[an error occurred while processing this directive] Hanley, History of Scotland (1994).

Cliff Hanley.
History of Scotland.
Greenwich, CT: Lomond Books, 1994.

by Sharon L. Krossa

©1997-2000 by Sharon L. Krossa. All rights reserved

Last updated 4 Jun 2001

This book is mainly of value for it's illustrations. The text is indifferent, sometimes even innaccurate. (For reliable books on Scottish history, see the Scottish Medieval Bibliography.) Although it has many useful illustrations for the study of medieval and early modern Scottish clothing, these are mixed among 19th and 20th century illustraions that purport to be of medieval and early modern events but which are not always clearly identified as modern productions. Caution is advised. Care must be taken to establish whether an illustration is a contemporary work or a modern invention.


Modern or Otherwise Untrustworthy Depictions (Ignore Them!)

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