The Problem Names Project

Last updated 23 Jul 2010

The articles in the Problem Names Project discuss various names and naming practices about which there are common misconceptions concerning their use in the Middle Ages or Renaissance. For example, some names and naming practices that many people today believe to be medieval are purely modern. Other names and naming practices which were used in one medieval culture are now mistakenly believed to have been used in others. Other common misconceptions concern the medieval pronunciation of a name or whether it was used by men or women in the Middle Ages. If there are common misconceptions about any aspect of the pre-1600 use of a name or naming practice, it may be a "Problem Name".

The following are a number of articles on such problem names and naming practices which have been researched by the members of The Academy of Saint Gabriel and others, detailing what could be discovered about them.


Given Names

Abdul ( 17 May 2000 )

Aidan, Aédán, Aodh, and the Like (15 Apr 1999)

Aislinn, Ashling, Eislinn, and the Like (24 Apr 2000 (b))

Amber (2 May 1999)

Arianrhod (5 Oct 1999)

Bethany, Beathag, Bethán, and Bethia (25 Mar 1999)

Branwen, Bronwen and the Like (25 Sept 1997)

Brianna, Branna, Brenna, and Brenda (2 Oct 1997)

Ceridwen, Kerridwyn, and the Like (25 Sept 1998)

Cordelia ( 21 Jan 2007)

Corwin, Korwyn and the Like (5 Aug 1998)

Deirdre (11 Jul 1997)

Eilonwy (29 May 1997)

Fiona (6 Sep 2002)

Gareth and Garth (6 Oct 1999)


Gavin, Gawaine, Gavan, and Gabhainn (21 Aug 2001 )

Gwendolyn, Gwendolen, and Gwendoline (5 Oct 1999)

Iain, Ian, and Eoin (14 Oct 1999)

Jasmine, Yasmin, Yasaman, and the Like (23 Jul 2010)

Liam (16 Jul 1997)

Megan (9 Jul 1997)

Miranda (15 Jul 1998)

Morgan, Morgana, Morgaine, Murghein, Morrigan, and the Like (7 Mar 1997)

Myrddin (30 Oct 1996)

Patrick, Pádraig, Patricia, and the Like (30 Nov 1998)

Rhiannon, Rhian, and the Like (23 Jul 1999)

Rowena, Rowan, and Rhonwen (10 Aug 1999)

Tegan (16 Jun 1998)

Teresa, Tracy, and Treasa (5 Oct 1999)

Xavier, Javier, and the Like (25 Jan 2000)

Naming Practices

Concerning Double Given Names Before 1600 (27 Oct 2004)

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