac Séamais Gallda] (d. 1448)
DM1448.4Semus óg mac Semais Gallda mac iarla Urmumhan
[Tadhg Óg mac Taidhg mhic Ghiolla Cholaim Uí Uiginn] (d. 1448)
Co1448.3Tadc Oc h. hUicind primode Erenn & Alpan
DM1448.12Tadhg ócc mac Taidhg mac Giolla Colaim Uí Uiginn priomh-oide aosa dána Ereann & Alban
Co1488.3Maolmuire mac Taidc Oic hI Uiginn
[Tighearnán Óg Ua Ruairc] (d. ?)
Co1449.2Dondchad mac Tigernan Oicc h. Ruairc ri Brefne
DM1449.1Donnchadh mac Tighearnáin óig tighearna Breifne Thiar
Co1464.44Fedlim mac Dondchada meic Tigernan Oicc h. Ruairc
Co1523.7Eogan mac Feidlim meic Donnchada meic Tigernain Oic h. Ruairc
[Giolla Padraig Óg Ó Fhialain] (d. 1451)
DM1451.15Giolla Padraicc óg Ó; Fialan saoí fhir dhána
[Lochlainn Óg Ua hAilige] (d. 1452)
Co1452.5Lochlainn Oc h. Anligi dux Ceneoil Dobtha
Co1468.40Feradach mac Lochlainn Oic h. Anlige
[Murchadh Óg mac Murchaidh Móir mhic Cathail] (d. ?)
Co1455.2Sefraid mac Murchada Oic meic Murchada Moir meic Cathail tigernae Clainni Aeda an tSlebi
[Muircheartach Óg Ua Fearghaill] (d. ?)
Co1457.2Brian mac Murcertaig Oicc h. Fergail tigerna Clainni hAmlaib
Co1464.3Moilsechlainn mac Briain meic Murcertaig Oicc h. Fergail
[Fearghal Óg Ua hUiginn] (d. ?)
Co1461.15Niall mac Fergail Oicc h. Uicinn
Co1471.26ingen Ferguil Oic h. Uiginn .i. Elec [unrelated] .i. uxur Conchobair h. Uiginn meic Ruaidri Oic
[Niall Óg Ua hUiginn] (d. 1461)
Co1461.15Niall Oc h. hUicinn
Co1510.8Aibhilin ingen Nell Oig h. Uiginn ben I Duibhgendain
[Tighearnán Óg mac Donnchaidh mhic Tighearnáin] (d. ?)
Co1464.44Tigernan Occ mac Dondchada meic Tigernan
[Tomaltach Óg Ua Gadhra] (d. 1464)
Co1464.51Tomaltach Occ h. Gadra
[Conchobhar Óg mac Conchobhair Mhic Diarmada] (d. ?)
Co1465.4Conchobar Occ mac Conchobair Meic Diarmata
[Ruaidhrí Óg mac Ruaidhrí mhic Toirdhealbhaigh Mhic Domhnaill] (d. ?)
Co1465.11Ruaidri Occ macc Ruaidri meic Toirrdelbaig Meic Domnaill, an sarconstapla saidecht
[Ruaidhrí Óg Ua Conchobhair] (d. ?)
Co1467.6Cathal mac Cathail meic meic Ruaidri Oicc h. Conchobair
[Risdeard Óg Ua Raigillig] (d. ?)
Co1469.3Risderd Oc h. Raigillig rodamna rig Brefne
[Ruaidhrí Óg Ua hUiginn] (d. ?)
Co1471.26ingen Ferguil Oic h. Uiginn .i. Elec [unrelated] .i. uxur Conchobair h. Uiginn meic Ruaidri Oic
[Tadhg Óg Ua Ruairc] (d. ?)
Co1476.2Tadg Oc mag Tigernain h. Ruairc roridamna Brefne
[Cathal Óg Mac Magnusa] (d. ?)
Co1480.3Mac Maghnusa [unrelated] .i. Cathal Occ
[Donnchadh Óg Mag Uidir] (d. ?)
Co1481.2Donnchad Oc mac Donnchada Meg Uidir
[Cathal Óg Mag Ragnaill] (d. ?)
Co1482.4Murchad mac Taidc meic Cathail Óicc Meg Ranaill
[Brian Óg mac Briain mhic Cathail Duibh] (d. ?)
Co1482.9Brian Oc mac Briain meic Cathail Duib
[Tomas Óg Mag Uidir] (d. ?)
Co1483.2Easpoc Clochair [unrelated].i. Ros mac Tomais Oicc Még Uidir
Co1488.9Mág Uidir [unrelated] .i. Émann mac Tomais Óic
[Ruaidhrí Óg mac Ruaidhrí Buidhe Uí Ainlighli] (d. 1484)
DM1484.12Ruaidhri ócc mac Ruaidhri Buidhe Uí Ainlighi
[Domhnall Óg Mag Artan] (d. ?)
Co1486.6Domnall Og Mac Artan
[Cathal Óg mac Cathail Móir Mhic Magnusa Mhic Uidhir] (d. ?)
DM1486.38Caitilin inghen Uí Feargail (Domhnall Buidhe mac Domhnaill mic Seain) ben Mec Maghnusa Meg Uidhir .i. Cathal ócc mac Catail Mhóir
[Eoghan Óg mac Eogain Ó Fialan] (d. ?)
Co1489.11Ó Fialan .i. Eogan Oc mac Eogain
[Toirdhealbach Óg mac Toirrdhealbaigh Ó Baigill] (d. ?)
Co1490.2Torrdelbach Óc mac Torrdelbaig h. Bhaígill
[Domhnall Óg mac Aodha Buidhe] (d. ?)
Co1497.9Domnall Oc mac Aodo Buide
[Ruaidhrí Óg mac Ruaidhrí Caoich] (d. ?)
Co1505.3Finnghuala inghen Ruaidri Oicc meic Ruaidri Caoich ben hSeain meic Taidc meic Briain Meic Donnchada
[Brian Óg mac Briain mhic Dhomnaill Chaim Uí Uiginn] (d. 1505)
EM1505.13Brian Ócc mac Briain mic Domhnaill Chaim Uí Uiccinn
[Art Óg Ua Néill] (d. ?)
Co1519.13Ua Nell .i. Art Óc mac Coinn hI Nell
Co1542.21Brian mac Neill meic Airtt Óic h. Neill
Co1544.4Mac h. Nell .i. Niall mac Airt Oic
[Ricard Óg mac Uilleaigh a Búrc] (d. ?)
Co1519.7Mac Uilliam Clainni Ricaird .i. Ricard Oc mac Uilleic a Burc
Co1543.16d'Uillec mac Ricaird Óic.a Burc
[Aodh Óg Mac Mathghamhna] (d. ?)
Co1522.16Rugraidhe mac Aodho Óic meic Aodho Ruaid Meg Mathgamna
[Giolla Iosa Óg mac Giolla Iosa mhic Briain Mhic Tigernain] (d. ?)
Co1523.6Mag Tigernain .i. Ferghal mac Gilla Isa Oig meic Gilla Isa meic Briain, dux Tellaigh Dunchada
[Aodh Óg mac Aodha an Enigh mhic Néill mhic Cuinn] (d. ?)
Co1530.6Sorcha ingen Aodho Oic meic Aodho an Enigh meic Neill meic Coinn uxor h. Neill .i. Conn mac Coinn meic Enrí
[Conchobhar Óg mac Muircheartaigh] (d. ?)
Co1532.15Dub Chábblaigh ingen Choncobair meic Ruaidri Buide ben Concobair Óic meic Murcertaigh
[Tadhg Óg mac Taidhg mhic Aodha Uí Chonchobhair] (d. ?)
Co1533.2Tadc Oc mac Taidc meic Aodho I Conchobair
[Maolruanaidh Óg mac Maoilruanaidh Uí Chearbhaill] (d. ?)
Co1533.8Maolruanaidh Óc mac Maoilruanaidh h. Cerbaill
[Niall Óg O Baigill] (d. ?)
Co1539.8Niall Óc O Baigill
[Domhnall Óg Mac Suibhne] (d. ?)
Co1543.2Mac Meic Suibhne Fanad .i. Maolmure mac Domnaill Óic, adbar tigerna Fhanad
[Feidhlim Óg Ua Maoilsechlainn] (d. ?)
Co1543.13O Maoilsechlainn .i. Fethlimidh Óc
[Eoghan Óg mhic Eoghain mhic Domhnaill Mhic Suibhne na t-Tuath] (d. ?)
Co1544.15d'Eogan Óc mac Meic Shuibne
FM1590.3Mec Suibhne na t-Tuath .i. Eoghan Ócc mac Eoghain Óicc, mic Eoghain, mic Domhnaill
[Seaan Óg ...] (d. ?)
EM1585.8O Dochartaigh Sean Ócc, mac Seain mic Feilim mic Conchobhair Charraigh ["O'Doherty (John Oge, the son of John, son of Felim, son of Conor Carragh)"]
[Maghnus Óg mac Maghnusa mhic Aodha Duibh Uí Domhnaill] (d. ?)
FM1589.8Sean mac Maghnus Óig mic Maghnusa, mic Aodha Duibh Uí Domhnaill
[Réamonn Óg mac Remaintt mic Seaain a Búrc na Beainne] (d. ?)
FM1589.10Remann Ócc mac Remaintt mic Seain a Búrc na Beinne
[Tadhg Óg mac Taidhg Uí Fhlaithbeartaigh] (d. ?)
FM1589.10Tadhcc Ócc mac Taidhcc Uí Flaithbeartaigh
[Diarmait Óg mac Diarmata mhic Denis mhic Dhiarmata mhic Conchobhair mhic Mhurchaidh an Dana Uí Dheadhadh] (d. 1589)
FM1589.11Diarmait Ócc mac Diarmata, mic Denis, mic Diarmata, mic Concobhair (.i. espucc Luimnigh), mic Murchaidh an Dana Uí Dhedhadh
[Eoghan Óg mac Eoghain Óig mhic Eoghain mhic Domhnaill Mhic Suibhne na t-Tuath] (d. ?)
FM1590.3Mec Suibhne na t-Tuath .i. Eoghan Ócc mac Eoghain Óicc, mic Eoghain, mic Domhnaill
FM1590.6Mac Suibhne na t-Tuath Eoghan Ócc
[Tadhg Óg mac Taidhg mhic Toirdhealbhaigh Ó Baoighill] (d. ?)
FM1590.6Ó Baoighill Tadhcc Ócc mac Taidhcc mic Toirrdhealbhaigh
FM1601.14Maire inghen Chuinn Ó Domhnaill ben Ó Baoighill Tadhcc Ócc, mac Taidhcc mic Toirrdealbhaigh
[Seaan Óg]
FM1590.8a mac Sean Ócc
[Cormac Óg mac Cormaic mhic Taidhg Mhic Carthaig] (d. ?)
FM1592.6Caitilín inghen Domhnaill, mic Fingin, mic Diarmada an Dúnaidh Még Carthaigh ben Taidhcc mic Corbmaic Óicc, mic Corbmaic, mic Taidhcc Még Carthaig, ben cheilligh, craibdeach dercach, deigh-einigh do écc iar m-buaidh ó dhemhan, ó dhomhan, & ó daoinibh.
FM1593.8Maire inghean Corbmaic Óicc mic Chorbmaic, mic Taidhcc Meg Carthaigh ben Uí Suillebháin Moir
[Seaan Óg mac Riocaird mhic Seaain an Tearmainn] (d. 1597)
FM1597.16Sean Ócc mac Riocaird mic Seain an Termainn ["John Oge, the son of Rickard, son of John of the Termon"]

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