Effe Men3eis – Documentation

<Effe Men3eis> is a name in Scots suitable for a mid-16th century Scottish Lowland woman from Aberdeen. The given name spelling <Effe> and the surname spelling <Men3eis> are found in the second and first entries, respectively, for 14 December 1545 on page 574 of volume 18 of the manuscript Aberdeen Council Register. (Scots is a language closely related to English.)

Original Manuscript

14 December 1545 entries on page 574 of volume 18 of the manuscript Aberdeen Council Register [ACR] (Aberdeen City Archives, Aberdeen, Scotland). Photocopy attached made from a microfilm copy of volumes 11, 18, and 19 of the ACR.

Diplomatic Transcription


dies Lune

Curia balliuoru' burgi de abirdene tent'in pretorio
Eiusd. xiiij die mensis decembris a'o dm' milleo qui' v
xlvto p honoles viros magiru' robertu' lu'misdale et villg'
rolland balliuos rs.


The said day ye bail3eis chargit andro port' as sou'te for
Jonat lucharis to pay maist' eduard men3eis xiij ß iiij d. sco
tis mone wtin xx dais


The said day wille freßr wobst' is in ane am'ciamet' of ye
court for ye strublance of effe morgoun ye vif of thom.
downy and braking of hir veschell vi3 ane trein plait and
ane trein dische to forber in tyme to cum and mend as law
vill and yat is gevin for dovme be ye movt of will nycholl dempst'
for ye tyme


The said day ye bail3eis chargit James pay in iugmiet' to pay
ßr Johnn' vaus xvj ß. scottç mone betuix yis and candilmes
nixt cu'is




Court of the baillies of the Burgh of Aberdeen held in the tolbooth
of the same 14th day of the month of December year of the Lord thousand five hundred
forty-five by honorable men Master Robert Lummisdale and William
Rolland baillies rs.


The said day the baillies charged Andro Porter as surety for
Jonat Lucharis to pay master Eduard Men3eis 13 shillings 4 pence
Scots money within 20 days


The said day Wille Freser wobster is in an amerciament of the
court for the troublance of Effe Morgoun the wife of Thom.
Downy and breaking of her vessel viz. a wooden plate and
a wooden dish to forbear in time to come and mend as law
will and that is given for doom be the mouth of Will Nycholl dempster
for the time


The said day the baillies charged James Pay in judgement to pay
Sir Johnn' Vaus 16 shillings Scots money betwixt this and Candlemas
next comes


Special Symbols and Conventions Used in the Transcription and Translation

3 = represents a yogh (Da'ud notation {gh}) in the manuscript.

ß = represents a particular form of "s" that looks roughly like "ß" in the manuscript; sometimes simply used for "s" and sometimes used as an abbreviation for "schir", "sher", and similar "s--r" letter combinations.

' = represents a line over or a curl up from the preceding letter in the manuscript; indicates an abbreviation.

. = represents a a downstroke or curl down and back from the preceding letter in the manuscript; sometimes indicates an abbreviation, sometimes is just a flourish.

p = represents a p with the downstroke looping back, up, and around through the descender again in the manuscript; used as an abbreviation for "per".

ç = represents a p-shaped loop in the manuscript; used as an abbreviation for "is".

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