Index of Names in Irish Annals: Mac Goisdelb / Mac Goisdealbh

by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (Kathleen M. O'Brien)

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Family Name: Mac Goisdelb / Mac Goisdealbh



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Standard forms of this name (based on spelling systems of different periods) would be:

Frequency & Dates:

Number of people found in the annals with this name: 44
Found in Years: 1193, 1194, 1195, 1200, 1201, 1211, 1212, 1213, 1214, 1225, 1236, 1245, 1247, 1253, 1256, 1259, 1263, 1266, 1282, 1285, 1286, 1287, 1291, 1312, 1217, 1325, 1327, 1328, 1330, 1333, 1337, 1340, 1343, 1346, 1366, 1383, 1416, 1428, 1437, 1438, 1439, 1461, 1464, 1467, 1468, 1487, 1493, 1496, 1536, 1545, 1547, 1549, 1551, 1555, 1557, 1560, 1561, 1581, 1582, 1586, 11588, 1589

Research Notes:

FM (vol. 3, pp. 98-99, footnote "k") states:

k The Sons of Osdealv, i. e. the Mac Costelloes. - According to the Annals of Kilronan, the island of Inish Cothrann was plundered this year by Gilbert Mac Gosdealv, and his English followers, and the sons of Gilchdreest Mac Carroon, vis., Gilla Croichefraich and Auliffe, who had the tribe of Muintir Maeltsinna with them. According to the Dublin copy of the Annals of Innisfallen, it was plundered by Gilbert de Nangle; and this is correct, for De Nangle was the original name of the Costelloes.

Woulfe (p. 397 s.n. Mac Oisdealb., Mac states:

'son of Oisdealb.' (Os-shaped, shaped like the god Os); a patronymic surname assumed by the family of Nangle. It is the earliest Anglo-Irish Mac-surname recorded in the Annals (A.D. 1193).


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Raw Data

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AnnalsEntryContextCitation (formatting preserved)
(d. 1212-1213)
CM1193.10ANla macaibh Oisdealb [""]
UU1194.5ANGillibert Mac Goisdealbh
CM1194.5ANGillebert Mac Goisdealbhaigh
LCLC1193.14ANGilli Pert mac Goisdealb
LCLC1194.6ANGilli Pert mac Goisdealbh
LCLC1195.4ANMac Goisdelb
CM1195.8ANMac Goisdelbhaigh
LCLC1200.2ANmac Goisdealb
LCLC1200.2ANla macaibh Goisdelbh ["the sons of Goisdelbh"]
II1201.12ANmc. Oisdelb
MCB1MCB1201.2ANMac Coisdealba
U2U1212.5ANGillibert Mic Ghoisdealbh
LCLC1212.1ANGilli Bert mic Goisdelb
CM1211.4ANGillibeirt Mic Goisdelbhaig
U2U1213.7ANGillibert Mac Coisdealbh
LCLC1213.2ANGilli Bert mac Goisdelb
CM1212.3ANGillibert mac Goisdelbhaigh
(d. ?)
LCLC1214.6ANPilip mic Goisdelbh
CM1214.7ANPhilip Mac Goisdelbhaigh
LCLC1225.21ANPhilip mac Goisdealbh
CM1225.7ANPilip Meic Goisdelbhaigh
(d. ?)
LCLC1236.13ANmic Goisdealbh
CM1236.7ANMac Goisdelb
(d. 1259)
LCLC1245.6ANMhilidh Mac Goisdelbh
CM1245.5ANMilidh Mac Goisdelbh
LCLC1247.4ANMíligh mac Goisdelbh
CM1247.6ANMilidh Mac Goisdelbh
LCLC1247.4ANMic Goisdelb
CM1247.6ANMeic Goisdelbh
LCLC1253.6ANInghen in iarla Ulltaigh, .i. ben Mhílid Mic Goisdelbh
CM1253.7ANIngen an iarla Ultoigh ben Milidh Mic Goisdealbhaigh
LCLC1256.5ANMic Goisdelb
Co1259.10ANMilid Mac Goisdelb
LCLC1259.5ANMilidh Mac Goisdelbh
CM1259.10ANMilidh Mac Goisdelbhaigh
(d. ?)
Co1259.11ANGillibert Mac Goisdelb
LCLC1259.6ANGillebert Mac Goisdelbh
CM1259.11ANGillbert Mac Goisdealbhaigh
(d. ?)
U2U1263.22ANAedh Buidhe h-Ua Neill do thabairt inghine Mic Goisdealbaigh in uxorem. ["Aedh Ua Neill the Tawny took the daughter of Mac Goisdealbaigh to wife."]
(d. 1266)
LCLC1266.13ANHúga mac Goisdelbh
(d. 1286)
U2U1282.3ANPilib Mac Goisdeilb
LCLC1285.2ANPilip mac Goisdelbh
CM1285.6ANPilib Mac Goisdelbhaigh
CM1286.2ANPilib Mac Goisdealbhaigh
(d. 1287-1291)
U2U1287.5ANTomas Mac Goisdelbh
LCLC1291.7ANTomas Mac Goisdelb
CM1291.7ANTomás Mac Goisdealbhaigh
(d. 1287-1291)
U2U1287.5ANDaibhith Mac Goistelbh
LCLC1291.7ANDauid Mac Goisdelb
CM1291.7ANDauit Mac Goisdealbhaigh
(d. 1330-1333)
U2U1312.5ANGilleberd Mac Goisdelbh
LCLC1317.6ANGilliberd Mac Goisdelb
CM1317.6ANGillbert Mac Goisdealbhaigh
U2U1325.11ANGillibert Mac Goisdelbh
U2U1327.2ANGillibert Mac Goisdelb
LCLC1328.16ANGilliberd Mac Goisdelbh
CM1328.17ANGillbert Mac Goisdealbhaigh
U2U1330.3ANGillibert Mac Goisdelbh
Co1330.3ANGilliberd Mac Goisdelb tigerna Slebi Luga
LCLC1330.1ANGilleberd Mac Goisdelbh, tighearna Slebhi Luga
CM1330.7ANGillbert Mac Goisdelbhaigh (tigerna Slebhe Lugha
Co1333.7ANGilliberd Mac Goisdelb
LCLC1333.5ANGilleberd Mac Goisdelbh
CM1333.5ANGillibert Mac Goisdelbhaigh
(d. ?)
U2U1333.8ANMaiug mac Bailtrin Mic Ghoisdealb
U2U1343.1 (col.1)ANclainn Bailltrin Mic Goisdelb
CM1346.6ANcloinn Uaildrin Meic Goisdealbhaigh
(d. 1337)
U2U1337.14ANIníug ingen Mic Goisdelb, ben Eogain Mic Fingin
(d. 1337-1340)
U2U1337.5ANSiurtan Ruadh Mac Goisdelb
Co1340.7ANSiurtan Ruad Mac Goisdelb
LCLC1340.5ANSiurtan ruadh Mac Goisdelb
CM1340.6ANSiúrtan Ruadh Mac Goisdealbhaigh
(d. 1337-1340)
U2U1337.15ANUilliam mac Gillibert Mic Goisdelbh
CM1340.13ANUilliam mac Gillibert Mic Goisdealbaigh
(d. 1366)
CM1366.10ANSeaan Mac Goisdealbhaigh tigearna Slebhe Lugha
(d. 1383)
DM1383.21ANMilig Mac Oisdelb
(d. 1416)
U3U1416.1ANSeaan Mac Goisdelbh
DM1416.19ANSean mac Goisdelb
(d. ?)
DM1428.11ANSeaan Mac Oisdelbh
(d. 1428)
DM1428.11ANSean Fionn Mac Oisdelbh
(d. 1437)
DM1437.7ANMac Oisdelb .i. Emann an Mhachaire
(d. 1438)
D1438.17ANSiurtan mac Seain Mec Oisdeilbh
(d. ?)
DM1439.20ANMhac Oisdelb Ruaidh
(d. 1467)
Co1461.5ANMac Goisdelbh
DM1461.6ANMac Goisdelbhaigh
DM1467.11ANDauidh Mac Goisdelbhaigh
(d. 1468)
DM1464.18ANh-Emann an Mhachaire Mac Goisdelbhaigh
DM1468.11ANEmann an Machaire Mac Goisdelbaigh
(d. ?)
DM1468.11ANUilliam Mac Goisdelbhaigh
(d. 1487)
U3U1487.44ANMac Goisdelbh [unrelated], .i. Seaan
Co1487.9ANMac Oisdelp [unrelated] .i. Sean
LC2LC1487.8ANMac Goisdelbh, .i. Sean
DM1487.23ANSean Dabh Mac Goisdelbhaigh tighearna Slebe Lugha
(d. ?)
DM1487.23ANUilliam mac Emainn an Machaire
(d. ?)
DM1487.23ANSiúrtan mac Pilip Mec Goisdelbhaigh
(d. 1493)
U3U1493.4ANDaibith, mac Mail Ir, mic Emaind an Mhachaire Mic Goisdelbh
(d. ?)
U3U1496.40ANMac Goisdealbh
(d. 1536)
Co1536.5ANMac Goisdelp
Co1536.33ANMac Goisdealb .i. Sean mac an Gilla Duib
LC2LC1536.4ANMac Goisdelbh .i. Sean Dubh
LC2LC1536.30ANMac Goisdealbh .i. Seun mac an Ghiolla Dhuibh
EM1536.19ANMac Goisdealbhaigh Sean mac An Ghiolla Dhuibh
(d. ?)
LC2LC1536.12ANChille Cholmáin .i. baile mic Rugraidhi mic Goisdelbh ["Cill-Colmain, i.e. the town of the son of Rughraidhe Mac Goisdelbh"]
EM1536.11ANCille Colmain .i. baile Mic Rudhraighe Mic Goisdealbhaig
(d. 1545)
LC2LC1545.2ANMac Goisdealbh .i. Bhaiter mac Uilliam Mic Goisdealbh
LC2LC1545.2ANMac Goisdealbh ocus a mac .i. Rugraidhe ["Mac Goisdelbh and his son, i.e. Rughraidhe"]
(d. 1545)
LC2LC1545.2ANMac Goisdealbh ocus a mac .i. Rugraidhe ["Mac Goisdelbh and his son, i.e. Rughraidhe"]
(d. 1555)
LC2LC1536.30ANf-Píarrus Mac Goisdealbh
LC2LC1555.12ANMac Goisdealbh .i. Píarus
(d. 1561)
LC2LC1545.2ANSiurtán m-Buidhe mac Seain mic Bháiter Mic Goisdealbh
LC2LC1545.2ANSiurtán Buidhe
LC2LC1547.1ANSiurtán m-Buidhe mac Seain mic Bháiter Mic Goisdealbh
LC2LC1547.1ANSiurtán Buidhe
LC2LC1549.6ANMac Goisdealbh
LC2LC1551.6ANth-Shiurtan m-Buidhe mac Seain mic Uateir mic g-Coisdealb
LC2LC1554.1ANSiurtán m-Buidhi mac Seain mic Bhaiter Mic Goisdealbh
LC2LC1557.5ANmac Goisdealbh
LC2LC1560.5ANShiurtan Bhuidhe mac Seain mic Bháiter Mic Goisdealbh
LC2LC1561.6ANSiurtán Buidhe mac Seain mhic Bhaiter Mic Goisdealb
(d. 1581)
LC2LC1581.15ANTomas an t-Sléibhe mac Risderd Mic Goisdelbh
(d. 1582)
LC2LC1582.2ANClann an Gilla Dhuibh Mic Goisdealbh, .i. an Gilla Dubh Óg ocus Egnechán ["The sons of the Gilla-dubh Mac Goisdelbh, viz., the Gilla-dubh Og, and Egnechán"]
(d. 1582)
LC2LC1582.2ANClann an Gilla Dhuibh Mic Goisdealbh, .i. an Gilla Dubh Óg ocus Egnechán ["The sons of the Gilla-dubh Mac Goisdelbh, viz., the Gilla-dubh Og, and Egnechán"]
(d. ?)
LC2LC1586.34ANMac Goisdealb .i. Sean mac in Gilla Dhuibh meic Hoiberd
(d. 1586)
LC2LC1586.3ANMac mic Goisdelb, .i. Uilliem mac Pierassa
LC2LC1586.3ANMac mic Goisdelb, .i. Uilliem mac Pierassa
(d. 1588)
LC2LC1588.12ANMac mic Goisdelba [unrelated] .i. Emann
(d. 1589)
LC2LC1589.49ANMac mic Goisdealb .i. Uilliam Caoch mac Siurtain mic Seain Dhuibh

Family References:

[Clann Goisdealbh]
[Clann, literally 'Children', was originally literal, referring to the children of a person, but later came to refer to larger groups of descendants.]
CM1247.6Clann Goisdelbh
LCLC1247.4Clainn Goisdelbh
U2U1333.8Clainn n-Goisdelbh
LCLC1336.5Cloinn Goisdelbh
U2U1362.3Clainn Goisdelb
U2U1362.3Clainn Goisdelb
U3U1412.10Clann Goisdelbh
Co1536.13Clainn Goisdealb
LC2LC1536.12g-Clainn Ghoisdealbh
[Clann Goisdealbhach?]
CM1336.5Cloinn Ghoisdelbhaigh [genitive case]
CM1365.5Cloinn Goisdealbhaigh [genitive case]
DM1381.3Cloinn Goisdealbhaigh [genitive case]
DM1443.9Cloinn Goisdelbhaigh [genitive case]
DM1475.12c-Cloinn Goisdelbhaigh [genitive case]
EM1536.11c-Cloinn Goisdealbhaigh [genitive case]
DM1412.10Goisdealbhaigh [genitive case]
EM1537.2Goisdealbhaigh [genitive case]
[Goisdealbhachaibh] (plural: "Costellos")

References to Locations Held by this Family:

[general references to land held by this family]
LCLC1230.2mic Goisdelbh
LC2LC1557.5mac Goisdealbh
[Caislen Mhic Goisdealbh]
U2U1247.2Caislen Mic Goisdeilbh
[Caislen Mór Mhic Goisdealbh] (demolished 1336)
LCLC1242.14chaisslen Mic Goisdelbh
U2U1333.10Caislen mor Mic Goisdelbh
CM1336.9Caislén Mor Meic Goisdealbhaigh
[Caislen Mó Mhic Goisdealbh] / [Caislen Mór Mhic Goisdealbhaigh]
CM1527.14Caislén Mór Mic Goisdealbhaigh
LC2LC1586.34Caislen mor Meic g-Coisdealb
FM1595.8c-Caislén Mhór mhec Goisdealbhaigh

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