Index of Names in Irish Annals: Descriptive Bynames: Crobderg/Croibhdearg

by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (Kathleen M. O'Brien)

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Descriptive Bynames: Crobderg/Croibhdearg


"[of the] Wine-red Hand"


What we know as a set of Irish Annals are manuscripts that were each compiled during a particular time period, usually using older material as sources. For example, when the Annals of the Four Masters were written from 1632 to 1636, they covered events that occurred centuries and millenia before (including legendary history). So, when an entry in this set of annals refers to a person who lived in the year 738, the spelling used for that person's name is very likely not using the spelling that would have been used in 738.

Standard forms of this name (based on spelling systems of different periods) would be:

Frequency & Dates:

Number of men found in the annals with this name: 1
Found in Years: 1185, 1190, 1195, 1197, 1198, 1199, 1200, 1201, 1202, 1207, 1209, 1217, 1219, 1220, 1224, 1225, 1231, 1232, 1233, 1235, 1237, 1238, 1239, 1240, 1242, 1244, 1248, 1251, 1254, 1266, 1268, 1282


Further information about the byname Crobderg / Croibhdearg, may be found in:

The Sources page lists the Annals referenced below. Information about secondary sources is included on that page as well.

Raw Data

In the table below, I have separated individuals with a blank line. That is, when there are multiple entries in the annals that refer to a single person, those entries are grouped together.

Within the list of entries refering to a single person, I have sorted the entries primarily by orthography when it is obvious that what I am seeing is the same entry showing up in multiple annals. The entries that tend to use older spellings are listed first.

NOTE: The Annals referenced below under the code letters A, B, C, E, & F tend to use later spellings than the other Annals. In some cases, the spellings listed in these Annals may not be appropriate for the year referenced in the Annal entry.

In some Gaelic scripts, there is a character that looks approximately like a lowercase f, but without the crossbar. This character (represented by an underscored , e, in the entries below) sometimes represents e and sometimes ea depending upon the context of the text.

[Standardized form of this man's name]
AnnalsEntryCitation (formatting preserved)
[Cathal Croibdearg mac Toirrdhealbhaigh Mhóir Uí Chonchobhair]
CM1185.7Cathal Croibhdearg mac Toirrdhealbhaigh
CM1190.4Cathal Croibhdearcc
CM1190.4Ua Concobhair .i. Cathal Croibdercc
CM1190.4Chatal Croibhdearg
LCLC1195.4Cathal Croibh Derg .H. Conchobair, rí Connacht
CM1195.8Cathal c-Croibdercc Ua c-Concobhair
LCLC1195.6Cathal Croibh Derg .H. Conchobair, rí Connacht
CM1195.8Cathal Croibhdearg
LCLC1195.7Cathal g-Croibh Derc
CM1197.8Cathal Croibdearg
CM1198.7Cathal Croibdearg Ua Concobhair
CM1199.8Cathal Croibhdearg Ua Conchobhair
CM1200.7Cathal Croibhdearg
LCLC1200.3Cathal Croib Derg
CM1200.12Cathal Croibhdearg
CM1200.14Cathal Croibdearg
CM1201.10Cathal Croibhdearg
CM1201.10Cathal Croibhdearg
CM1201.10Cathal Croibdearg
CM1201.10Cathal Croibhdearg
CM1201.10Cathal Croibhdearg righe chóigidh Connacht
CM1202.7Cathal Croibhdearg
CM1207.6Cathal Croibhdhercc Ó Concobhair Rí Connacht
CM1209.3Cathal Croibhdercc Ó Concobhair
CM1217.3Mor inghen Uí Bhriain, .i. Dhomhnaill ben Cathail Croibhdheircc
MCB1MCB1217.1Mor inghean I Briain, bean Cathail Crobhdheirg Í Concubuir
CM1219.5Cathal Croibhdhercc
CM1220.5Cathal Croibhdercc
CM1224.1Cathal Croibhdearg Ua c-Concobhair
CM1224.7Cathal Croibdearg mac Toirrdhealbhaigh Mhóir Uí Chonchobhair, Rí Connacht
CM1224.7Cathal Croibhdearcc
Co1224.14hAed mac Cathail Crobdeirg
CM1225.7Goill mac Cathail Croibhdeirg
Co1225.4hOed mac Cathail Crobdeirg
Co1225.11Aed mac Cathail Crobdeirg
Co1225.13mac Cathail Crobdeirg
Co1225.13mac Cathail Crobdeirg
Co1225.25Aed mac Cathail Crobdeirg
Co1225.26meic Cathail Crobdeirg
Co1225.28Fedlim mac Cathail Crobdeirg
Co1231.6Fedlim mac Cathail Crobdeirg
MCB1MCB1231.2Feidlimidh mic Cathail Croibdeirg
Co1232.4Fedlim meic Cathail Crobdeirg
Co1232.12Fedlimid mac Cathail Crobdeirg
Co1233.4Fedlim mac Cathail Crobdeirg
Co1235.6Fedhlim meic Cathail Crobdeirg rig Chonnacht
Co1237.14Fedlim mac Cathail Crobdeirg
Co1238.2Tadc mac Aeda meic Cathail Crobdeirg
Co1239.7Lasairfina ingen Cathail Crobdeirg uxur h. Domnaill
CM1239.6Lasairfhina inghen Cathail Chroibhdherg ben h-Uí Domnaill
Co1240.4Conchobar mac Aeda meic Cathail Crobdeirg
Co1242.4Toirrdelbach mac Aeda meic Cathail Crobdeirg
Co1242.10Fedlimid meic Cathail Crobdeirg
Co1244.4Conchobar mac Aedo meic Cathail Crobdeirg
Co1248.17Fedlimid mac Cathail Crobdeirg
Co1251.3Conchobar mac Aeda meic Cathail Crobdeirg
Co1254.7Fheidhlim mac Cathail Crobdeirg
Co1266.8Sadb ingen Cathail Crobdeirg
CM1266.16Sadb inghean Cathail Croibdeirg
Co1268.9Toirrdelbach Occ mac Aeda meic Fedlimid meic Cathail Crobdeirg dalta h. mBriuin
Co1282.4Lasarfina ingen Chathail Crobdeirg
CM1282.3Lassairfhiona inghen Cathail Croibhdeirg Uí Concobhair ben Domhnaill Móir Uí Domhnaill & mathair Domhnaill Óicc

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