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 Historical Scottish Clothing Project
Dunbar: Costume of Scotland

by Sharon L. Krossa

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Last updated 5 Jun 2001

Dunbar, John Telfer. The Costume of Scotland. London: B. T. Batsford Ltd., 1981. Order hardcover from Amazon.com (used) Order paperback from Amazon.com (used)

This is a generally good and reliable book. It traces descriptions and depictions of Scottish dress (mainly Highland but also some Lowland) through the 19th century, and also discusses tartans in some detail. Its value is in the many quotations from original descriptions and illustrations and pictures of original depictions (some in color), although the interpretation of these is also generally sound. The inclusion of the original material, however, allows one to judge for oneself the value of Dunbar's interpretations.

This book has some information not included in Dunbar: History of Highland Dress.

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