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In the Society for Creative Anachronism, I am known as Juliana de Luna. Mundanely, I'm Julia Smith, and teach anthropology at a minor university in the Pacific Northwest. I do research in Latin America, which explains my interest in things Iberian (referring to the part of Europe where modern Spain and Portugal are located).

I got interested in heraldry while I was in Costa Rica in 1997-8. Charles O'Connor started sending me questions from the Academy of Saint Gabriel, a then relatively new e-mail consulting group that helps people find authentic names. I found myself doing research, and as soon as I got back I became a member of the Academy. Then I got dragged into doing a variety of projects for the College of Arms (the official folks who make decisions about names and armory for the Society).

Doña Juliana de Luna is a sixteenth century Spanish courtier, with a small income derived from her father's encomienda in Mexico (he was a conquistador). A woman with my small scholarly gifts entertains (or perhaps amuses) people enough to stay at court. I am quite the humanist, and want (like Emilia Pia) to have readings from The Courtier on my deathbed rather than readings from the Bible. I am a minor descendant of the prominent de Luna family, and thus bear a (greatly) differenced version of the de Luna arms. My arms, Gules, six crescents inverted two, two, and two checky argent and sable (red field, six crescents points down colored with checks of white and black,) are derived from the de Luna arms (which have a single white crescent inverted and a white base); all the odd things about it are typical of Spanish arms.

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