Index of Names in Irish Annals: Eoin

by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (Kathleen M. O'Brien)

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Masculine Given Names: Eoin


What we know as a set of Irish Annals are manuscripts that were each compiled during a particular time period, usually using older material as sources. For example, when the Annals of the Four Masters were written from 1632 to 1636, they covered events that occurred centuries and millenia before (including legendary history). So, when an entry in this set of annals refers to a person who lived in the year 738, the spelling used for that person's name is very likely not using the spelling that would have been used in 738.

Standard forms of this name (based on spelling systems of different periods) would be:

Frequency & Dates:

Number of men found in the annals with this name: 58
Found in Years: 1246, 1287, 1316, 1334, 1343, 1346, 1349, 1350, 1353, 1362, 1365, 1366, 1369, 1371, 1373, 1376, 1380, 1383, 1385, 1387, 1398, 1419, 1422, 1440, 1444, 1446, 1461, 1464, 1465, 1468, 1470, 1473, 1490, 1492, 1494, 1497, 1498, 1499, 1500, 1501,1502, 1508, 1524. 1528, 1529, 1532, 1534, 1539, 1543, 1544, 1545, 1550, 1555, 1559, 1564, 1567, 1570, 1573, 1576, 1577, 1579, 1581, 1582, 1584, 1585, 1586, 1588, 1600

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Raw Data

In the table below, I have separated individuals with a blank line. That is, when there are multiple entries in the annals that refer to a single person, those entries are grouped together.

Within the list of entries refering to a single person, I have sorted the entries primarily by orthography when it is obvious that what I am seeing is the same entry showing up in multiple annals. The entries that tend to use older spellings are listed first.

Special factors which may affect name usage are marked in the context column.

ANindicates a member of an Anglo-Norman family
ASindicates an Anglo-Saxon
Nindicates a Norseman
Pindicates a Pict
Rindicates a person holding a religious office
Sindicates a person from Scotland

NOTE: The Annals referenced below under the code letters A, B, C, E, & F tend to use later spellings than the other Annals. In some cases, the spellings listed in these Annals may not be appropriate for the year referenced in the Annal entry.

In some Gaelic scripts, there is a character that looks approximately like a lowercase f, but without the crossbar. This character (represented by an underscored , e, in the entries below) sometimes represents e and sometimes ea depending upon the context of the text.

AnnalsEntryContextCitation (formatting preserved)
(d. ?)
U2U1287.2Mac Eoin mac Aedha Buidhe h-Ui Neill (idon, Brian mac Aeda Buidhe)
(d. 1246)
Co1246.3REspoc Oli Finn .i. Eoin h. Mugroin mac comarba Mochua
LC2LC1246.2REspuc Oilefinn, .i. Eoin .H. h-Ughróin, .i. mac comarba Mochúa
CM1246.1REóin Ua h-Ugróin mac comhorba Mo Chua, epscop Oile Finn
(d. 1316)
Co1316.5Eoin Mac Aedacan brethem h. Conchobair
LCLC1316.3Eoin Mac Aedhacan, brethemh .H. Conchubhair
CM1316.2Eoin Mac Aodhaccáin breithemh Uí Concobhair
(d. 1334)
CM1334.7Eóin Mac Giolla Ultain
(d. 1343)
CM1343.15REóin Mhag Dhuibhne airchideochain Droma Leathain
[Eoin Dubh Mac Domhnaill] (d. 1346-1349)
U2U1346.1Eoin Dubh Mac Domnaill
CM1349.2Eoin Dubh Mac Domhnaill
U2U1362.8Somairligh mac Eoin Duibh Mic Domnaill
U2U1362.8mac Eoin Duibh mic Alaxandair
Co1365.8Somurli mac Eoin Duib Meic Domnail Ardconstapla Coicid Ulad
LC2LC1365.7Somhairle mac Eoin Duibh Mic Domhnaill, ard constapla coicidh Uladh ["Somhairle, son of John Dubh Mac Domhnaill, high constable of the province of Uladh"]
CM1365.8Somairle mac Eoin Duibh Meic Domhnaill (tighearna Insi Gall, & ardconsubal Cuigidh Uladh)
(d. 1350-1353)
U2U1350.4REoin h-Ua Cairbri, comorba Tigernaighi Cluain Eois
CM1353.1REóin Ua Cairbre comarba Tighernaigh Cluana h-Eóais
(d. 1366-1369)
U2U1366.19Eoin Mac Aedhagan & Gillibert O Bardan, da saer macam crutheladhnacha Conmaicne
CM1369.13Eoin Mac Aedhagain, & GiIlebert Ó Bardain da saor macaomh cruitealadnach Conmaicne ["John Mac Egan, and Gilbert O'Bardan, two accomplished young harpers of Conmaicne"]
(d. 1371-1376)
U2U1371.7Eoin h-Ua Ruanadha, ollamh Meg Aenghusa
Co1376.6Eoin h. Ruanada ollam Meg Aengusa
LC2LC1376.5Eoin .H. Ruanadha, ollamh Meg Aengusa
DM1376.8Eóin Ua Ruanadha ollamh Mécc Aongusa ["John O'Rooney, chief Poet to Magennis"]
(d. 1373)
U2U1373.17REoin h-Ua Droma, bicair Cille Naaile
(d. ?)
DM1380.10Dias dearbrathar Meic Suibhne do ghabhail ann, .i. Eoin & Murchadh ["the two brothers of Mac Sweeny, John and Murrough"]
(d. 1385)
LC2LC1385.15Eoin mac Eogain mic Gilla Pedair
Co1385.16Eoin mac Eogain Meic Gilla Pedair
(d. 1387)
DM1387.8REoin mac Aenghusa Meic Domhnaill tighearna Insi Gall
(d. ?)
DM1383.3ANMac Eoin Biséd
DM1383.3ANMac Eoin Bisett
LC2LC1387.1ANSadhbh, inghen Aedha Ui Neill, ben mic Eoin Bised
Co1387.2ANSadb ingen Aeda h. Neill ben Meic Eoin Bised
DM1387.2ANSadhb inghen Aodha Uí Néill aon-rogha ban slechta Néil Naoíghiallaigh re na linn bean mic Eóin Bised
DM1422.8ANMac Eóin Bisétt
(d. ?)
LC2LC1398.1Eoin mac Maol Muire mic Suibhne
DM1398.2Eóin mac Maoil Muire Meic Suibne
(d. 1419)
DM1419.1REoin Mac Carmaic epscop Ratha Both
(d. ?)
DM1440.10RConcobhar mhac Eoin Epscoip .i. mac an Epscoip Conallaigh
(d. ?)
DM1444.5mac mic Eóin Ui Airt
[] (d. 1446)
DM1446.1REóin Ua Lennain prióir Mainistreach Leassa Gabhail
(d. 1461)
Co1461.30Diarmaid mac Domnaill meic Eoin mec tSitrica Ruaid h. Mailconaire
(d. 1464)
Co1464.20Eoin Mac Suibne constapla a ngalloclaech ["Eoin Mac Suibne, the constable of their gallowglasses"]
[Eoin Mór Mac Domhnaill] (d. ?)
DM1465.5SEoin mac Alasdrainn mic Eoin Mhóir Mec Domnaill
[Eoin mac Alastrainn mhic Eoin Móir Mhic Dhomhnaill] (d. 1468)
DM1465.5SEoin mac Alasdrainn mic Eoin Mhóir Mec Domnaill
[Eoin mac ?] (d. 1468)
DM1468.30immo mac Feilim, & imo derbrathair .i. Eóin, & a mac fein dna Diarmait mac Eoin co t-triar ele imaille friu ["as also the son of Felim and his brother John, Dermot, son of this John, and three others besides"]
[Eoin Ruadh Mac Suibhne] (d. ?)
DM1470.2REoin Ruadh Mac Suibhne
EM1581.24RThoirrdhealbhach mac Murchaidh mic Eoin Ruaidh
(d. ?)
LC2LC1473.10SMac mheic Domhnuill na h-Albun .i. Gilla Esbuig mac Alustrainn mheic Domhnuill mheic Eoin na h-Ile
D1473.21Sh-Mac Mec Domhnaill na h-Alban .i. Giolla Espuicc mac Domhnaill mic Eoin na h-Íle
[Eoin Óg mac Eoin Móir mhic Dhomhnaill Bhallaigh Mhic Dhomhnaill] (d. 1490)
DM1490.36SEoin ócc mac Eoin Mhóir a h-íle
(d. ?)
DM1490.1h-Ferccus mac Eóin mic Matha ancoire Insi Caoín
(d. 1494)
LC2LC1494.5Eoin Bearnach mac Maol Mhuire meic Suibhne
Co1494.6Eóin Bernac mac Maolmure Meic Shúibhne
DM1494.7Eoin Bernach mac Maol Muire Mec Suibne
[Eoin Mór mac Domhnaill Ballaigh Mhic Dhomhnaill] (d. 1499)
DM1490.36SEoin ócc mac Eoin Mhóir a h-íle
DM1492.13Sh-Eóin Cathánach mac Eóin mic Domhnaill Bhallaigh
DM1494.16Sh-Eóin Catanach mac Eoin mic Domhnaill Bhallaigh
LC2LC1499.1SEoin Mór mac Domnaill, ri Indsi Gall
[Eoin Cathánach mac Eoin Móir mhic Dhomhnaill Bhallaigh Mhic Dhomhnaill] (d. 1499)
DM1492.13Sh-Eóin Cathánach mac Eóin mic Domhnaill Bhallaigh
DM1494.16Sh-Eóin Catanach mac Eoin mic Domhnaill Bhallaigh
Co1499.2SEighín Mor Mac Domnaill ri Innsi Gall & Eoin Cathanac a mac
LC2LC1499.1SEoin Cathánach
Co1524.7Sclann Eoin Cathánaigh
LC2LC1524.6Sclann Eoin Chathánaigh
EM1524.4SAlasdrann mac Eóin Cathanaigh
EM1524.4SAengus mac Eóin Cathanaigh
Co1528.7SAlusdrann mac Eoin Cathanaigh
EM1528.8SAlastrann mac Eóin Chathánaigh
LC2LC1532.3SMac Domnaill leis .i. Alusdar mac Eoin Chathánaigh
Co1532.4SAlasdrann mac Eoin Cathanaigh
EM1532.14SMac Domhnaill lais .i. Alasdrann mac Eóin Cathanaigh
EM1567.3Scloinn t-Semais mic Alastraintt mic Eoin Cathanaigh mheic Mheic Domhnaill
EM1577.5SDomhnall mac Somhairle Buidhe mic Alaxandair, mic Eóin Cathanaigh mic Mec Domhnaill
EM1586.4Sda mac Shemais mic Alastrainn, mic Eóin Chathanaigh mhec Mec Domhnaill .i. Domhnall Gorm
EM1586.6SAlasdrann mac Somhairle Buidhe, mic Alastrainn, mic Eóin Chathánaigh mac Mec Domhnaill na h-Alban
[Eoin Fionn Mac ?] (d. ?)
DM1500.12Sh-Giolla Crist mac Eóin Fhinn Mec Cápa
(d. 1501)
EM1501.5mac Mec Domhnaill Gallocclach (Eoin mac Colla)
[Eoin mac Tuathail Ó ?] (d. ?)
DM1497.7da mac Tuathail Uí Gallchubhair Eoin & Toirrdhealbhach
DM1498.11dá mac Tuathail Uí Gallchubhair (Eoin & Toirrdhealbhach)
Co1534.9Ó Gallcubair .i. Emann mac Eoin meic Tuathail
LC2LC1534.9O Gallchubair .i. Emmonn mac Eoin mic Tuathail
EM1534.5O Gallchubhair .i. Emann mac Eóin mic Tuathail
EM1543.6Fer Dorcha mac Eóin mic Tuathail Uí Ghallcubhair
FM1600.69chloinn an Fhirdoirche mic Eoin mec Domhnaill
[Eoin mac Domhnaill Mhic Suibhne Fanat(?)] (d. ?)
DM1497.7Sda mac Domnaill Mec Suibne Fanat Eoin & Domnall ócc
(d. 1502)
Co1502.3REoin h. Loisde
LC2LC1502.2REoin O Loisde [noted as being an abbot]
EM1502.2REóin Ó Loiste
(d. 1508)
EM1508.14Eóin Mac Domhnaill Guirm
(d. 1529)
Co1529.10Domnall mac Eoin Meic Birrthagra, adbar ollaman an tuaisceirt re berla Fene
LC2LC1529.10Domnall mac Eoin mic Domnaill mic Birrthagra, adhbar olloman Tuaiscert Uladh ["Domhnall, son of John, son of Domhnall Mac Birrthagra, intended professor of the North of Uladh"]
(d. ?)
Co1539.6Maolmure Mergech mac Eoin Ruaid Meic hSuibhne
LC2LC1539.3Maol Muire Mercech mac Eoin Mic Shuibhne
EM1539.5Maol Muire Meirgech mac Eóin Ruaidh Mic Suibhne
[Eoin Modardha mac Néill Móir mhic Mhic Shuibhne] (d. 1543)
LC2LC1543.3Mac Mic Suibhne tire Bóghaine, .i. Eoin mac Neill
Co1543.3Mac Meic Suibhne Tiri Baghaine [unrelated] .i. Eóin mac Neill
EM1543.3Mac Mhec Suibhne Bhaghainigh, Eoin Modardha mac Neill Mhóir
Em1564.2Aodh Meirccech, mac Eoin Modardha Mhec Suibhne
(d. ?)
EM1543.6mac Seain Bhallaigh mic Eoin
[] (d. 1544)
EM1544.4Eóin mac Donnchaidh mic Maol Muire
(d. 1545)
FMvol. 5, p. 1492, year 1545Eoin mac an giolla duib. mic concob.air mic donnchaid., mic dom.naill na mad.mann mic
EM1545.12Eoin mac An Giolla Duibh mic Concobhair mic Donnchaidh, mic Domhnaill na Madhmann Mic Suibhne
[] (d. 1550)
EM1550.2RAn t-abb (.i. Esa Ruaidh Eoin a aimn-sidhe) mac Domhnaill Ruaidh I Gallchubhair ["The Abbot of Assaroe (John, the son of Donnell Roe O'Gallagher)"]
(d. 1555)
LC2LC1555.9Eoin mac Dhuiphsíth
(d. 1559)
LC2LC1559.4Eoin mac Mhaol Muiri mic Colla Mic Shuibhne
(d. ?)
EM1570.6dá mac Eóin Eireannaigh
[] (d. 1572)
EM1572.8Eoin mac Colla, mic Domhnaill, mic Eocchain Mic Domhnaill
(d. ?)
EM1570.5An Calbhach mac Toirrdhealbhaigh, mic Eóin Charraigh, mic Mec Domhnaill
EM1570.6An Calbhach mac Toirrdhealbhaigh mic Eóin Charraigh
EM1577.10Alastrann, mac An Chalbhaicch, mic Toirrdhealbhaigh, mic Eoin Charraigh
(d. ?)
EM1573.10Sliocht Domnaill mic Eóin Meic Suibhne
[Eoin Modardha mac Mhic Shuibhne Bóghainigh] (d. 1576)
EM1576.8Eoin Modardha mac Meic Suibhne Bóghainigh
(d. ?)
EM1576.3Colla, mac An Ghiolla Dhuibh, mic Conchobhair, mic Donnchaidh, mic Domhnaill na Madhmann, mic Eoghain, mic Eoin na Laithaighe Meic Suibhne
(d. ?)
LC2LC1579.3Sd'Albanchaib .i. Eoin mac Aongusa mic Gille Esgaib Bháin mhég Domhnaill ["Albanachs, viz., John, the son of Aenghus, son of Gilla-espuig Bán Mac Domhnaill"]
(d. 1579)
LC2LC1577.7Eoin Odhar mhaig Néill
LC2LC1577.10h-Eoin Odhar mhaig Neill
LC2LC1579.5Eoin Odhar mhaig Neill
(d. 1582)
LC2LC1582.34Eoin mac Aoda Mic Suibhne
(d. 1584)
LC2LC1584.2REoin mag Carmaic .i. saccart tempaill Eoin ["John Mac Carmaic, i.e. the priest of Tempul-Eoin"]
(d. ?)
EM1585.8O Gallchubhair Eoin mac Tuathail, mic Seain, mic Ruaidhri mic Aodha
EM1588.14Ó Gallchubhair Sir Eóin mac Tuathail Bhailbh
[Eoin Modardha mac Aodha mhic Néill Óig Mhic Shuibhne] (d. 1588)
EM1588.2Eoin Modardha mac Aodha, mic Neill Óicc Mhec Suibhne

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